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"Should I get the extinguisher? Because your pants are on fire, liar, liar."
Toby to Walter

"Love Boat" is the sixteenth episode of first season of Scorpion. It aired February 9th, 2015.


Team Scorpion goes undercover on a cruise ship to locate and disable deadly stolen rockets. Meanwhile, as Valentine's Day approaches, Toby and Happy help Ralph, who is in the throes of his first crush.


At night, three men hijack a truck and steal some rockets, killing both drivers.

The next day, over at Scorpion Headquarters Walter is hacking into a reservation site so that he can make dinner plans. He is taking Paige out to dinner to go over office protocol information. Of course Toby is skeptical and highly suspicious. Valentine’s Day dinner. Nice restaurant. A week after Drew signed a month long contract to play out of state. Paige finds Sylvester writing on a valentines card and he hastily puts it away.

Cabe shows up to tell the team about the rocket theft. The man suspected of masterminding this robbery is a man named Christoph, and like all super special criminals on TV, he has never been photographed. Christoph is making his escape via a luxury cruise ship. The passengers are the 1%’s of the 1%. Cabe has brought one of the missiles so they could study it's system and learn how to input the trackers in them. Happy likes the missle the moment she sees it. The plan is to install tracking software into the stolen rockets so they can track who Christoph sells them to. Walter has Sylvester time how long it takes him to hack and disable it so they know how long they'll need to input the information on the ship. Cabe says at fourteen minutes a piece they'll never have the time to hack them all. Walter explains that he only needs to do one and it'll link up with the others, thus disabling and tracking them all.

More reservation hacking ensues and Walter, Sylvester, Cabe and Paige are set to pose as guests on the ship. They're replacing a group of people, Sylvester is going as Chaz Bonesteel, a guy who is rich at an early age and has never been photographed, Paige is his wife Alissa, Cabe is their trainer, and Walter is their valet/butler.

Walter figures it will take less than 30 minutes to reach and hack the rockets, so they can be off the ship before it even departs. Almost immediately, Walter and Cabe get lost and trapped below deck. Walter states he can get them out, but they'll be in the middle of the pacific. This doesn’t sit well with Sylvester, who hates water, can’t swim and keeps referencing boat wreaks.

Ralph's school calls because he's sick. He has the chills. Paige says she'll send Toby and Happy to pick him up. Toby goes to pick him up and, as soon as Ralph gets in the car, Toby finds a bunch of ice packs in his backpack, as well as a valentine card. Toby tells Ralph he's seen him hack a thermometer, so his idea is somewhat amateur. Ralph answers that he had limited resources. When they get back to the garage, Ralph explains that he was going to give the card to the girl he likes, but someone else gave her one first. Happy asks him if he's friends with this girl and he says he is. Happy states that maybe the girl doesn't want to mess up their friendship. Toby makes a few comments about liking a certain girl and Happy counters with maybe she likes having him as a best friend and he needs patience. Ralph states he has no idea what they're actually talking about now.

Walter and Cabe make it to the cabin and find Sylvester huddled over an ice bucket, looking like he's going to be sick. Paige and Sylvester are invited to eat lunch with the captain at his table. Things just keep getting worse when Walter runs into an ex-girlfriend (the one he broke up with in Pilot). Paige comes up to them and tells him to meet her father at the shuffleboard. She recognizes Paige as the waitress from the diner. She's suspicious and when Walter tries to tell her they work for the government, she doesn't believe him. Walter's ex gets motioned away by her new fiancé and she angrily tells him to to enjoy the cruise.

Cabe and Walter finally get into the cargo hold, but they need Happy to figure out how to get to the missiles. During this time, Sylvester is served frog legs and asked about his business. Sylvester comes up with a story, but the captain is called away. Cabe and Walter are discovered in the cargo hold and the guy who finds them manages to get away. Cabe tells him to forget about the software and just disable the missiles instead. Just as Walter gets started, the Captain stops the boat and has all of the passengers gather in casino. The captain starts to reassure everyone that things are fine, when a man comes up and punches him in the kidney. Soon Christoph's associates have everyone hostage and are checking IDs leaving Paige and Sylvester only three minutes left to live because their ID's were made to only be temporary.

