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"Sometimes it's okay to admit that you don't have all the answers."

Paige Dineen (born April 13, 1986) is the daughter of Veronica Dineen and her late husband Mr. Dineen, the single mother of Ralph Dineen, and the former social handler of Team Scorpion.


Paige is very kind, caring and very emotional. Not only is she the mother to Ralph but she plays the role of the team's mother, as she takes care of them, makes sure they eat, socialize and have fun. Even though Paige is not one of the geniuses she manages to fit in, in numerous situations. Not only that she manages to fit into team scorpion, she also has an ability to keep her head in the game and helps her teammates and others to keep their head in the game too. Again, Paige is not a genius, but because of her humanitarian knowledge that the other teammate's don't possess, she is sometimes the one with the solutions. Paige is very humane, and she likes to embrace that, and help others to embrace it.



Her mother had her when she was seventeen, but wound up going to jail for various kinds of fraud for a few months periodically, so Paige would lie to her friends and say her mom was a saleswoman. Eventually her mom left. Because of the loss of the love of his life, her father never took her trick or treating, he just bought a bag of candy and put it on the front porch with the light off while he and Paige watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

At 22 Paige had her son Ralph with her then-boyfriend Drew, but eventually he left, telling Ralph he was going to see a movie. When Ralph was three, they were evicted, their stuff picked over at the curb, and walked with him for blocks. She found a diner with a help wanted sign, used her last two dollars to buy him an ice cream, interviewed, and convinced Nemos to give her an advance. She worked there until she met Scorpion.

Joining Scorpion

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She's a single mother at the start of the series, her ex-boyfriend Drew visiting to see Ralph before moving to Maine. She slowly begins a relationship with Walter until he fires her temporarily under the pretense that fraternization between colleagues will damage Scorpion's efficiency, which is hypocritical because Toby and Happy had begun dating before they did. Agent Gallo introduces his trainee Tim Armstrong and she falls in love with him before he takes a job in Amman, Jordan. She initially blames Walter for their breakup but they eventually get back together until she finds he lied about going to a show by himself, instead going with Florence.

She disapproves of her mother Veronica's underhanded moneymaking tactics and is generally cold towards her whenever they're around each other.


  • She was pregnant with Ralph when she was 22.
  • She likes cinnamon in her coffee.
  • She likes to eat chocolate covered nuts mixed with her popcorn.
  • She was a cheerleader and a lifeguard.
  • In the Pilot, Paige owns a red 1992 Volkswagen Golf.
  • As of Season 2, Paige owns a dark red 2014 Chevrolet Malibu, where the car makes its most appearances.
  • Paige is bilingual, she can speak Spanish along with her native English.
  • Paige is left-handed
  • She and Happy Quinn are the only female members of Team Scorpion.
  • She has the lightest hair color in all of Team Scorpion.