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Grow a Deer, a Female Deer is the third episode of the fourth season of Scorpion, and the seventy-fourth of the series overall.


When poachers almost kill a pregnant endangered deer, Team Scorpion recreates the animal’s womb to try to save it and its baby’s life.Also, Happy and Toby discuss the future of their family.


Allie comes and tells Team Scorpion that Cabe has been arrested. The team gather together and collect enough money to bail him out of prison until his trial. A woman named Adissa commissions Scorpion to come help deal with some rhino poachers in Africa. The team flies out and joins forces with Adissa to try and locate the poachers.

While they're out in the field, they come across a poacher that has shot a rare species of deer. Toby discovers that the deer --one of the few left in the world-- is pregnant. However, the deer is badly injured and might not survive long enough to give birth to her fawn. Under threat of never seeing Paige naked again, Walter sets the team to the task of saving the deer and her baby.

Toby sets up plans to create an artificial womb. They start making up the artificial womb with the Power of Science while Adissa calls up her team to come and get them. Adissa warns that there is a chance that the poachers will return before her team can reach them.

Sylvester discovers that the poacher they found left behind his bag, and with it, his phone. Ralph downloads the information from the phone and attempts to decrypt it. Toby puts the mother deer under until Toby performs an impromptu C-Section. Paige assists and Happy tries not to throw up. Toby removes the fetus and Happy connects its umbilical cord to the artificial cord made by the team. Walter puts the fawn in the artificial womb, and the team pack up and prepare to head back to the camp.

But Toby discovers that the fawn's artificial womb isn't warm enough to keep her alive. Toby criticizes Walter for attempting to imitate Cabe, but they're interrupted by Paige, who has temporarily solved the problem of the fawn's dropping temperature by putting the artificial womb under her shirt.

Adissa and Sylvester set off to drive the mother deer back to Adissa's camp, while Paige, Toby, Happy, and Walter try to find something to warm up the fawn. Sylvester starts to bond with the deer, conquering his fear of animals, but he and Adissa are thrown off track when they are chased by poachers. Sylvester drops their only gun out of the car accidentally, leaving him and Adissa weaponless. Cabe instructs Sylvester on how to make an explosive, which he throws from the car. It explodes and stops the poachers.

Happy, Paige, Toby, and Walter arrive back at the camp with Solomon, and are waiting for Sylvester and Adissa to return when Adissa's car runs out of fuel. Sylvester is forced to improvise cover. He's inspired by wild birds to make a disguise until they receive assistance. Sylvester makes a distraction with the truck while he and Adissa hide behind a rock with the deer. Sylvester attempts to get the deer ( which he's affectionately named Jane ) to eat, but she's too ill and dehydrated to function. Adissa insists that they need to get Jane medical attention as quickly as humanly possible.

Cabe and Ralph manage to hack the phone, and find all the contacts the poacher had on his phone. They cause a distraction so that all the poachers' phones ring. The team is horrified to discover that Solomon is one of the poachers-- unfortunately, Walter is in one of the cars heading back to the camp with him. So, that's bad. Because he's an idiot trying to channel his inner Cabe, Walter attempts to punch Solomon. Solomon is preparing to kill Walter when Toby injects Solomon with tranquilizer.

While the poachers are all distracted, Sylvester and Adissa steal the poachers' truck and drive off towards the camp. They manage to get Jane to safety and bring her to the compound medical center. Sylvester remains with her while she's given medical attention, and stabilizes her heart when she goes into cardiac arrest.

Walter, Toby, Paige, and Happy are on their way to join the others at the compound when they discover they're surrounded by poachers. Trapped from either side, Walter tells them they need to run for it. They grab the fawn and run for the hills. They sneak through the high grass while trying to evade the poachers searching for them. Walter and the fawn are caught by one of the poachers, but Walter uses the deer's artificial womb to electrocute the poacher. They all run for it.

They reach the compound, but Adissa's men and the poachers get caught in a shootout with the poachers. Walter runs into the compound and puts the fawn into an incubator, saving her life.

Adissa informs Sylvester that thanks to Ralph's work, the entire network of poachers will be caught and taken down. Successful and with the deer and her fawn safe, the team head home.

When the team returns to the garage, Paige discovers that Ralph has developed a crush on Patty-- Sylvester's intern from the local school-- while the team's been away. She's not thrilled in the slightest, but she's happy her relationship with Walter is strengthened by the mission. Happy and Toby inform everyone they've got a surprise, and roll out a television. The team settle in for a movie night, and are surprised when Cabe precedes the show with an admission of thanks for Scorpion's support and help getting his bail together. Cabe leaves to apologize to Allie for being secretive about being arrested.

Happy and Toby show everyone the live camera feed of Jane and her fawn in the incubator. Toby notices Happy's expression while watching the video, and the two start properly thinking about children for the first time.