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"Screw that. There's no can't in Scorpion."

"Crazy Train" is the seventh episode of the second season of Scorpion, and the twenty ninth of the series overall. It aired on November 2, 2015.


Team Scorpion must stop a sabotaged runaway subway train with Paige and Ralph on board. Also, in his attempt to impress Happy, Toby has his first boxing match.


Toby gets a black eye and knocked out after his first fight in the ring. However, he decides to still give it one more try so that Happy, who hadn’t been there due to a prior engagement, would see him in a more manly light.

Back at the garage, Ray invites Walter to the beach with him and wonders why Walter prefers working on his rocket rather than going with Paige and Ralph on a field trip to the museum. However, after Ray becomes a little bit more pensive after Walter tries to move a picture of Ray’s with a medal attached to it, which he says isn't his.

Meanwhile, everything was going smoothly on the train ride for Paige and Ralph until it misses their stop and starts speeding up. Because of this, Paige calls the Scorpion team, who tries to gain control of the train by hacking the Department of Transportation.

Failing that, Walter gets Ralph and Paige to move to the right side of the train. They grease the track with lard from a burger joint in order to try to slow down the train as it was coming to a curve in the tracks. Thankfully, their plan worked, and the train didn’t derail.

Ralph  then hacks open the doors to the front cabin of the train so that his mother can gain access to a lever that could manually stop the train. However, Paige discovers that the lever isn’t there. It makes the team realize that someone had deliberately sabotaged the train, and was controlling it remotely, in order to steal something from the Los Angeles Airport. It was situated right above one of the subway tunnels, which they now had access to since all the trains except for Paige’s had been called back into their respective yards.

It turns out that they are right- someone has indeed dug into the baggage area of the airport in order to steal a collection of gold coins. Thankfully, Happy manages to shock the thief into unconsciousness.

While Cabe Gallo and Toby began to interrogate the thief, Walter manages to enter the train, thanks to Paige busting one of the train’s windows with Ralph’s telescope. Once inside, he begins trying to create a firewall so that he can gain control of the train.

While Walter does this, Paige and Ralph began to construct a long pole out of canes and umbrellas in order to flip the switch on an upcoming junction box, so that the train wouldn’t end up on a track that would lead them into an unfinished subway platform. Thankfully, Happy manages to switch the lever just in the nick of time, as Paige had accidentally dropped the pole that she had created. Walter then manages to gain control of the train thanks to the fact that Toby’s mind games had caused the thief to give up the name and location of his partner, who was currently controlling the train. However, they soon discover that they don’t have much time left. The grease that they had placed on the tracks had leaked and the friction between the wheels and the train tracks were causing the train to overheat. Walter then has everyone go to the other car, and much to Paige’s surprise and alarm, Walter stays behind in the other car, which he decoupled from their train car. Thankfully, he manages to get out in time, before the car stops and derails, by climbing out of the roof. Afterwards, Paige, who had gotten very scared by what Walter had done, slaps him in the face. Back at the garage, Ray tells Walter that he cared about Paige, as he was making the effort to distance himself from her, and tells him that putting distance between oneself and the people one cared about isn’t a good idea. He then opens up and told Walter that the medal was supposed to be for a good and late firefighter friend of his, whose family he had distanced himself from as he had blamed himself for his friend’s death.

Afterwards, Paige tells Walter that she had felt frightened that she was going to lose him forever, and they almost kiss until Cabe interrupts them. Cabe needs Walter to go with them as Toby had decided to go to the bar that Happy had been going to.

It turns out that Chet had been her comedy coach, and Toby realizes that there was still hope for them to get together, but decides against actively pursuing it for now.

Later, Walter tells Cabe that he plans not to distance himself from Paige any longer.





  • The title of this episode is a play on the song Crazy Train.