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"Some things you just can't fix. You gotta live with them. You don't take innocent lives."

Agent Cabe Gallo is the ex-husband of Rebecca Burns and the father of their late daughter Amanda. He is a Special Agent with the US Department of Homeland Security and the government handler of Team Scorpion. He was also Sylvester's campaign manager while he was running for alderman. Following his suspension in season four, Cabe was temporarily Scorpion's intern. He is the oldest member of Team Scorpion. Cabe was portrayed by Robert Patrick.


Early Life

When he was younger, he was married to a woman named Rebecca, with whom he had a daughter, Amanda, who died of a terminal illness at a young age with him by her side. He divorced Rebecca, but he only asked for their house.

He first met eleven-year-old Walter when he was the agent who was sent to investigate the NASA hacker, and recruited Walter to work for the government. He was Walter's handler and father figure for five years, until he asked Walter to design some tracking software for "humanitarian purposes". However, the software was really used to bomb Baghdad and kill 2,000 civilians. Walter broke all ties with Cabe, but was continuously tailed thereafter by Homeland.

While waiting for the verdict, Cabe and Sly acknowledge the likelihood that Cabe will be convicted. Cabe makes Sly acknowledge how hard he worked even if it doesn't work out. The judge finally returns after deliberation. Based on a brief supplied by Sly with detailed data showing how Mark could've hacked the bank to frame Cabe, the judge dismisses the bribery charges against Cabe. The judge determines that under maritime law, Cabe was within his rights to release Mark and finds him not guilty, exonerating Cabe. Aftewards, Sly has to deal with charges racked up by Toby and Florence while helping him to prove Cabe's innocence and he is able to get them community service. Cabe has everyone open the gifts he had left them which include the letter he wrote on Walter's behalf when Walter was twelve in support of Walter getting his visa. The letter makes Walter emotional as it shows that even when he was young, Cabe cared greatly about Walter and thought highly of him. Cabe also gifts Toby his father's old hat in honor of all Toby has done for him.


Cabe is a very out-going man who seeks to help those he loves, and seems to have a lot of trust in those people. In the show, Cabe shows this trust to his surrogate son Walter, who he had difficulties with in the past. Walter even states this level of trust near the end of season 3, stating that out of all the crew, Cabe trusts Walter most. Cabe is a very forgiving person given the circumstances of Walter in the past, but when Allie, his latest ex-girlfriend betrays a member of the team, Sylvester, by posting humiliating videos of him under the instruction of her boss, Cabe cannot forgive and ends the relationship, where at this moment Cabe seems relatively upset.


  • He was 35 years old when Walter was arrested, he was the only main character to be a man when Walter was arrested by the FBI when he was 11 back in September 1994.
  • He still owns the house where he, his wife, and his daughter lived. It is the same house where his daughter died.
  • He visits his daughter's grave every Sunday without fail.
  • Cabe had nightmares and insomnia due to his role in the Baghdad Bombing. It is unknown if they continue to the present.
  • Cabe used to enjoy art and painting, but the skill and interest was lost over due course of the storyline.
  • He was raised Catholic.
  • He played Little League and grew up in Brooklyn.
  • Out of work, Cabe is seen driving a government-owned 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZe.
  • He is revealed to be 59-60 since he said he was 22 in 1980 and that it was revealed in a flashback that his father died when he was 9 in 1967
  • He can "fire a crossbow, dance a decent box step and make a mean grilled cheese" as described in the Season 4 episode "Grow a Deer, A Female Deer." Cabe is also seen making scrambled eggs and toast for Ralph (more than once) in the same episode to Ralph's dismay.