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"For seven years, catching these guys is the last thing I think about when I go to sleep at night and the first thing I think about when I wake up. I'm not saying you can't grieve, I'm saying you can't grieve now."
—Simone to Walter

Agent Simone Taylor is an Interpol agent and former partner of Cabe Gallo.


Simone had been working for 7 years with Interpol on the case to find the people responsible for crippling her partner.

Season One


Simone greets Team Scorpion, and shows them to the crime scene. She sees Sylvester about to touch something, and tries to warn him, but it's too late. At the garage, Simone tells Paige the team needs to stay focused though Paige wants the team to take some time and process what happened. Simone, along with Walter, watches the interrogation of Dirty John Tucker. Simone then follows Walter upstairs and tells him about her partner, who was shot and crippled by the Ghosts. She tells him he has to keep going and catch them. She says when they lock up the Ghosts, she looks forward to telling her ex-partner, getting a drink, and relax knowing she did her job. They find out they're going after an armored car, and Simone accompanies the team to find the car, but both guards are dead.

She drives a car with Paige and Walter in it and Walter has her knock one of the men off his bike, gets out and plants a phone in his backpack. They pursue the men, who go into the sewers, and then cut them off at the exit. She and Walter follow Acosta. But he gets off his bike and runs into a building, where Walter pursues him on foot. She arrives on the roof of the building right as Acosta falls to his death. Simone invites Walter to have a drink, and tries to bring him back to her hotel room, but he leaves.


Simone is very driven, but also knows she needs to vent her anger. But at the same time, she was willing to stir on Walter to vengeance if it mean catching the Ghosts. She didn't seem to regret this. She also confessed to Walter after the case she had no idea what to do with herself.


  • She was attracted to Walter.
  • She does Tae Kwon Do.