"If I can't relate to humans, I'll turn out like you guys. "

Ralph Dineen (born December 11, 2005) is the genius son of Paige Dineen and Drew Baker, the grandson of Veronica Dineen and her husband, and occasional assistant of Team Scorpion. He is the youngest member of Team Scorpion. He is a 6th grade student while also taking classes at CalTech.  He was portrayed by Riley B. Smith.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Ralph was born to Paige Dineen and Drew Baker, and unbeknownst to them, was a genius. His father left when he was young, saying he was going to go see a movie, so Ralph had little memory of his father. Later when Ralph had a sense of maths he started counting how many movies his dad would've seen until the present day.

Season One[edit | edit source]

Pilot[edit | edit source]

Ralph is sitting at the counter in Nemos' Diner while his mother Paige works, as she can't find a sitter for him. He is scolded by Nemos because Nemos assumes that Ralph is playing with the salt-shakers and condiments, although unbeknownst to him, Ralph is actually setting up a chessboard. Walter, who is installing internet at the diner, notices what Ralph is doing and plays for a few seconds with him.

Later, Walter and the team return to the diner to save the plane. Ralph pays no notice to the team and the disaster until Sylvester begins playing chess with him. Sylvester is excited when Ralph wins in eight moves.

Ralph also hands Paige her keys when the team is discussing how to get to the airport.

After the disaster is averted, Ralph goes home with his mother. He answers the door to Walter and invites him in to play video games with him after Walter offers Paige a job. Paige is amazed that Walter is interacting with Ralph, as Ralph had not talked to anyone else besides her up to this point.

Single Point of Failure[edit | edit source]

Paige brings Ralph into the garage at the beginning of the episode, claiming that Ralph is sick and needs a doctor's appointment. She lets Ralph go play in the meantime, and Ralph begins drawing elaborate mathematical equations on a blackboard.

Walter talks to Paige about Ralph and lets her know that Ralph hacked the digital display of the thermometer to avoid school, to Paige's dismay and confusion. Walter explains is bored and alienated at school. He gives Ralph advice on how to pass the time before Paige and Ralph leave to go to school.

Later that evening, Ralph joins the team on the roof for a BBQ party. Walter guides Paige on how to connect with Ralph using the constellations, to Paige's appreciation.

A Cyclone[edit | edit source]

Paige brings Ralph to school in the beginning of the episode. She gives him advice on how to make friends, using Ralph's love of the L.A. Science and Cultural Center as an example of an ice-breaker.

Ralph calls Paige to complain that the internet is out at school while the team is spying on Owen Sugar. Walter gives Ralph a riddle to solve to keep him occupied: "What kind of punch does a jellyfish like?"

Walter tells Paige the harsh truth. Ralph is unlikely to ever fit in at school, though he will eventually find his 'people'.

At the end of the episode, the whole team go to collect Ralph from aftercare. Ralph has correctly worked out that the answer to the riddle is a smack; a smack is also the name of a group of jellyfish. The team all give him examples of collections of animals (a parliament of owls, a school of fish, etc.) before Walter tells him that he is a part of the team, a member of Scorpion's cyclone. The team with Ralph all go to get food as the episode ends.

Shorthanded[edit | edit source]

Ralph is left with a sitter when Scorpion take a job at a casino called The Crimson, which Paige is worried about. She had promised him that she'd play a few games and have fun in Vegas while there.

Paige later takes a photo to text to Ralph to show him what Vegas is like.

Ralph does not physically appear in this episode.

Plutonium Is Forever[edit | edit source]

Ralph is in the garage at the beginning of the episode, helping Walter with cleaning wrenches. He didn't touch his breakfast while doing so as he is distracted by his work. Paige reminds him that he has a test in long-division and asks him to grab his things to get ready to go. Ralph asks if they can run the tests after school, which Walter agrees to readily.

Happy tells Paige that if she wanted, she could leave the disaster zone to collect Ralph to get out of the blast radius. Paige doesn't take the oppertunity, saying that if their solution doesn't work she will get Ralph but she is confident in their calculations.

At the end of the episode, Paige and Ralph drop by to make dinner with the rest of the team to get them to work together and avoid 'going down the rabbit hole'. Happy shows Ralph tricks that she's learnt apply to both cooking and mechanics, such as measure twice, cut once.

Paige brings Walter aside to warn Walter that if he has her on probation to stop interacting with Ralph, as if she doesn't work out with the team, it will severely hurt Ralph.

True Colors[edit | edit source]

Ralph is mentioned by his mom at the beginning of the episode. He does not want to go alone to a Halloween party at school.

Paige brings Ralph up again to the psychologist as a reason why she has confidence in the team; if she thought they were crazy or ill-intentioned, why would she allow her son around them?

At the end of the episode, the entire team dresses up to take Ralph to the school dance. Ralph is dressed as a giant brain as created by Scorpion.

