"I never know what this job will bring, but it is always exciting."

"A Cyclone" is the third episode of the first season of Scorpion. It aired on October 6, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

When the internet goes down all over Los Angeles, the Scorpion team must find the culprit.

Plot Edit

Scorpion’s latest mission is everyone’s worst nightmare – the Internet is down. Not just in their house but in all of Los Angeles. You might think this merely interrupts everyone’s daily YouTube fix, but the reality is far more serious. Without Internet, the whole city shuts down, from banking transactions, to emergency services, to traffic lights. It seems someone is determined to hold LA captive and freeze out all its essential operations.

Agent Keeler (Glenn Plummer, Sons of Anarchy, ER) meets with Scorpion, asking for their help. Ask any celebrity – nothing disappears on the Internet. If you want to delete an e-mail – you have to go to its source – the router that first sent the message to a middleman, aka an "old server,” while on route to its recipient, all while temporarily saving a copy of the message on the router for safekeeping.

When a building housing old-servers is bombed to bits, the Scorpion crew figures out that their adversary must have a communiqué he doesn’t want revealed. Through some clever sleuthing, they discover that Keeler, the agent who hired them, is actually behind the city’s takedown. Agent Gallo comes face to face with Keeler and is able to subdue him, but not before a knock down, drag out fight in a parking lot. Before the gang can think twice, a bomb blast at a local law firm diverts their attention, forcing them to go on site to find the cause. With an astute ear, Happy discovers there’s more damage to come; she tracks down a new, literal ticking time bomb in the building.

They have 5 minutes to disable the bomb and get everyone out – or it’s a murder scene on their hands (including their own). Walter stays with Happy to disable the bomb, while Paige helps the rest of the crew evacuate, leading them to safety. Checking available supplies in the dank basement, Happy ingeniously submerges the bomb in the Janitor’s tub of cement to lessen its impact. In the last minute, Happy makes a run for it but Walter refuses to leave until the mission is done. After a blast that is serious but not catastrophic, Walter emerges out of the ashes, ready to return to his crew and face another mission.