"I swear to God. If you don't get into this, I'm gonna kill you myself."
Paige to Walter

"Sun of a Gun" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Scorpion, and the thirty sixth of the series overall. It aired on January 18, 2016.


Sylvester comes face to face with his estranged father, a retired general, who asks Team Scorpion for help when he believes that a dictator in Africa has uncovered a deadly World War II-era weapon of mass destruction and intends to use it.

Plot Edit

Walter and Cabe attempt speed dating, with Toby acting as Walter's advisor. While making his drink, the bartender sneezes into Toby's drink without Toby realising and he drinks it. The next day, Toby is sick with influenza.

The team receives a case, which is to find a weapon called the Sun Gun in Bahari. The Sun Gun, a theoretical machine that Sylvester believes is a fairy tale, focuses the suns rays and concentrates it into a beam of light. However, Sylvester's dad, Ken, comes along as well, much to Sylvester's displeasure. The team goes to Bahari to try and find the Sun Gun, after video evidence of it's concentrated beam is caught in the desert.







  • The episode title references the "Sun Gun" in the episode, as well as the phrase "Son of a gun!" which is commonly used in the place of another expletive.
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