"'Rock Block" is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Scorpion and the sixty seventh of the series overall. It aired April 10, 2017.


Team Scorpion must defy the orders of a foreign government after they retrieve an asteroid from space containing DNA strands that could have deadly consequences once exposed.


Toby and Happy are enjoying some complimentary spa time while Paige works on their wedding. Toby is thrilled over their gift bags. Happy and Toby show up at the warehouse pretending to have a horrible morning.

The team reports all of their work on the wedding. Walter has enrolled them in courses to prepare them for their future, finances, wedding spats, and family planning. Toby tells Paige that she needs to reign Walter in.

Their next project comes in, they need to save a meteor before it crashes. It is rich in palladium. They brainstorm how they would tackle saving a meteor in its natural state as it speeds towards earth. The team works together while the officials watch. Happy’s remote control loses signal to the helicopter that is supposed to catches the meteor in midair with a coupler. She's arguing with one of the officials when she gets an idea and, as the officials look on with chagrin she changes the batteries regaining control of the helicopter before it crashes in the city’s capitol, killing a lot of people. The officials are relieved. Paige calls Cabe to tell him that the job is done. Cabe has been working on the wedding. Allie shows up at the warehouse. Her candidate was taking bribes. It looks like he will have to resign which puts Sly in office.

Toby sees the meteor and says it doesn’t look right, it's too shiny. He runs a test. The meteor contains deadly pathogens. Toby tries to tell the Chechnya officials about the pathogens. The president tells them that he will tell the nation that their experiment failed. He sends the team on their way. They think he is lying. They want to head back to stop them from opening the capsule. Their vehicle is stopped. One of the president’s men pulls them out. The president wants them to secretly return to the hanger. The man shoots their badges and then calls in their deaths to the officials. He doesn’t want the military to know they are alive. He and the president want them to secretly work on the meteor. They call Cabe. Allie offers to help assist them with some chemistry. The team preps a plan and get their materials together to do the job.

Walter and Happy arrive in a wind testing tunnel that is just behind the wall of where the capsule is placed. Sly spots two scientists making their way towards where Happy and Walter are located. He radios to them to hide. The president, who has been given a comms device, stops the scientists from entering, therefor exposing Walter and Happy in it.

Happy cuts a hole in the wall and places a makeshift gun in it that shoots a flame. Walter keeps watch. The heat sensor in the tunnel goes off. A turbine kicks on. Walter holds the hole in the wall while Happy holds on to him. The wind is fierce and the baffles are razor sharp.

Sly tries to shut it down remotely and ends up closing the baffles at the end of the tunnel just in time. Walter loses his grip and goes flying along with Happy. The turbine is still going strong. Happy stabs at the floor with her nail files from the spa to crawl her way back up the tunnel. She gets the blow torch back in the hole. Toby and Paige open the door to the tunnel. He rubs a cold soda on the sensor, shutting down the turbine. They test the meteor/asteroid quickly as the officials on the other side of the wall hold a ceremony.

As part of the ceremony, they open the meteor’s case. It’s ash. The gig is up. Walter calls the president. He tells them to run. He and his man will hide. The president lied. He and his aide are captured and the team find out over thier comms and the team doesn’t want the president die. They head back to the compound. Held with guns to their back, Sly talks for the team, telling the military that they can make a deal. He won’t tell the USA to shut them down and he can make them rich.

Sly brokers a deal. He will license them their technology, they can continue space harvesting in an 80/20 deal with the US. Cabe confirms via iPad that the deal is real. They want to talk to the president who must remain safe and unharmed. They agree.

Cabe shares a drink with Allie. He tells her that the team is thankful. The team arrives home hours later. Cabe is sleeping in the chair. He wakes. He offers Sly the chair after Allie’s candidate lost his spot. Sly will take it if Cabe asks Allie to dinner.

Paige brokers her own deal. She wants some coupons for the spa. Toby hands them over. He and Happy run off to the spa. Walter tells Paige he cancelled all of marriage classes. Instead, he set them up with dance lessons and managed to create a great song that best portrays Toby and Happy. Paige and Walter dance to the song.






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