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Rebecca Burns, formerly Gallo, is the ex-wife of Cabe Gallo, and the mother of their deceased daughter Amanda. She later remarried and had another daughter with her second husband.


Early Life

At some point in time, Rebecca and Cabe got married, and during their marriage created a code to use if they were ever in trouble. They eventually had a daughter, Amanda, who died, and Cabe divorced Rebecca. They did not have contact for the next fifteen years.

Season One

Rogue Element

She sends a distress signal to Cabe since she had found the files that proved the murder of a congressman. Cabe quickly swung into action helping his ex-wife and because of this it is clear they are oncordial terms. It seems Cabe may still have some feelings for his ex-wife but she has moved on and has a new family and she kindly points out for him that he does as well.




  • Her living daughter is college aged.