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"All these kids, they're my kids, and they may be brilliant but they learn from me too, and I can't get them to understand a concept like loyalty if I'm spending time with someone who went after one of the team."
Cabe to Allie

"'Don't Burst My Bubble" is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Scorpion and the sixty fouth of the series overall. It aired on February 27, 2017.


Following a severe storm, Happy’s friend Ava, who lives in a sterile bubble to protect her compromised immune system, is left with dangerous debris on the verge of puncturing the structure. Now, Team Scorpion works to safely move Ava to a more secure location without risking her life.


Happy has been working on a side project with a woman online for 2 months. Its past midnight and Toby wants to go home. He thinks something is fishy with this woman. Happy tells him to go home. He goes, but before he leaves he tells her to lock the door. She doesn’t so he jumps in and yells boo, scaring her half to death. Cabe is with his lady friend, Sly’s campaign manager while Sly meets with the public. The two are doting on one another when they are interrupted by her client, a real pain in the neck.

Walter arrives to the warehouse to find Happy sleeping on her desk. Happy is concerned that her online friend still hasn’t responded. Paige sees Walter. Ralph doesn’t want to go on a beach field trip – his legs are too skinny.

Happy wants Walter to take her to Lancaster where her internet friend is. Happy is concerned. Paige comes into the room, she is upset, Tim took a contract extension. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Walter is proud that he gives her space.

On the road, Happy comes upon an accident. There is a tree on the roof of the house where her internet friend, Ava, lives. She gets out and tells the fire chief to cut the power and evacuate the house. He asks her who she is and tells her that he can’t cut the power, the woman in the house needs it. Happy lets herself in the house. Her friend lives in a bubble that could collapse since it is directly set up under where the room is caving in. She is a young girl with a concerned and scared father. She asks Happy for help. She calls the guys.

Team Scorpion shows up. Sly and Cabe work remotely as they track the results of the polls. They meet the dad and Ava. They take photos to send to Sly. They are concerned about the power going to the Hepa filter. Toby and Walter take out debris slowly as the power lines spark. The father, David, gets nervous. Paige takes him outside to talk and calm him down. Walter interjects from inside the house as David talks about trying to find his daughter a donor.

Debris fall on the bubble. Ava takes her furniture and stacks it to the top of the bubble in the middle to push the piece of wood that fell. It works, she is safe for now. Minutes later however, a live wire falls on top of the bubble and begins sparking. It is going to melt the roof of the bubble. They need to get Ava out.

The team take supplies and a suit from the fire fighters. They sterilize it, prepping to get Ava out. They get her the suit. She gets it on just in time. But hesitates to leave the bubble for a few seconds. She has been in there so long. Happy and Paige drive her to a meat locker. On the way, Ava is breaking out in hives. Her throat is getting tight.

The team tries to come up with a way to sterilize a room while they rush Ava to a bacteria free location. Ava is hyperventilating now. They arrive. Get her out of the car and submerge her into a bucket of honey. Before she dips into the vat, she takes in the sunshine. They get the vat into the back of the truck and bring her to a safe haven where a filter is ready to go. They set the room on fire to kill the germs while Ava is still in the vat hooked to oxygen. Happy talks to Ava while she is in the vat. As soon as the fire dies out, they fill the room with oxygen and turn on the filter. Ava pops up safe. They are all relieved. In 4 days, Ava’s new home bubble will be rebuilt thanks to others on the chat site. Happy has made a friend!

Back at the warehouse, Happy is online, waiting to see if Ava logs into the chat site. Walter shares some emotional insight to a worried Toby. Toby discovers that Walter has been reading girl magazines in the self-checkout line!

Paige and Tim have broken up. Walter offers her space. She appreciates it, but she doesn’t need space. He is sincerely sorry. She knows.

Cabe’s lady friend put information online about Sly, costing him the election. She was forced by her boss. Cabe is upset. He breaks up with her. Sly and the others are his kids. She understands, she is going to miss him. Sly tells him he didn’t have to do that. He explains that he did. Everyone is heartbroken.

They all throw a Winter Fest at the warehouse and log in with Ava remotely. Ava wears a virtual reality head set. They give her something she has always wanted. Walter also shares that he will find her a donor. It might take months, but it will happen. Happy is sad, she made a friend outside of the team that she can’t invite to her wedding.