Sean O'Brien is the son of Patrick O'Brien, the husband of Louise O'Brien, the brother-in-law of Tobin, and the father of Megan O'Brien-Dodd and Walter O'Brien. He is a farmer in Ireland.


Sean, at some point in time, married Louise and had two children: a daughter, Megan, and a few years later a son, Walter in 1982. He and his son weren't close, and Walter left home when he was sixteen and did not see his parents for fifteen years.

Season TwoEdit

Arrivals and DeparturesEdit

He visits Megan the hospital as she grows more ill, and is rather patronizing towards Walter's work but soon realizes that his son is more talented than he thought. He also welcomes Sylvester into his family at the end of the episode accepting his relationship with Megan.

Season ThreeEdit

Sly and the Family StoneEdit





  • He and his wife are Catholic.
  • He and his wife videochat Sylvester every Saturday at 8:00 p.m.