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"'Something Burrowed, Something Blew" is the twenty-third episode of the third season of Scorpion and the sixty ninth of the series overall. It aired on May 1, 2017.


Team Scorpion help Toby and Happy race to the altar to say “I Do” after a simple job extinguishing a tunnel fire becomes catastrophic.


It's been several weeks since Walter fired Paige and sent her to Richard Elia for a new job. Every time someone tried to contact her during that time she said that she was too busy settling into her new job. However, the day of the wedding has arrived and Paige has come to finish her Best Ma'am duties. However, like everyone expected, her being in the same room as Walter was awkward. What made it awkward was the fact that Walter was still clinging onto his story that he fired Paige because she was no longer needed which was a lie. The team did still need her and finding out that she had gotten replaced by Ray had truly added salt to the wounds.

Walter goes searching for Ralph to find him in the camper looking for his centrifuge. When Ralph starts talking to Walter coldly, Walter doesn't understand. He tries to assure Ralph that Paige truly was no longer needed because she had helped the team evolve. Walter tells Ralph that, despite the fact that he is a genius, he's still a kid and doesn't understand the situation. Ralph tells Walter he may be just a kid but Walter only fired his mom because he was scared. Ralph also tells Walter that what he did wasn’t okay and that Walter should be glad he was just a kid, because if he was bigger he would fight Walter for hurting his mom.

However, the adults were different. They pretended like nothing was wrong and even ignored seeing Paige roll her eyes at Ray’s antics yet Ray truly is annoying at his job. He believed in tough love, taking a number to discuss certain things, and filed the cases by their level of how "interesting" they were. He also wasn’t much help when came to Team Scorpion’s actual job. So Paige stepped in when she saw that she was needed and she had tried to get everyone back on track. She had talked to Happy about her vows and she had tried to reassure the other woman that it was okay that she didn’t have anything yet so she downplayed the situation until she could talk to Toby.

Toby had written pages of vows and so Paige tried to make him realize that they might make his bride feel guilty about not being able to come up with so much. Yet, Toby told Paige that Happy would be just fine. He said that she was a wordsmith and so he didn’t doubt that she would come up with something eventually though the job did sort of get in the way of that. Happy, Walter, Sylvester, and Cabe had gone out to deal with a tunnel fire that unfortunately met a cold front that was feeding and so the guys got caught up with trying to it before it could blow. They don’t have a lot of time to stop it.

The fire was traveling fast and their first option on fixing it hadn’t worked out, but they called Toby and were receiving his help as well as Paige’s. Paige did everything that she could to help and she was even looking at old tunnel systems when she got a call from work. Though she hadn’t been in any trouble. It was just her boss who had apparently forgotten that she was taking a personal day and so a quick reminder from her had made him realize that she wouldn’t be having breakfast with the personal chef. So Toby later had something to say about that because he had been surprised that Paige was living the high life.

Toby said that maybe the reason she didn’t bother calling them or coming to see them was because she was too busy with her new life. But Paige reminded Toby that she had been dismissed and so he came back at her. He said that that meant she couldn’t work there anymore and not that she couldn’t be friends with them anymore. So that forced Paige to deal with the unpleasant truth. She had ditched her friends because her pride had gotten hurt. However she wasn’t the only one realizing her mistake. Walter had also thought about things after his confrontation with Ralph and he wanted to know how he could make things better.

Ralph refused to budge. He was angry and he made Walter know that it even as he helped the guys with their tunnel fire. So Walter had then turned to Cabe. He had wanted to know what he could do to fix things with Ralph and Cabe told him that unfortunately children can be set in their ways because the world was a little more black and white for them yet just as they were talking there appeared to be a problem with the tunnel. The guys had come up with a plan to stop the fire and the plan would work except both Cabe and Walter were taking too long to evacuate the tunnel. And so the guys had to get out of there fast.

They ran through the tunnels and they had knocked down a wall cutting them off by ramming it with one of the carts left behind. Yet, Cabe got out and Walter remained trapped behind him and so there was this desperate rescue because Walter couldn’t be trapped behind the wall when the fire came seeing as there were several ways he could die. So the team all came together to pull Walter out of there and getting him some oxygen though the saving a little town in Wyoming as well as rescuing one of their own had taken up a lot of their time. And the team didn’t know if they could get back home in time for wedding.

Paige had booked them the last flight out of town and she hoped they could make it time. Though unfortunately they ended up being just a little too late to catch it and so the wedding was called off, but Paige didn’t let things end there. She kept working on alternate plan and she somehow pulled a wedding off in two hours as a way to make it up to her friends for ditching them because she realized that they were her family. So Paige did the impossible. She got a wedding together at the last minute and that had brought everyone together. And so the reception had been the right time for Walter.

Walter had told Paige that he was in love with her and that was the real reason he fired her. But Paige had surprised him by telling him that she loved him too. So the two had sneaked away to make out in the closet and they had gotten caught by everyone however it was okay. The others thought it was about time and the bridal couple even decided on a group honeymoon with everyone so that they could all have time away. The day was actually ending on a happy note when suddenly the plane experienced some turbulence that had seemed to be too serious to ignore…






  • The title is a reference to "Something Old, Something New".