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"Can you call me back please? I promise my call will be efficient. I just want to say goodbye."

"Postcards from the Edge" is the twenty-second and final episode of the first season of Scorpion. It aired April 20, 2015.


Team Scorpion is uncertain about their future after the events of "Cliffhanger". However, they are all forced to come together for their most important mission ever—to save Walter's life as his car is precariously balanced on the edge of a cliff.


Toby attempts to have a team meeting with Sylvester and Happy to discuss the future, while Happy is pessimistically looking for other jobs. Since Walter is missing, she cynically believes that he will take a job with Elia and Scorpion will be no more. Toby and Sylvester however are not willing to give up on Scorpion so easily.

Paige, tells them that she is taking Ralph to Portland for the weekend. Ralph has been trying to call Walter, but receiving no response. Paige leaves Walter a voicemail, telling him he is selfish for ignoring Ralph. Happy blames Paige for Walter's disappearance and for hurting him by taking Ralph away. However when the team find out Walter missed a hospital appointment with his sister, something he has never done, they start to worry.

Unable to track his phone, his team visit Elia for the Ferrari details. Sylvester notes all the resources the offices have available. Toby points out Walter wouldn't leave Scorpion for all this, as it doesn't have the team. Unable to gain a face to face with Elia, Happy jumps out an air vent into the conference room he is holding a meeting in and demands the Ferrari details. They track the GPS and find the Ferrari and Walter on the edge of a cliff. They shout Walter's name to wake him up. Happy brings out Sylvester's birthday present that she was building, a flying drone, they attach a mobile phone to check out the car in more detail.

The emergency services arrive, the team note Paige would usually deal with them. Happy declares they don 't need her. The police ignore them and when they protest detain Happy and Toby for their interference. Meanwhile Cabe's superior is happy that with Scorpion gone, he can use their funding for his own projects. He reassigns Cabe to a desk job at the airport. Cabe hands him his badge and quits, Then he gets Sylvester's call. Cabe drives up to the scene of the accident and takes charge, he flashes his credentials and tells the police to release Toby and Quinn. Sylvester wants to know why he flashed his scuba certification at the police. Cabe tells him, he quit from Homeland.

Happy starts calculating how to save Walter given how long it would take the rescue team to scale the cliff. Walter, however has more immediate problems, he was wounded by the crash and losing blood. Toby instructs him on how to cauterize the wound with a silver pen and a cigarette lighter.

Walter starts to reminisce, he reminds Toby of the time they went to Vegas for a weekend and had to run for their lives, when Toby won a back alley poker game, one of their greatest weekends. He tells Cabe that even though he wasn't talking to him at the time, when Cabe's daughter died, Walter knowing Cabe was spending a lot of time there, hacked the sprinkler's system of the cemetery, so the grass on her graveside would be green. He tries to draw in Happy about when Scorpion started and she set up an old pay-phone to make free calls as they couldn't afford a phone, but she cuts him off, telling him, he is not going to die. Paige is at the airport with Ralph, when they see the news about Walter on the TV and they rush off leaving her bag behind.

The Ferrari starts to smoke, to stop the car going up in flames, Happy uses a syringe dart shot out of a water hose to drain the oil in the car. Unfortunately the weight loss puts the car off balance, so they have come up with another rescue plan fast.  Happy borrows a crane from a nearby construction site and starts rigging up harnesses, if they swing the crane over, they can secure Walter to it before the car topples. A bird lands on the car and disturbs the equilibrium even further. Walter doesn't want to do this until he talks to Paige one last time. Happy hasn't finished the other line. Cabe tells them they're out of time, They swing Cabe over. 


Paige and Ralph arrive, Walter tries to talk, but the car shifts, so he opens the door. Cabe grabs Walter, just before the car goes over. Walter promises not to let go if Cabe doesn't, he holds on until they are safely on the ground.  At the hospital, Elia offers them work at his think tank, but they turn him down. After they talk to Walter, they leave to let him rest. As he sleeps, Paige returns to have a few words with him afterwards, she tells him she really cares about him and kisses him.