"My pain, my anger, it's all I have left."

Sonia Balasevic is a Serbian woman who was saved by Cabe as a child, and devoted her life to hunting down the men who murdered her family.


Early LifeEdit

Sonia was born in Serbia and unfortunately her parents were killed by Zoric and several other Serbian War Criminals. Cabe Gallo saw her when she was young and saved her life by contacting the government and allowing her to find a new family. He also gave her his Silver Star of bravery because she was the bravest person he'd met. He arranged to have her adopted by an Italian couple.

Season TwoEdit

Cuba LibreEdit

Sonia tracked down Cabe and came to Scorpion's garage there she asked him to help he with one more mission, catching Zoric for good. Throughout the episode, Sonia is seen trying to handle her emotions. She was enraged because Zoric killed her family and wanted to kill him as well but, she managed to stop herself being the bigger person. In the end the team succeeded catching Zoric and Sonia returned Cabe's silver star to him saying, "I no longer need to be brave."