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Sabriel74 Sabriel74 25 August 2021

Hope the newest theme's are good!

So, as you may have noticed, I altered the background, added a favorite icon, and made an updated community logo. I worked really hard on t…

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Sabriel74 Sabriel74 25 June 2021

Future updates I'll be making soon

I have posted in the main discussion that I'm going to be requesting to become an admin. No one ever responded, so I will be applying for t…

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ScorpionAddict ScorpionAddict 14 March 2021

Watching Scorpion Re-runs

I happened to watch re-run of the series last week. Like everyone else , even I would love to see another season given the fact that finale…

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ScorpionFanNL ScorpionFanNL 25 April 2019

Translating the wiki

How can I translate these articles to a new language (Dutch)???

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