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"When it comes to someone you love, you have to take risks."

"Crossroads" is the twentieth episode of the first season of Scorpion. It aired March 30, 2015.


Team Scorpion risk their lives to protect a witness who also happens to be another genius. Meanwhile, Toby and Happy have a falling out, and Walter worries it is a weakness for the team.


Happy is all dressed up to go on her date with Toby, unfortunately Toby was so nervous he took some pills to make him relax and overslept standing her up. Toby spends the rest of the episode trying to get back into Happy’s good graces. He tells her he was so excited that he had to self-medicate and that he over did it. He explains to her that when you grow up with nothing good, you think you don't deserve anything good and so you self-sabotage. Walter tells Paige to make things go back to how they were, but she tries to get Happy to give Toby another chance. Happy knows that’s not what Walter wanted her to say, and regardless, Happy is done. She also wants things to go back to how they were with she and Toby as friends, nothing more. Walter makes no secret of what he thinks about Toby and Happy’s failed date. Workplace entanglements are doomed to fail because work and romance are like oil and water. When Toby brings Happy gifts to try to make it up to her, Walter says, “I don’t have any feelings, and I feel uncomfortable!” Walter tells Paige that discord is bad for the team and assigns her to fix it. Paige asserts that “you have to take risks when you love someone.”

Scorpion has been assigned to helping a witness, Maya and to protect her from Hector, a Cartel head. Maya used to be a bookkeeper for the Cartel, when they killed her husband she agreed to testify against them. To transport her safely, Scorpion has her dressed in a prisoner's orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, since the Cartel are hunting for a federal witness, they would probably overlook a prisoner transfer.

However the Cartel are waiting for them, they manage to escape, but the ambush leads Scorpion to suspect there is a mole in the FBI, Toby trades their Federal SUV for a rust bucket van and they go on the run.

Needing better transport, they go into the Lion's den, the house of a hacker for the Cartel and with information from Maya and Walter as front man, they pull off a con and take his luxurious motor home. The team realise that Maya is one of them given her low EQ and her detailed recitation from memory of the Cartel's financial records. When Paige figures out she's pregnant, they try to find an alternative to her testifying. Realising all they would need was an actual copy of the Cartel's financial records. Sylvester sets about faking them, right down to the digital watermarks. Cabe is not happy about it, but to ensure it is done right stops driving to supervise Sylvester.

The hacker takes control of the RV remotely and tries to cause a crash. Risking life and limb Happy and Walter manage to manually overide the computer. They then trick Hector into driving into a police road block.

Toby takes up the call to take risks in the name of love. He tells Sylvester to take a risk with his yogurt and he convinces Walter to take a risk with Paige. Walter then rushes to Paige's apartment only to discover Drew is already there and he leaves in disappointment.