"In life there are three ways of getting things done: the right way, the wrong way, and the Ray way."

Ray Spiewack is a friend of Walter's, whom he meet during community service. He occasionally assisted Team Scorpion, but later left to rejoin the world after Walter proved that the death of Ray's friend, Danny Tuggle, was not Ray's fault.  


Early LifeEdit

Ray was raised by his Polish grandmother, and grew up to be a firefighter.Ten years ago, his best friend died on the job because he couldn't get his regulator on.

Season TwoEdit

Cuba LibreEdit


Fish FiletEdit

Sylvester's life is threatened by a inmate who will kill him by 10pm and the team needs a way to get in to Harrison Prison. Walter then reach out to Ray, who explains that "the Ray way" to get things done envolves a special kind of visitation that gets priority with the prisoners.

At the prison, Paige poses as Sly's lawyer and Ray as a lawyer to an inmate he testified on behalf and who can get the drugs that will make Sly appears dead so he can be sent to the morgue, and scape the prison with the help of Scorpion. Shortly after, Ray introduces himself as Walter's new friend to Sly.



Super Fun GuysEdit


Tech, Drugs and Rock and RollEdit


Crazy TrainEdit


US vs UN vs UKEdit

Ray is about to marry Sly and Megan when Toby calls him. Toby is posing as a Polish-English translator but doesn't speak Polish.Ray agrees but also makes some inappropriate analiogies. After the first Translation Ray asks if Toby was in the UN

The Old College TryEdit

Walter tries to figure out if Ray's partner Danny died because of a faulty oxygen tank. Ray finds out what Walter had been planning and gets emotional. Until bubbles form in the gel to show that the tank was faulty. Ray says that he can finally get on with his life since he wasn't responsible for Danny's death. Ray hugs Walter and Walter hugs him back. Ray leaves feeling happy

Season 3Edit

Something Borrowed, Something BlewEdit

After Paige leaves the team, Ray is hired in her place but comes up with a series of ridiculous and impossible solutions to the crisis. Afterwards, Ray marries Toby and Happy as a senior cleric of the Immaculate Church of the Internet, bursting into tears at one point. After finding Walter and Paige in a compromising position in the closet, Ray refuses to join the team in Tahiti as he lost his passport at a race track and quits the team, giving Paige's job back to her. Pleased with himself, Ray departs.

Season 4 Edit

A Christmas Car-Roll Edit

Walter is left unconscious in critical condition after a serious head injury and experiences a dream world in which the Scorpion team never met.

As a manifestation of Walter's subconscious mind, Ray is there as a guide to help him realise how much he needs his friends and gathers them together as he tries to overcome the challenging scenario playing out in his mind.

Upon awakening, Walter was greeted by the real Ray in the hospital along with the team.


Ray's approach to life is dominated by his quirky can-do spirit and irreverent sense of humor, which has irritated team members on occasion. Despite this, he has been known to come down very hard on himself when he blames himself for failing to place the oxygen mask on his partner Danny's face before falling unconscious during a massive fire. He also provides sage advice to Walter especially in confronting his feelings for Paige.


  • Ray is fluent in Polish.
  • Ray is an ordained minister of the Church of the Internet.
  • Ray owns a AMC Gremlin.