"Extraordinary people with special abilities doing their best to help others. They're superheroes."
Paige Dineen

Scorpion is a consultant team of geniuses who solve a wide range of problems, from simple installation to national threats. They are often hired by the American government, but also do private work as well. They are based out of Los Angeles, California.


Walter O'Brien decided to create a genius think tank, and recruited Toby Curtis, whom he met and bailed out at the casino Cornet Room, Happy Quinn, whom he encountered when she was paying people to act as her stand-in at fabrication competitions , and Sylvester Dodd, whom he tracked down after he stole 2,500 dollars from a bank but never turned in. The team was fully formed in 2008.

Two years after their initial formation, an old colleague of Walter's, Homeland Special Agent Cabe Gallo, came to him on behalf of the U.S. government to ask for help with a problem. While working on the case, the team met waitress Paige Dineen, whom Walter later hired due to her assistance in the case. Another year or so later, Tim Armstrong was assigned to them by Homeland, but he later left the team.



  • Walter O'Brien (founder, leader, field member, computer and tech expert, capable combatant)
  • Cabe Gallo (field member, protection and combat expert, government handler)
  • Florence Tipton (field member and chemist expert)
  • Ralph Dineen (Part-Time Member and computer expert)
  • Paige Dineen ( field member EQ manager- keeps the peace.
  • Happy Quinn (field member- mechanical prodigy and expert engineer)
  • Toby Curtis (field member- medical doctor, psychiatrist, and expert behaviorist)
  • Sylvester Dodd (field member- mathmatics expert)


  • Mark Collins (field member, radio expert, turned traitor)
  • Tim Armstrong (field member, protection and combat expert, left team)