Walter has to stop disarming the rockets to go save Paige and Sylvester. Walter contacts Happy to help him create an intercom throughout the ship. Alissa Bonesteel is called and Paige doesn't move. Christoph's associate grabs a random woman and threatens to shoot her if Alissa Bonesteel doesn't come forward. Paige gives herself up, claiming she didn't come forward because she left her ID in her cabin. The man grabs her and whispers that she must know where his cargo is. She says she doesn't, but he aims his gun at her. Seconds before Paige is to be shot, Walter uses his self-made intercom to try to negotiate with Christoph's associate. He demands the hostages get released or he'll throw the missiles overboard. Christoph's associate tells him that the hostages are more precious and he's going to start killing them off, one by one, until he gets his missiles back. He's pointing his gun directly at Paige's head.

Walter gets Happy to find a ship close to theirs while he agrees to meet Christoph's associate on the top deck where he has the rockets. Only up on the deck Christoph's associate gets the upper hand by threatening to shoot the captain. He finds Walter's earpiece and hears the Navy helicopter pilot asking if it's clear to land. Christoph's associate threatens to shoot Walter if Cabe doesn't tell them it's clear. Christoph's associate grabs his rockets and aims one for the Navy rescue chopper headed their way. Cabe and Walter make a run for it and get a hold of Happy. Since she and Toby were unable to hack the nearby ship, they had Ralph hack into a nearby Japanese destroyer and uses one of their missiles to take out the one headed towards the Navy helicopter. Toby comments on the fact that he picked the right day to skip school.

Cabe and Walter are then captured by Christoph's associates. Walter and Cabe start to get the upper hand against the bad guys, when the Captain gets one of the guns. He tells them all to freeze and then talks to the bad guys, saying they messed the whole thing up. Turns out, he's Christoph. He has his men grab Paige from the casino and plans to escape in the waiting lifeboat. Walter tells Captain Christoph to take him instead and the Captain agrees. Paige is left on the ship with Cabe while Walter makes his descent into the lifeboat. Sylvester, stating that Chaz Bonesteel won't be going out like this, and tells the other passengers he needs a boost to a vent that leads out to the deck. When he gets there, he jumps off of the ship and into the still lowering lifeboat. It knocks them all out of the boat. Two of Christoph's associates are sucked under the boat and killed by the propellers. Walter is tangled in the ropes and Sylvester is close to getting sucked into the propellers as well. Cabe tells Paige to turn off the propeller just before he jumps in to save Sylvester.

Paige gets Happy to talk her through the shut off sequence. Just after the propellers turn off, Christoph grabs Cabe and states that the people he sold those rockets to are going to kill him. So before he dies, he's going to take Cabe's life first. At that moment, a rescue boat appears and distracts Christoph with its horn. Cabe takes the opportunity to punch and disarm him. Walter helps Sylvester climb into the boat as another Navy helicopter approaches.

Later, at the marina, Paige is on the phone talking to someone about their day. Walter's ex approaches him, stating that they really do work for the government. However, he asks her advice on what he could do differently in a relationship so that he doesn't make the mistakes he made with her. He apologizes but she states he has no malice in him. However, she tells him honestly that what happened was that he grew bored with her, because she couldn't stimulate his mind enough. She iterates that he works on facts and, the fact is, before he gets involved with someone again, he needs to make sure he has a real connection with them.

That night at Ralph's school, where kids and teachers are there for the Valentines Day dance, Toby and Happy set up a high tech valentine that uses fireworks, for Ralph to give the girl he likes. During the fireworks show, where Toby accidently spells Ralph's name wrong. Happy makes a comment about it, but Toby says that Ralph and Sloane (the girl Ralph likes) seem happy anyway. Toby tells her that love can be misspelled and messy but it's still love. Happy takes Toby's hand. Toby and Happy almost share a kiss but are interrupted by a teacher yelling about calling the police. Toby runs and grabs Ralph, running back towards Happy and telling her to start the car. Back at the office, and on the advice from his ex-girlfriend, Walter backs out of the dinner with Paige. He gives her the weekend off instead. Paige also encourages Sylvester to send Megan the valentine he hid earlier. Sylvester tells Walter he's going to leave to go somewhere and Walter guesses that he's going to see a girl. Toby tells him it's early days, so he doesn't want to announce anything. Walter gives the reservation he made for himself and Paige so Sylvester can take his date there, unaware it's Megan.






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  • Over The Creek - George Ezra