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"In life there are three ways of getting things done: the right way, the wrong way, and the Ray way."
Ray Spiewack

"Fish Filet" is the third episode of the second season of Scorpion, and the twenty fifth of the series overall. It aired on October 5, 2015.


In order to save the lives of three federal judges, Sylvester goes undercover in a Federal Prison, but Team Scorpion must break him out when his life is threatened.


Team Scorpion has a new case. The show begins at a prison with a guard spotting a dead inmate. Jadlow calls for help. Walter is doing community service alongside Ray Spiewack and Ray tells him he’s making them looking bad by working too fast. Walter explains he’s working more efficiently not harder. Ray says they should hang out at lunch and listen to Eddie Money. Ray says he’s been on the chain gang before and can show him some inside tips. Walter ignores him.

Sylvester hangs out with Megan and makes her a breakfast burrito. She asks if he’s okay since he seems fidgety. He tries to tell her something and then gets too nervous. She asks if there’s something he wants to say but then his cell phone buzzes and he says he has to go to the garage. He runs out. Toby hears Happy making plans and she gets mad at him. Toby tells Sylvester he thinks she’s dating someone else and says love sucks then asks how it went with Sylvester telling Megan he loves her.

Paige asks why Ralph is doing someone else’s homework and Happy recommends he hits the bully. Paige says she’ll talk to the bully’s parents and Sylvester says it’s a bad idea. Walter comes in and hears and says he and the guys can home school Ralph from here on out since he’s too smart for the school. Ralph begs her not to call the principal about it. The gang encourages him and Cabe is ready to teach him to box but Ralph says it has to wait. Molina comes in and introduces Jadlow.

The guy killed was a CI and the gang is likely Eh-Ta-Me, a Japanese gang that just killed a judge. He says there are three more judges that will be assassinated by midnight as reprisal for harsh gang convictions. The problem is the names are in code. Jadlow says he can’t trust anyone at his prison, even his deputy warden. He shows them a profile on a guy named Shima who’s the boss of Eh-Ta-Me. Jadlow says he searched the prison looking for a code guide.

Toby points out books Shima checked out and Walter says maybe one of them should take a look at the prison library. Jadlow says he can’t bring the books out or copy them because it would alert part of Shima’s network. Specifically, they need Sylvester to get his eyes on them. Sylvester says no way is he going inside a prison. Toby says three judges are dead by morning and he could have helped. Toby says do it for himself. They button him into an orange jumpsuit. Happy puts a tat on his neck

They have a profile as a psychotic serial killer. They put a transmitter cap on his tooth and Cabe coaches him on prison lingo. Cabe says it’s 90 minutes tops and Warden Jadlow says he’ll take care of him. Sylvester is in-processed as Jackson Wiles, killer. Sylvester is terrified when he sees the other prisoners. Later, the warden brings him to the library. Sylvester spots a Grey’s Anatomy volume with the plastic organ pages missing. They go through the books and he keeps spotting missing pages.

Happy wonders if there are enough pages missing to make a manual. Walter says Shima gets dialysis and they think he’s got the manual in the infirmary. The warden whispers that he can’t get him into there. The warden says he doesn’t know who he can trust. Toby tells Sylvester that he needs to do something uncomfortable to get into there. They tell him to find the biggest con and pick a fight. Toby tells him to go kick his ass. Sylvester nervously insults him then Toby says to tear off his gang colors.

Happy says to disrespect his colors now. Sylvester snatches out his gang cloth and blows his nose on it. The guy punches Sylvester then goes to punch him again when a guard puts a stop to it. The guy tells Sylvester they’re not done. The guy punched the transmitter tooth out of Sylvester’s mouth! Sylvester hassles the prison doc and gets him to leave the room and then starts a search. Sylvester finds the manual in a hollow tube and realizes the legend page is missing.

The doctor comes in with Warden Jadlow on the gurney. Toby sees it and they think someone replaced the warden’s insulin with something else – likely Shima was taking it out. No one at the prison knows Sylvester is a fake now. They kick him out of sick bay to focus on the warden’s medical issues. Sylvester gets in line for food then sits – other prisoners walk away when he sits. The big guy comes over and says he disrespected him. He points out a guard and says at 10, the lights will go out and he’s coming for him.

Sylvester spells out a message – dead by 10 – and holds it so the camera can see it. Cabe calls Molina and she says they can’t pull him out the same day he went in. She asks about the case and Cabe goes off on her for not thinking about Sylvester and she says they need to prioritize. He says not without saving his man. Cabe says the strings he pulls takes longer. Walter says they need to break Sylvester out since they can’t get him released.

