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"'Scorp Family Robinson" is the twenty-fifth and final episode of the third season of Scorpion and the seventy-first of the series overall. It aired May 15, 2017.


Three weeks after they crash land on a deserted island, tensions run high for Team Scorpion when they must battle to overcome their relationship obstacles in order to be rescued.


The gang is still trapped on the island. Together they all work on digging a hole and installing a turbine to create condensation for drinking water. Walter has page test it. She thinks it is amazing. Paige is the group’s cook, she has made fish with coconut. Toby is responsible for everybody’s medical care. He is still working on the pilot’s bones that are healing nicely. Everybody is responsible for Ralph’s education, teaching him about the subjects they know. Happy and Toby just want privacy but can’t seem to get any time alone. Walter tried his best to create things that could alert the outside world while Toby attempts to build rafts that sink.

All of these repeated failures depressed the group. After eating the same thing over and over everyone became more and more miserable. Cabe made his own attempt with a message in a bottle.

While Sylvester spends his time writing in his journal in his bunker alone the others divide up into two teams because of the fighting so they can try to find ways to get off the island.

Walter, the pilot and Happy team up to use magnets as a solution. Toby, Paige, Cabe and Ralph stumble upon several oil drums on the beach underneath the sand. They must’ve fallen off a tanker. They use it to build a raft. Meanwhile, Walter thinks he has the ultimate plan. Toby and Walter go toe to toe over who gets the radio. Sylvester, now fully unconcerned about any of his previous fears (he even has a pet lizard!), comes out of his bunker to inform them that no one gets the radio, he has hid it.

Sylvester makes Walter and Toby present their cases to determine who will get the radio. Each of them rip apart each other’s plans. It comes to light that Happy was also helping Toby’s team.  She is desperate to get off the island.  Paige also helped Walter’s team because of her own desperation. Sylvester determines that both of their plans are ridiculous. No one gets the radio. They all attack Sly. Walter threatens to eat his pet lizard.

While the entire team is arguing Ralph is taking off to build his own way off the island. One that is dangerous. They all run to find him just in time as he causes an explosion. Ralph and the pilot are covered in sand. The gang desperately digs them out. Ralph is breathing. The pilot is stuck and the more they dig the more the sand continues to scatter and cover his head. Happy gets a bucket and pokes holes in it to cover his head while they excavate around him. Cabe manages to get his arms around him and pull the pilot out.

The time has come, a plane is due to go by. They all work together to figure out how they will signal the plane. Suddenly, the plane is overhead. They all fight about how they will do this in such a short amount of time.

Cabe, Toby and Walter build a quick SOS in the sand with materials while Happy grinds up pennies to create metallic flakes. Walter sets it all on fire so that the SOS is apparent to the plane. The plane goes by once, making everybody crazy, but then flies back around again and sees them. They all jump up-and-down and cheer.

They are finally back at home and exhausted. Toby hasn’t wasted any time researching Happy’s crazy past, searching out her music video that she mentioned earlier on the island. The video shows her singing and dancing to a Portuguese song with hot pink hair. She comes in to see the team watching her video. She explains that money was tight so she researched what type of music and style was popular. The song made her famous in Portugal. Toby just wants to know if she still has the flamingo dress. Everyone leaves, letting Walter and Paige finally get some time alone.





In the episode Hard Knox that Ralph is smarter than Walter. In this episode we learn that Ralph's IQ is three points higher than Walter's. Ralph points out to Toby that his IQ is 200 and he knows what Toby is talking about when he tries to reference 'frisky times' with Happy without giving away what he truly means.