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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/5/2016

Guest actor in "Civil War" episode

Anyone know the name of the actor who played the pilot who flew Cabe, Sly & Tim to Bulgaria in the Season 3 premiere? Thanks!
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• 1/28/2016

Message from a Wikia contributor

What is the reasoning behind  </scorpion> ?  is it simply misformatted xml... Surely, any tech advisor would have known this means the End of Scorpion, or it is simply incorrect (<scorpion /> would be more correct).  Therefore I believe it is deliberate...  Walter O'Brien would definitely know the difference.  Why </scorpion> ?  Toby?
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• 10/17/2015

Ask Amethystkitten

Hi everyone,
I'm one of the main admins on this site! This board is for you to ask me questions if you have any! Feel free to comment on any concerns or ideas you may have! 
Have a lovely day and keep watching Scorpion!
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• 9/20/2015

Super Stoked for Satellite of Love:

Hey! Is anyone else super stoked for Satellite of Love tommorow? If so anyone wanna talk theroies or predictions or once the episode aires about the episode in general. I guess I just felt like starting a thread so I can get to know my fellow wikiaers.
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• 7/12/2015

Template for Wiki

Is there any way for a user to change the template used to view the site?  If not, would you consider changing this template?  While I recognize that the formula in the background is very appropriate, the font - especially the dark purple links against the black background - is illegible.
I love Scorpion, and would expect to use this wiki fairly frequently.  If I can read it.  :)  Thanks!
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