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"I never felt safe anywhere on Earth except for Scorpion, and now not even there."
Sylvester to Megan

"Revenge" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Scorpion. It aired on December 8, 2014.


Sylvester is seriously injured when he accidentally triggers an explosive device during an investigation, and Team Scorpion search for who is responsible.


At the beginning, a group of masked people enter a safe manufacturing company with a bottle of water, guns and explosives. Shooting two people dead, they open a safe, photograph the inside of it, then set off exploding boxes. They shoot and kill some of the employees in the room as they leave.

Drew pulls Paige aside, trying to get some privacy. Paige laughs and tells him that the team will listen in no matter where they are. He asks her to dinner, and when she returns to the main office, Happy, Toby and Sylvester break apart. Sylvester tries to hide and Paige admonishes him for letting Toby influence him into behaving badly and eavesdropping. Walter walks in and tells everyone that Cabe called with a case.

At the crime scene, it is revealed that Cabe knows the investigating officer, Interpol Agent Simone Taylor from a case they worked together years before. Taylor tells the team that they are starting to get a good reputation. Taylor calls the criminals the “Ghosts” and explains that the law enforcement community has been trying to catch them for over a decade. They go inside to see the crime scene, and examine the safe that the criminals were there to research. Taylor explains that they broke into a brand new, high tech safe with just a glass of water. Walter and Happy explain that the new system has a weakness that causes water to shift when they hit the right combination number.

After they start to look around, Sylvester tells Walter that he feels this sort of case is not something that they are built for. Seconds after this, while trying to rearrange some cardboard boxes, Sylvester accidentally touches one of the explosives that the criminals left behind. It explodes, throwing Sylvester through that air. The team soon learns that Sylvester is in critical condition, and they won't know the extent of the injuries until he wakes up. Walter asks his sister, Megan, who is doing physical therapy at the same hospital that Sylvester is in, to keep track of his progress while team Scorpion investigates the crime and tries to catch the people who injured their friend.

Cabe warns Walter that he needs to remember to not let revenge or anger cloud his thinking. The team members are having a hard time dealing with Sylvester’s life threatening injuries and Toby butts heads with Walter. Afterward Happy comforts Toby, who tells her that Sylvester has always been there for him and when he was 16, he sold his entire Super Fun Guy comic book collection to pay Toby's rent. He told Sylvester he'd pay him back for that day and Happy assures him that he'll still get his chance to do so.

After his surgery, Sly is wheeled into a hospital room while Megan worriedly looks on. Megan asks his doctor how Sylvester is and the doctor explained that he is stabilized, but they won't know the extent of his brain functions until he wakes up. Megan grateful for the news and the doctor states that the situation could have been worse, because a piece of shrapnel, which should have gone into his heart, lodged in his sternum instead. Megan tells the surgeon that Walter will want to see the piece of shrapnel.

Back at HQ, Walter is trying to cut down the places that would be the actual target the "Ghosts" will be robbing. Walter tells Paige to get Happy and Toby back inside and she replies that they need time to work out the emotional issues dealing with Sylvester's injuries.

The team goes to the hospital and, after examining the piece of metal from the IED, they get an idea about who could actually build that type of explosive. Happy states that only three people could do it and Toby psychoanalyzes her list to find the right suspect. Happy states the man won't talk and Walter replies that they'll find a way to get him to talk.

After bringing the suspect, Dirty John, to the garage, they get him to confess after they fake stab Toby, who was pretending to be a prisoner as well. Thinking they'll do the same to him, this scares Dirty John into cracking. The man gives up Agent Taylor’s main Ghost suspect Javier Acosta, whose stressful reaction against the guy who built the IED when he asks for more time, shows that he's operating under a lot of pressure.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Megan is begging Sylvester to wake up. He shifts his head and she hopefully calls his name, only for him to start seizing. Megan is on the phone explaining to Walter that Sylvester suffered a grand mal seizure due to the swelling of his brain.

Walter’s mood darkens, but Taylor wants to keep pushing the team. Paige disagrees with Taylor's methods and tells her she needs to let the team register their shock. However, instead if apologizing, Taylor manipulates Walter and tells him that she has been chasing the Ghosts for seven years after they crippled her partner. Afterward, Toby and Walter settle their issues and move ahead. The team work out that the Ghosts are targeting a drug lord who double crossed the criminals in the past.

As the team heads out, the Ghost gang attacks an armored truck, killing the guards and stealing diamonds from a safe deposit box. Agent Gallo and team Scorpion get there three minutes after Javier and his team robbed the truck and escaped.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sylvester wakes up to a very relieved Megan. He asks where Walter is and Megan states that he's got his hands full.

Team Scorpion manages to chase down the "Ghost" members who are on motorcycles. Walter gets close enough to confront one of the riders who knocks him down, but not before Walter plants his cell phone on the biker. They use the GPS on Walter's phone to cut them off at the opening of an aqueduct, and Happy knocks two of the bike riders over by breaking open a fire hydrant. The leader, Javier, is chased off a roof by Walter. As the Ghost leader tries to climb down, the ladder falls away and Acosta grabs the roof with one hand and asks Walter to help him. At first, Walter hesitates, but when he decides to help, it is too late and Javier falls to his death.

Walter denies feeling guilty over what happened on the roof, but he later asks Sylvester if it was possible to save Javier. Sylvester told Walter that Javier's weight would have pulled him off the roof, but Walter says that he didn't know that before he hesitated. Sylvester survives but now he is scared to work at Scorpion. He doesn't want to tell Walter, however, because he knows it would hurt him. Megan promises to help him get through his issues. Toby also buys Sylvester new comic books, finally repaying his friend.

Agent Taylor invites Walter out for a drink, and makes advances toward him, trying to kiss him and then inviting him back to her hotel room. However, Walter feels completely uncomfortable and turns her down, breaking off the kiss. Drew and Paige appear to be mending a few bridges, but Paige also cuts her date short to return to the hospital. Walter and Paige join the rest of Scorpion to visit a sleeping Sylvester in hospital. Cabe offers to have Homeland cover the cost of the babysitter and gets up to let Paige and Walter sit next to each other. They smile at each other before reading some of Sylvester's comic books.






  • Paige mentions Team Scorpion building a parabolic microphone out of an umbrella. This is a reference to the episode "A Cyclone".