"No matter how hard we try, we're still a million miles from normal."

"Pilot" is the first episode of Scorpion. It aired on September 22, 2014.


Walter O'Brien and his team of super geniuses are recruited by the government when a communication system shuts down, leaving 56 planes unable to land.


3 helicoptors land outside a remote house in Ireland. A military team quickly disembark and enter the house, finally locating their target. A young, visibly scared, Walter O'Brien greets them with "an immunity agreement and extradition waiver" telling the team leader that, if they sign, he will tell them how he hacked into NASA. As he's led out of the house in handcuffs, he appologetically tells his parents and sister that he just wanted for the shuttle's blueprints for his wall.

Cut to present day, in which Walter is in the middle of breaking up with his soon to be ex-girlfriend, at one of his job sites at a restaurant in Los Angeles. While doing so, Walter encounters a young boy sitting alone with salt shakers and jam, waiting for his mother to finish her day shift at the restaurant. As Walter is finishing up with his break up and wireless job at the restaurant, he interacts with the young boy by playing chess with him. Walter soon realizes that the boy is a genius.

After completing his work at the restaurant, he returns to his team, "Scorpion". When he enters, he finds his co-workers working on an array of tasks. Sylvester Dodd is working on an elaborate math problem to calcualate how much electricity they can steal without being caught, whilst Happy Quinn is putting this into practise. Walter questions why they are stealing, when they were recently paid from the "Credit Nationale" job and Sylvester tells him that he got lost in the numbers, with Happy adding that he forgot to pay the rent, electric and water bills.

Happy mentions that Toby had gone to collect the "Linwood Payment", leaving Walter wondering where he is. Toby is seen running from a car and eventually dives into the warsehouse, hushing the others. Toby explains that he had gambled all their "Linwood Payment" and tripled the amount, but the thugs he cheated weren't so happy about that. Soon the thugs locate the warehouse and being trying to break in until they are interrupted Homeland Security. Cabe Gallo, who happens to have a chequered past with Walter enters the warehouse and Walter immediately tells him that he is to leave. Agent Gallo tell Walter that he has been keeping tabs on and asks for his, and his teams, help. After a few minutes of arguing whether to help Agent Gallo, the team comes to an agreement to help Agent Gallo with saving lives of people trapped on planes that cannot land and have no communication.

The team then returns to the diner that Walter had just recently worked on. They then meet the young boy's mother, Paige. Scorpion begins their work of saving lives, having Paige translate the world for them as they go about it. Eventually, they are able to get the corrupted software back online, and save the planes. After completing their job, Scorpion begins consulting with the government under the supervision of Agent Gallo. They also enlist the help of Paige permanently, having Paige translate the world for them while they translate her genius son for her.






  • During the rush to the airport, Paige claims her car (1996 Volkswagen Golf) doesn't have airbags, when it in fact does. Despite both Walter's and Happy's knowledge (particularly Happy's mechanical knowledge, proven later on when Walter requires access to a Ferrari 458), neither of them correct her over comms.