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"I'm sorry I, I'm sorry I didn't use appropriate words before we stopped your heart because you know I have, I have issues expressing myself. It's been more than a pleasure working with you. As I said in the garage we could find another federal agent, but uh, but we couldn't find another Cabe Gallo. It makes all the difference."

"'Ice Ca-Cabes" is the twelfth episode of the third season of Scorpion and the fifty eighth of the series overall. It aired on January 2, 2017


When a mission in the desert results in exploding shrapnel that seriously wounds Cabe, Team Scorpion must freeze his body in order to save his life.


Paige is still mad crazy annoyed at Walter and the team for Tim leaving. Meanwhile Cabe is inCABEable of understanding women and completely misses out on Ali trying to ask him out. The team all make fun of him, and they just leave on a mission to go do. Something. 

There’s an issue when they get to the site, and Cabe is hit by a piece of shrapnel. Toby wears Cabe like a puppet (yes that’s seriously a quote from the show) and discovers that one of Cabe’s arteries has been severed. In order to keep Cabe alive, the team freeze Cabe in a water bath. Sylvester has to go get a snake for the venom to thin Cabe’s blood, while Paige and Walter go to the local hot springs to get some hydrogen sulphide. 

Happy and Toby are left to patch up Cabe as much as they can. Sylvester comes sprinting back to the site with a live rattlesnake. They get the snake to bite Cabe, and the venom prevents Cabe’s blood from clotting since they’ve essentially frozen him in a bucket. 

Meanwhile, Paige and Walter have arrived, and discovered they’re at a nudist hot springs. At least everything’s out in the open now. They gather up what they need and head back to the site. 

Swipe back to the site, where Happy, Toby, and Sylvester are slow roasting Cabe in the tub to warm up the water. Paige, Walter, and Sylvester all bring in the gas and shoot it into Cabe’s mouth to help with something, though what, I’m not sure. I don’t understand science. Cabe is getting too warm in the tub, so they take him out of the tub. Toby performs CPR on Cabe because his heart has stopped beating. Walter decides he can do CPR better than the certified doctor, and starts performing CPR on Cabe. Walter is incredibly upset and rarely emotional trying to revive Cabe, who is officially dead. 

Happy decides they need to use a makeshift defiribulator on Cabe by sticking his head in the tub and dropping a fan in there. Somehow, this works, and Cabe is revived. Everyone laughs and smiles and Toby looks ready to throw up as the emergency vehicle arrives to take Cabe to the hospital. They let Walter go in the helicopter with Cabe when Walter says he’s Cabe’s son.

Fast forward to Cabe in the hospital. Walter has been sitting with him while he’s been unconscious, and they share a moment of emotional bonding. Walter tells Cabe he loves him, and Cabe calls Walter his son. It’s a beautiful moment that the rest of the team totally crash, wearing tropical shirts for some extra fun. Walter excuses himself, and Paige follows him so he can check up on Walter, and apologize for calling him a robot. Walter says she has a point. They agree to try and get along again, even though Paige is still angry at Walter for chasing Tim away. The team all make fun of each other, and the episode ends with them teasing each other about Walter and Paige going to the nudist hot springs. 





  • The title references the "Ice Capades" or an "escapade", as well as the ice used to put Cabe into cryostasis.