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"Blood doesn't make family, love makes family."

Sylvester "Sly" Dodd is the son of Kenneth Dodd, the widower of Megan O'Brien-Dodd, and a member of Team Scorpion. He is a mathematical prodigy and a grandmaster of chess, though he suffers from a severe case of OCD. He is also a world class ornithologist and starting in late season three, an alderman. In season four, Sly becomes a defense attorney in order to get Cabe cleared of instigating Mark Collins' escape. Sylvester was portrayed by Ari Stidham.


Sylvester is a germaphobe and has severe OCD. He also has more phobias than you can count (including claustrophobia and ornithophobia), as well as an eidetic memory. Sly's phobias can be limiting, but he is a courageous man who fights through those fears during a time of distress.



His parents were frustrated with him as he was a disappointment to them and sent him to live with his uncle before Christmas one year. However, at the age of 16 he hacked a bank and stole $2,500 and ran away. He would not talk to them for ten years. Eventually he ended up alone, broke and scared, "contemplating bad things", until the bank's forensic analyst tracked him down. Walter never reported him to the bank.

Once, his father gave him weights as a gift, as his father wanted him to be into sports.

Before he joined scorpion he went by 'El Guapo'

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Sylvester married Megan O'Brien so he could allow her to make her own medical decision. After her death, Sylvester didn't date, but did develop a crush on one Florence. He wanted to confess his feelings to her in A Lie in the Sand before Florence admits to Paige she had already developed feelings for Walter.


  • He is the only Team Scorpion member who wears glasses.
  • He was 22 years old when the series began.
  • He was only 25 months old when Walter got arrested by the FBI.
  • Sylvester had 33 kills in ten seconds on a video game when he was 16, thus gaining the nickname El Guapo (Spanish for "The Handsome One.")
  • His IQ is over 180. 
  • Sylvester is the first member of Team Scorpion to be married on-screen but the fourth member to be married, as Cabe Gallo, Walter O'Brien, and Happy Quinn were married before him, just before the series.
  • He speaks fluent Japanese, as demonstrated in Maroon 8.
  • His favorite comic book series is Super Fun Guys.
  • Not counting Ralph Dineen, he is the youngest adult member of Team Scorpion.




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