Father's Day[edit | edit source]

Paige gets a voicemail from Ralph's father Drew who is in town and wants to reconnect with Ralph. Paige is coerced into revealing information about Drew. Contrary to the Pilot episode where Paige says that the reason they split was "the blonde in Tahoe", Paige claims that they bounced around a lot and wanted stability for Ralph who they thought at the time had a learning disability.

He was meant to meet them in LA seven years ago after his baseball season ended, but never came, saying that he was going to see a movie and would catch them later.

Paige decides to talk to Ralph about his father after the team go to lengths to give her unwanted advice. Ralph remembers Drew was going to catch a movie and calculated all the movies he could have seen in all movie theaters within 20 miles of their home while waiting for him.

Ralph is allowed to meet Drew after Happy and Paige had a heart to heart. They meet in a cafe and had a good meeting, overseen by Walter and Cabe who spied on them.

Risky Business[edit | edit source]

Ralph's father is struggling to communicate with him. Walter helps.

Rogue Element[edit | edit source]


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Revenge[edit | edit source]


Dominoes[edit | edit source]


Kill Screen[edit | edit source]

Ralph was arrested by the Department of Justice for playing a secret level of an internet game that had leaked C.I.A. intel. However, he later helped Team Scorpion find the real culprit and was released.

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Forget Me Nots[edit | edit source]


Love Boat[edit | edit source]

Using ice packs in his backpack, Ralph convinces the school nurse he has the chills, and Toby picks him up. Toby quickly discovers the ice packs, and Ralph confesses he was nervous about giving a Valentine to a girl, Sloan. Happy and Toby help him make fireworks so he can give her a fireworks show, but Walter and Cabe tell them that they need them to hack a Japanese ship to shoot down a rocket heading for a US Seal helicopter. Ralph does the hacking, and saves the helicopter. He later shows off the fireworks show to Sloan.

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Season Two[edit | edit source]

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Arrivals and Departures[edit | edit source]

Ralph, along with Cabe, is able to get a super bacteria sample from Sylvester, is able to get a cure for a deadly virus in the hospital and get it back into the hospital through the pipe system.

The Old College Try[edit | edit source]


Dam Breakthrough[edit | edit source]


White Out[edit | edit source]

Ralph was supposed to go on a camping trip and asked for Walter to go with him. However, Team Scorpion got called in to aid a pinned-down strike team in Darfur. Ralph ended up getting emotionally invested in the mission, communicating with the team leader Captain Decker and bonding with him as Ralph aided him in surviving long enough for Team Scorpion to repair an antenna in Antarctica so that the Pentagon could send a drone to save them. Ralph gave Captain Decker advice on how to buy more time and played music to distract the man. He also recorded a message for the Captain's family in case he didn't make it. Though Team Scorpion was able to repair the antenna and contact the Pentagon to send the drone, the strike team was almost out of ammunition and seemed unlikely to survive. After thanking Ralph for all his help, Decker cut communication so Ralph wouldn't have to watch him die, leaving Ralph devastated. After Toby and Happy were rescued after nearly freezing to death in Antarctica, Ralph pointed out that they didn't save everyone. To everyone's surprise and relief, Captain Decker reestablished contact and told them the drone had ended up arriving in time to save them. Decker credited Ralph with saving them and asked for permission to name his unborn son after Ralph in honor of what Ralph did for him. Ralph agreed, relieved that his friend had survived. Afterwards, as Ralph never got to go on his camping trip, Paige set up an impromptu one on the roof of the Scorpion building. Using snow brought back from Antarctica, Ralph and Team Scorpion engaged in a snowball fight.

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Fractured[edit | edit source]

Ralph asks his mother for permission to go kayaking with his marine biology class, but she says it's too dangerous. Sylvester manages to convince her to allow him to go to the tide pools so he can watch specimen. When they arrive at the beach, Sylvester gets an alert that an earthquake is coming and he and Ralph crouch between two cars, with Sylvester covering Ralph with himself. After the quake is over, they are given orders via comms by Walter, telling them that they need to head out into the canyon to turn off the gas and water lines, so the gas will stop building up pressure under Koreatown. Sylvester's glasses are broken and he can barely drive with them, so Ralph decides he will be his eyes while driving, and they steal lifeguard's car.

While driving through the canyon, they come upon a woman trapped in her car. Ralph and Sylvester use the carjack to get her out, then continue the the outpost, where they turn off the pipes. Later, back at the garage, Paige allows Ralph to go kayaking with his class, saying it can't have been more dangerous than what he did that day.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He goes to Caltech as well as elementary school.
  • He's been shown to be able to calculate and compute at a very fast rhythm.
  • He has an IQ of 200 as it was said in the season finale of season 3.
  • Ralph had whooping cough as a child and had to go to the ER because of it.
  • His favourite Christmas book is I Want an Alien for Christmas.

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