"I'd tell you about myself, but I'm sure you'll hack my records soon enough."

Adriana Molina is the Director of Homeland Security, succeeding Merrick after his forced resignation.


Early LifeEdit

Adriana graduated of her class at HCCC and went to Georgetown law. She was a deputy secretary to the U.N. Human Rights council, and a director of international affairs before being promoted to Director of Homeland Security.

Season TwoEdit

Satellite of LoveEdit


Cuba LibreEdit

Cabe Gallo shows her a video of what happened during the Serbian war, and she tells him that while she cannot officially sanction the mission, she has contacts who can help. If Scorpion is caught, however, she will have to deny them and they will be hung out to dry.

Fish FiletEdit



She is headstrong and very dedicated to pursuing her goals, even if that includes yelling at the President or other authorities. She does have humanity and dislikes seeing injustices committed, but also likes to have favors owed to her she can call in.