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A Lie in the Sand is the twenty-second episode and the final episode of the fourth season of Scorpion, and the ninty-second episode overall. This ended up being the series finale as it was cancelled on May 12, 2018.


Team Scorpion heads over to Northeast Africa where they must carefully navigate a minefield in order to save the lives of local villages. Also, Paige and Walter's relationship takes a shocking turn, and Toby and Happy make an important decision. Change is upon them.


In the opening scene, Toby and Happy confront Walter, to tell the truth about the lecture to Paige, that he had gone with Florence, when Sly comes running into the garage, calling everyone to the "Monitor tree". He explains how he has a pen pal, Alex, in Northeast Africa, who needs help saving their leader.

The team immediately heads over to help him. The leader of the village, who is sick is integral to the peace treaty with the militants, and if he dies the village is no more as they know it. They need diesel to run the ventilator and that's why Team Scorpion was called to help.

The road to get to the diesel is blocked due to a land slide a few days back and they prepare to go through a mine field, which is the shortest route to reach the diesel port. They design gadgets to deduct the mine and off they go. It seems the mission is successful when a sand storm is about to hit them.

As they first went in to meet the leader, who was sick, Toby stays back with them and tells the existing doctor that his diagnosis is wrong, and that the leader does not have a heart problem as first anticipated but a blood infection problem, as his blood was too thick to pump easily through his heart, which made it look like a heart problem.

The doctor does not let Toby near the leader, as he is an outsider. Toby being the genius he is, uses an ingenious method of olive oil to check the leader's blood, which he gets from an used IV tube. The nurse there, Cara, helps him in his endeavors, as she respects Toby a lot and is hugely impressed by his methods and techniques to save lives and wishes to be like him.

Toby proves, at least to her, that his diagnosis was right and the treatment the leader was currently on would definitely kill him if he doesn't do something soon. He makes a decision to save the leader, even if it means he would be arrested, as warned before. He pulls out a tube in the leader's hand making his blood squirt out. He is pushed to the ground and held at gun point, when the leader wakes up and the resident doctor realizes how right Toby was and apologies.

Meanwhile on the other side, Walter, Paige, Happy, Cabe, Sly, and Alex, try to outrun the storm but are not able to. Their GPS device they were using to track the landmines malfunctions due to the storm and they are left blind, literally. They find a way to tie spikes before them so it activates the mines and blasts them, before they go over it.

Happy and Walter ride in the front vehicle, when Happy again confronts him about telling Paige the truth, because if Waige falls apart, so does Scorpion. Toby and Happy would be back to being jobless, and she couldn't risk it with planning to have a baby. Their argument and the sand reducing visibility, and a flying objects which breaks the windshield and comes straight for Happy, who is driving, leads their car to topple and fall into a ravine off the side. They land on a mine, activating it.

The others come to their rescue, by pouring in sand through the hole in the windshield, to compromise for Walter and Happy's weight. Happy gets out first and Walter needs to be buried in the sand, in order to get out safely. They cover him with sand, and he doesn't respond for a long time, coming out at the last minute.

Toby and the others try to revive the leader as the generator has run out of fuel and his ventilator has stopped. They arrive with fuel just in time and help save him. Alex and the others thank the team, while Cara brings her adopted parents to meet Toby, who she holds in high standard. Seeing as how their adopted parents love Cara, Happy gets the idea to adopt a baby rather than having one via IVF. She asks Toby about her plan to adopt one and he says, its the best plan he had heard all his life.

As Sly is getting ready to ask Flo out, Paige finds out that Walter went to the lecture with Flo and is furious and hurt. Flo enters and when confronted about it, confesses that she has feelings for Walter, while Walter denies ever having feeling for Flo. Paige, who needs someone with more EQ, breaks up with Walter and quits Scorpion. Sly feels betrayed by Walter and decides to quit too. Happy and Toby, who always anticipated this and warned Walter, walk out behind Paige and Sly, without another word.

The story jumps two weeks, where Walter is seen pitching business, who now heads Scorpion 2.0, which consists of Walter, Cabe and Florence. As the meeting concludes, they leave the meeting to find Paige, Sly, Happy and Toby outside, who have formed a team of their own called Centipede.

The show ends with Walter calling out to Paige to wait, as she shuts the door.





  • It ends with a cliff-hanger.
  • There is no definitive ending.
  • The Centipede team wears uniforms.
  • The title is a reference to the idiom "A Line in the Sand".

Featured Music

  • There were no songs featured in this episode.