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Sabriel74 Sabriel74 25 August 2021

Hope the newest theme's are good!

So, as you may have noticed, I altered the background, added a favorite icon, and made an updated community logo. I worked really hard on those items, so I hope they look good. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on anything that could be altered, please let me know! However, I did really like the way the community logo turned out!

My next steps are to edit the drop down menus, adjust the episode template to add a few features, finish the new episode appearance setup I've been working on, and work on the episode summaries themselves. I'm splitting my time between all of those actions, so it takes a while. It doesn't help that I'm currently on the tail end of trying to heal from the Delta variant of COVID-19. Though I got lucky on my sympt…

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Sabriel74 Sabriel74 25 June 2021

Future updates I'll be making soon

I have posted in the main discussion that I'm going to be requesting to become an admin. No one ever responded, so I will be applying for the position very soon. There are several things I plan to fix if I do get approved, the very first being the link colors of the site! The dark purple is so hard to see! When I was going through old discussions I saw that several people were requesting that change while the site admins were still active, but no one ever got around to fixing it. I wholly understand since people lose interest in things over time (especially after a show gets cancelled) and/or their personal lives take more precedence for them.

After fixing the link colors, I'd very much like to update the menus, delete all of the pictures that…

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ScorpionAddict ScorpionAddict 14 March 2021

Watching Scorpion Re-runs

I happened to watch re-run of the series last week. Like everyone else , even I would love to see another season given the fact that finale episode of season 4 cannot be the series finale.Any fan who has seen all four seasons can clearly say that's not the end. The team has been through many such arguments and fights all they all work the best when together.

Walter and Paige are supposedly the lead pair and yet Waige had far better chemistry in other 3 seasons when compared to season 4 - no doubt why the viewership dropped. It's ironic how after both of them being in a relationship had such limited romantic scenes. #Qunitis are true winners here.

In season 3 , towards the end , Paige says she loves Walter too - but does she? Really? She alwa…

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ScorpionFanNL ScorpionFanNL 25 April 2019

Translating the wiki

How can I translate these articles to a new language (Dutch)???

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PropellerheadCyclone PropellerheadCyclone 20 September 2018

Team Scorpion: A Post-Mortem

On May 12, 2018, just weeks after the fourth season had wrapped, CBS announced that it was pulling the plug on Scorpion for good. And while the show had managed to linger in the Top 25 for the first three seasons, average viewership dropped precipitously to below 10 million and it tumbled to 43rd in the Nielsen ratings, which gave hint of its future as a casualty of the massive axing of TV shows mid-year across the major media networks.

Despite this sad development, its leading stars took to social media to share their gratitude to the fans who stayed loyal to the show during its run.

Veteran actor Robert Patrick, who played Homeland Security agent and team liasion/father figure Cabe Gallo posted a tweet on the day itself here.

Katharine McPhe…

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AddictedToScorpion AddictedToScorpion 7 September 2017


They just released a trailer of Scorpion Season 4 but the video is cut.

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AddictedToScorpion AddictedToScorpion 2 September 2017

Enjoyed series marathon

Watched again Scorpion Season 1 up to Season 3. Love to watch it again when Season 4 comes

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MoonlitShadowsoftheHumanSoul MoonlitShadowsoftheHumanSoul 15 November 2016

Cabe Has A Living Daughter Theory

This is probably just a random timeline issue that will never be explained or addressed, which is fine by me, but it does allow for the possibility of Cabe having a living daughter. The evidence for this theory will come from S1 E9, Rogue Element. 

Rebecca, Cabe's ex-wife, mentions they haven't spoken in fifteen years after the divorce. Now divorce proceedings require contact between the two parties (as far as I know, I've never been divorced), and so at minimum they would have to have stopped contact immediately after the divorce. However, in this same episode, Rebecca says her daughter with her new husband, Joanna, is seventeen. That's a two year difference between the birth of her daughter and the last time they had contact. Rebecca may …

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Waynedud3 Waynedud3 10 October 2016

Anyone Else Watching Tonight?

Anyone else going to be watching tonight? Just found this place. Looks pretty cool.

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Cwagungood Cwagungood 6 June 2016

Happy Quinn Married to Mark Collins Theory

Perhaps some people have already thought of this. If not, this is an excellent place to share it. I am of the opinion that Happy Quinn's husband is actually Mark Collins himself! Now while this theory might be hard to swallow, it certainly would be a surprise for the show and would not be uncommon since there have been many big surprises in Scorpion already, such as the shocker finale ending itself when Happy reveals that she is already married and declines Toby's proposal to marry him. As to why and how this theory is possible, let's look at some evidence from Plutonium is Forever and Toby or Not Toby.

Mark's statements regarding Happy

  • In Plutonium is Forever, Happy wishes to run a full diagnostic of the power plant's computer system before sta…

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