The team starts trying to figure out how to get into the jail and get Sylvester out. Toby says he’ll make a drug that makes Sylvester looks dead and even has cold hands. They’ll put him with the stiffs and they can get him out. They just need to figure out how to get the drugs to him. Walter hates to do this, but goes to see Ray Spiewack. Ray says he knows a guy that can help – BooBoo – who runs the pharmacy in the prison. Paige says they have to get the pills to him today.

Ray says there’s ways to get things done the right way, wrong way and the Ray way. Ray and Paige go to the prison disguised as Sylvester’s lawyers. Ray sees a text from Ralph about being bullied. The rest of the team is working on the other aspects of the prison break. Ray has a briefcase full of takeout menus. Sylvester comes to see them and he tells Paige he’s about to be killed. Paige says they’re getting him out through the morgue. Ray is visiting his friend BooBoo and says to deliver the pills to Sylvester.

The other prisoners says Sylvester is a marked man and Ten Ton is going to kill him. Ray talks him into it. Sylvester is scared but Toby sent a note saying he can’t tell Megan he loves her if he dies. Paige tells him to take the pills from BooBoo and he’ll die. Sylvester says the legend is missing and she says he has to find it. She says Shima was in a wheelchair all the time. She says he has to take the pills at 9:45 so he’s dead before Ten-Ton comes for him. She wishes him luck and he goes.

Ray wishes him luck and implies that he’s part of the team. Sylvester reads and watches the clock. He looks at Shima in his wheelchair and Ten-Ton watches him. It’s 9:45. He says it’s too late then BooBoo drops off the pills. Sylvester pops them in his mouth and dry swallows them. Shima’s guys stand up and so does Sylvester, He sees them drop off Shima then walk off with the wheelchair. Sylvester follows but is getting woozy. He sees where they stored it and heads for the door. He collapses in the hallway.

The team is putting together the materials for the jail break. Paige says she saw Sylvester zipped into a body bag and hopes it was from the pills. Sylvester crawls out of the body bag in the morgue. He tells Walter he survived death. They tell him to turn two valves and tell him to back away from the door. The door blows back and Cabe’s gun is swept away from him. Sylvester says he couldn’t get the legend. He says they can’t give up and Walter says the guards will catch them.

He asks Toby to black out the guard cameras. They give him a com for his ear and Cabe asks what got into him and he says a bunch of pills that almost killed him. Sylvester finds the legend on the wheelchair and they head back out into the empty hallway. Ten-Ton gets hold of Sylvester through the bars and chokes him. Sylvester fights him off and says one death per day. They tell Happy to get the car running. Sylvester translates as he runs. He gets one judge’s name. Cabe and Walter fight off corrupt guards.

Happy comes in and firehoses one and Sylvester gets the last two names. They make their prison break. Sylvester says he was choked and almost died from drugs and Happy’s driving is still scarier. The news covers the prison scandal. Molina says there’s a new federal monitor for the prison and the warden is recovering. Shima is going to Alaska to a supermax. Cabe furious with Molina tells her she did a terrible job and was willing to sacrifice one of his team. Cabe says she was thinking about what worked best for her.

Cabe says he’s a Marine and believes in no man left behind. Cabe says his people will not be in her hands again even if costs his job. She storms out. Sylvester thanks him and Cabe says they’re a team – a family. Ralph is being interviewed on TV about being accepted Harvard and MIT. The news lady asks how he got in and he says he applied. Then Ralph shows that he used Toby’s voice app to mimic his mom’s voice. Ralph says he’s staying in elementary school so he can relate to normal humans.

Ralph says otherwise, he’ll turn out like them. Walter says the kid should take night classes at Caltech even if he won’t go to college now. Paige says she thinks Walter should spend time with a normal human and suggests Ray. Walter doesn’t like it. A guy named Chet shows up looking for Happy and she leaves with him. Toby goes to hit the bag and fumbles clumsily. Cabe gives him a real lesson on how to hit. Sylvester goes back to see Megan and says he was scared to tell her something.

Sylvester plays her a mating song of a bird and demonstrates the mating movements the bird does when it finds its one true love. Megan laughs as he waggles around. He says the egret dance describes how he feels for her then he says he feels like he’s in love with her. She says she loves him too. Walter greets Ray who tells him that they are off work detail for the day. Walter clumsily thanks him for his help. Ray says he’s a problem solver and says the Ray way leads to Victo-ray.

He asks him to go do a big adult slip and slide with him. Walter says no thanks then Ray asks him to come time them and he agrees.