"You’re not your brain. You’re your heart. Don't be afraid to love."
—Megan's last words

Megan O'Brien-Dodd was the daughter of Sean and Louise O'Brien, the niece of Tobin, the older sister of Walter O'Brien, and the wife of Sylvester Dodd. She was hospitalized due to multiple sclerosis (MS). The MS affected her nervous system, causing immobility and eventually respatory failure, as the nerves that run the respatory system were severely damaged and unable to keep her lungs going.


Pre-Scorpion lyla was an extreme ely sickly child, for example once when she was twelve she had a fever so bad Walter feared she was going to die. This may have been caused by her MS. However, this did not stop her from protecting Walter at school.Edit

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Megan is the opposite of her younger brother, she is very light hearted and loves to have fun, wanting to enjoy every second of her life especially since she knows she has limited time. However, she is serious when she needs to be, and is much more understanding of people and comforting. She cares for her friends and family, and is especially protective of her brother.


  • She had A+ blood.
  • Her family had a roc cenotaph for her, and it reads "she taught us to love".
  • She died at hull Hospital.
  • She married Sylvester Dodd while in hospital and used bandaids as wedding rings.
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