"I can't risk Scorpion not working, so you and me, whatever feelings we have about each other, it's destabilizing."
Walter to Paige

"Satellite of Love" is the first episode of the second season of Scorpion, and the twenty third of the series overall. It aired September 21, 2015.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The new Director of Homeland Security reunites the team when a nuclear powered Russian satellite is knocked out of orbit and must be diverted before it detonates over Southern California. Walter and Paige also confront their feelings.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode begins as Cabe is helping film a movie starring Gene Simmons in which he corrects the way the actor holds the gun. Cabe then receives a call from homeland and heads over to Walter's rehab facility. At Walter's rehab, he has just reprogrammed a prosthetic hand much to the doctors disdain when Cabe arrives. Cabe then tells Walter they have a mission and he's been reinstated to which Walter admits the situation must be dire. He checks himself out with the doctor who warns him about his condition but he ignores him.

At Scorpion's Garage, Paige has just had a nightmare about going back to waitressing and when she wakes up Toby, Happy and Sylvester have arrived telling Paige there is a new case. They bicker for a while until Toby discovers her reading. Paige admits Walter requested this of her and also talks about her new additions to the garage including a new intercom. Walter and Cabe soon arrive and the team is delighted to see Walter. Walter walks over to Paige and thanks her for the cupcakes she sent and heads upstairs to get changed. Paige follows and helps Walter put on his tie. Walter then acknowledges her new responsibility to which Paige begins speaking of things the books told her about a thriving company. The major thing being honesty, and then Paige admits she must be honest with him and tells Walter while he was in the hospital she kissed him. Walter is at first shocked but allows Paige to proceed in which she rambles and admits her feelings for him. After Paige asks Walter if he has anything to share which he doesn't and they conclude their talk, only to discover Toby and the rest of the team overheard the whole conversation over the new intercom.

The two head downstairs and an embarrassed Paige calls out Toby who only retorts. Within seconds, Cabe arrives with the new director of Homeland Security, Adriana Molina. She gives them a quick description of herself and the case and tells them to meet her in the van. In the van Adriana Molina outlines the case, a Russian satellite has been knocked out of orbit by space debris and is hurtling towards Earth, mainly Southern California putting 10 millions lives at risk.

They arrive at a missile base and Sylvester and Walter begin calculating ways to divert the satellite. They realize they need the password and Toby and Happy head off the Russian Embassy to get the password. On the way Toby tells Happy how he is like sporing mold, gross at first but amazing once you get used to it. When they arrive they come up with a plan to trick the Russian advisor to thinking Happy only speaks Japanese. Unfortunately, the advisor speaks Japanese as well so the plan backfires. Toby then tips over some pens and puts the bug in the place before they rush off.

Toby and Happy arrive back at the base and Sylvester successfully acquires the password. They get on to the system and Walter asks Paige to open a security file accidentally opening the file of the hospital security footage of her kissing him. Mortified, Walter tries to defend himself but Adriana Molina stops there bicker and gets the team back to work. Walter stumbles out of his chair and begins having a dizzy spell which Page notices, she then confronts him and he admits that he was not fully well when he came back to work. Paige tells Walter she will help him overcome this and he comes up with a new plan.

With Sylvester's help they launch a missile in order to divert the satellite to no avail, Adriana Molina then informs the team they have too little time to divert the satellite and that there is a helicopter to fly them to safety. Walter then admits he doesn't think space debris could do so much damage but his idea is passed aside. Just about to give up, Paige tells Walter no one is going to die and he comes up with another idea.

In this plan they try to intersect the satellite with another object however it fails since Walter's computer picked up a virus from the hospital security footage. Adriana Molina realises Walter is right and that the satellite was knock out of orbit on purpose. The team quickly comes up with a new plan. In this plan they need a microwave EMP which Happy is easily able to build. However, upon testing it she damages her eye. Happy was initially supposed to travel in the weather balloon with Walter but no longer can so Paige takes her place.

Up the air, Walter admits that he doe indeed have feelings for Paige but he can't risk Scorpion. Paige complies and things soon take a turn for the worse when Walter's parachute breaks. Back on land, Toby si treating Happy's eye to which he says, "You trust me to save your sight but not date you." to which Happy responds, "Keep plunging." Back in the air, Walter is now hanging off the side of the balloon and can't climb up since his good hand is cramping. Therefore Paige must adjust the satellite being walked through it by Happy. After Paige successfully allows Sylvester to connect the satellite. Members of the military burst in and try to speak to Adriana Molina who convinces Sylvester to finish typing to divert the satellite. He succeeds but then realises the satellite is hurtling straight towards Walter and Paige.

Back on the balloon they are informed of their intimate doom and Paige climbs down the balloon to reach Walter despite his objections. Walter tries to convince Paige to drop btu she refuses and unhooks her parachute to grasp it around him. As the satellite nears they drop, Paige on top of Walter. Toby has just finished treating Happy's eye and after he peels the patch of he asks what she see's to which she replies, "A delightful fungus." In the end Adriana Molina is holding a press conference where she credits the team. They all arrive back at the garage where Toby offers to take everyone out to Kobelski's. Everyone accepts except Paige and Walter. They stay behind and Paige frets over her paperwork. Walter then comforts her by saying it is a theory that has to be tested then brings up their relationship. paige then remembers they've never tested their theory of not being able to work together on their attraction. They kiss passionately to test the theory and then both lie saying they felt nothing. In the final scene, Paige is seen leaning against the garage door breathless and Walter is sitting at his desk muttering "Oh boy."

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