"I always loved you."
—Patrick to Happy

Patrick Quinn is the widower of Grace Quinn, the father of Happy Quinn, the father-in-law of Toby Curtis, and owner of an auto mechanic shop.


When Happy was born, her mother died in childbirth and he became an alcoholic. He thought she deserved better, and left her at a hospital telling them to "find her a good home".

Season OneEdit

Father's DayEdit

Happy enters his mechanic shop, and not revealing her identity, shows him a faster way to fix the car.



Season TwoEdit




Like his daughter Happy, Patrick enjoys working in his mechanic shop and is skilled in building objects from improvised parts and ends. He has admitted to being a recovering alcoholic due to his difficulties in coping with his wife's passing and as a result, ended up making the decision to leave Happy at the hospital to be adopted. Since their reunion, he has expressed regret for his choices and left behind much of his shady past to be a better father.


  • He is a recovered alcoholic.
  • Patrick's first name is the same as the middle name of his ex-son-in-law.