"There's no 'I' in Scorpion. It's a figure of speech."

"Once Bitten, Twice Die" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Scorpion. It aired March 9, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

When a conflict in Eastern Europe threatens to escalate, Team Scorpion is called on to help facilitate secret peace talks to prevent World War III.

Plot Edit

The stakes are very high in this episode as the team try to prevent World War III by taking part in peace talks between Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania. The episode opens with Breaking News about the situation in the area. We are back in the LAX traffic control tower however, we quickly flash to the garage and it’s Sylvester who has made the plane carrying the Presidents disappear from the radar. Paige checks to see if Walter has read the 25 page report she prepared on the customs and habits of the area. Walter, in typical Walter fashion, has blown off the report completely, negating both the importance of the information and how important it was to Paige. It’s also typical that when Paige tells him she’s gone back to school, he dismisses it. He’s particularly dismissive of the value of a liberal arts education when she tells him she’s studying European history.

The opening sequence also has Happy giving Cabe a hard time for being a fanboy of an old western that was filmed on the compound where the secret negotiations are going on. Toby also approaches Happy about how she’s been avoiding him. She doesn't want him to be treating her differently and maintains that the kiss didn't mean anything. Paige just so happens to become an expert in the customs of the three nations that are at the peace summit. This, in turn, lets her be better at her job than a trained international official to the point that Cabe destroys a vial of adrenaline just on Paige's word alone.

As the leader is dying, Walter, Happy, and Paige devise a plan to leave the compound (they had all been on lockdown until the situation gets resolved) and find the snake that was used to poison the man in order to manufacture an antidote. Cabe had watched a DVD about his favorite movie that was filmed on the compound and remembered the DVD commentary said there was a secret passageway that led outside. Toby and Sylvester struggled to find the right snake out of a list of dozens, but the true identity of the assassin immediately led them to the correct snake because there was only one native to the assassin's region of the world.

The three needed to get to the zoo to steal the snake but had no way to get there. So Walter made Happy punch him in the face. He flagged down a taco truck and when the driver went to help him, they stole the truck. Walter went to retrieve the snake but fell in the pit. There were two that appeared similar, so Walter let one of the snakes bite him and poison him to see if it matched the symptoms of the dying man. They then needed a host organism in which to manufacture the antidote, so they stole a ferret, a natural prey of the snake. They got back to the compound, lost the ferret, and then Happy found the ferret in about 35 seconds. They needed to separate the antidote from the blood but didn't have access to a centrifuge. "Wait, you came here in a taco truck, right?" Toby asks. So they retrieve a salad spinnerfrom the truck and use it to extract the antidote and save Walter and the foreign leader's life.

Once they get back to the garage Happy tells Toby that him standing up to Dr.Chong was hot and they share a passionate kiss, and Happy says tells Toby "don't talk, don't ruin it". At the end Paige says she is gonna be late for her test so Walter has Cabe escort her to her test, and Walter tells Paige he is proud of her.





  • The "century-old" conflict in Eastern Europe simply could not be real, because in XIX century there weren't any other Eastern European nations except Russian Empire, Prussia and Austro-Hungarian empire.
  • There is no record of a war between Lithuania and Belarus, so there can't be a four year gap between wars.
  • The language the three diplomats speak does not exist.
  • The names of the diplomats were wrong, as the Lithuanian diplomat had a Russian name.
  • The title of this episode is a play on the phrase "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" which means "an unpleasant experience causes caution".