"'Maroon 8" is the twenty-fourth and penultimate episode of the third season of Scorpion and the seventieth of the series overall. It aired May 8, 2017.


While en route to Toby and Happy’s honeymoon, Team Scorpion’s plane crash lands on a remote deserted island, leaving them all with little hope for rescue.


The private plane rapidly loses altitude, and the plane's main hydraulics system fails. While the team work out a way to land the plane, Walter, Paige and Ralph prepare for the worst. Happy tells Walter to cut open the plane's interior to reveal the hatch which leads to the hydraulics cable. Correctly predicted, Happy discovers the hydraulic fluid has run dry. She uses liquid packed for the journey, a piece of piping and chewing gum to create a tight seal, so the hydraulics system sucks up the bottled liquid. This temporarily gives the plane hydraulic control and allows the co-pilot to adjust the angle of the plane - Sly and Ralph run calculations to estimate the angle the plane's nose needs to be at for it to bounce perfectly off the ocean waves and land on an island spotted by Walter.

The co-pilot adjusts the plane's nose angle and the team buckle up, preparing for the impact. Ralph tells Paige he's nervous, and seeks comfort from her. Paige, just as worried, seeks comfort from Walter, who's begun developing new emotions since the last episode, and holds her hand. Ralph, in her arms, spots them holding hands, and immediately begins to process the information.

The plane lands. The entire plane is split into 3 main pieces. After several minutes - around 20, according to Walter's watch, team Scorpion are all awake after the crash. They open the door to the cockpit; it's jammed. They realize the nose of the plane containing the cockpit had been split clean in half. Finding the cockpit, they also find the pilot. Trapped by the dashboard console of the plane, he's tied down and only just conscious.

Scorpion realize they're going to be stuck on this deserted island for some time, and devise a plan, coordinating Paige, Sly and Walter (the latter whom insists on helping Paige) find fruit, something that can help Toby create a natural , which will help relieve the pilot's plane in his current position. They need to release his arm from the weight of the dashboard. Toby tells the pilot his brain can't process the pain he's in because of his current state - a clot in his arm is restricting deadly bacteria and viruses from reaching the rest of his body, but will soon be free and will be fatal.

While searching for fruit, Paige and Walter realize Sly's behavior is not normal - he's acting fearless to deadly serious scenarios, realizing the chances are slim to none of surviving in their location. Because of this, they say he's less focused and isn't looking for ways to fix problems. He walks over a steep drop via only a tree trunk, something he would definitely normally be afraid of. Sly finds lemons and other fruit, but soon spots something very odd - he insists Paige and Walter to come to the over side of the steep drop. At the other side, Sly discovers an abandoned world war II bunker. Inside, maps are found, with coordinates to their location. This amazing find reveals their current location is far away from the intended A-to-B route from Los Angeles to Haiti as originally planned. From this, he concludes the plane's EMP system was damaged on flight and caused the plane to lose bearings without the pilot even knowing. Sly concludes that the chances of survival have dropped dramatically, until Walter finds a radio system, that Walter repairs using more gum and pieces of foil. Sly listens to the radio - a Japanese ship is passing by the island 1 mile out to sea very soon. Back at the plane wreckage, Ralph and Cabe return with material to create a fire.

Quickly rushing back to the rest of the team, they deliver the fruit. Toby discovers plenty more information about Happy he never knew - that she speaks Portuguese, she planned on singing for a band, she traveled to Morocco, she had a boyfriend.

Happy and Toby's plan to help the pilot works. Happy also gives him a natural anesthetic to help relieve the pain, while Walter lifts the dashboard off the pilot's arm by heating up a steel pipe, melting the structure and helping it bend out of place. Happy, Toby and Paige quickly move the pilot out of the plane and place him on a blanket outside.

The Japanese cargo ship does not pick them up.

The episode ends with a 'to be continued'. Part 2 is the Season Three finale Scorp Family Robinson






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