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"If I can't relate to humans, I'll turn out like you guys. "

Ralph Dineen is the genius son of Paige Dineen and Drew Baker, the grandson of Veronica Dineen and her husband, and occasional assistant of Team Scorpion. He is the youngest member of Team Scorpion. He is a 6th grade student while also taking classes at CalTech.


Early Life

Ralph was born to Paige Dineen and Drew Baker, and unbeknownst to them, was a genius. His father left when he was young, saying he was going to go see a movie, so Ralph had little memory of his father. Later when Ralph had a sense of math, he started calculating how many movies his dad would've seen until the present day.




  • He goes to Caltech as well as elementary school.
  • He's been shown to be able to calculate and compute at a very fast rhythm.
  • He has an IQ of 200 as it was said in the season finale of season 3.
  • Ralph had whooping cough as a child and had to go to the ER because of it.
  • His favorite Christmas book is I Want an Alien for Christmas.
  • While Ralph was a reoccurring character the first season, as of season 2, he became a main character even though he didn't appear in all the episodes.


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