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"Extraordinary people with special abilities doing their best to help others. They're superheroes."
Paige Dineen

Scorpion is a consultant team of geniuses who solve a wide range of problems, from simple installation to national threats. They are often hired by the American government, but also do private work as well. They are based out of Los Angeles, California.


As a teenager, Walter O'Brien founded Scorpion, a computer services company.

Walter found Toby at the Cornet Room, a sleazy casino Toby hustled at. Walter intervened and bailed him out, just as he was about to receive a beating from the pit boss. During his time as a forensic analyst, Walter was investigating who had stolen $2,500 from the bank he was working for to discover the thief. He found Sylvester at a hotel. Sylvester had run away from home and had hacked the bank in order to help support himself. Walter protected him, taking him onto the team, and never turning him into the authorities. To this day, the bank still believes that the thief was never apprehended. Walter found Happy because she was paying people to act as her stand-in at fabrication competitions. She couldn't handle the stress of being judged.

When Walter was eleven years old, Cabe was the agent who was sent to investigate the NASA hacker. He took Walter under his care, acting as a father figure, supporting him and encouraging him to use his intelligence to help people instead of suppressing himself. When Walter was fifteen years old, Cabe told him the government needed him to to design some tracking software for "humanitarian purposes". Unfortunately, Cabe and Walter were lied to and the software was really used to bomb Baghdad. Since Walter had assumed it was going to be used to deliver supplies, he designed the software for speed instead of accuracy. The resulting government misuse of the software ended up killing 2,000 civilians. Walter broke all ties with Cabe but was unaware that Cabe was still keeping tabs on him over the years. Cabe came back into Walters life when there was an emergency due to corrupted software at LAX and his teams help was needed to save the planes that were unable to land.

Team Scorpion was rounded out when Walter met Paige and Ralph during his job of repairing the WiFi at Nimos' Diner. Nemos yelled at Ralph because he was "making a mess." Walter observed the way Ralph pulled away when Paige tried to comfort him. Walter understood immediately how Ralph was using the condiments and shakers as a chess pieces. He played a quick chess game with Ralph, to which Paige gets offended and suspicious. Paige asks if she can help him and Walter says "No, but you should help him" indicating Ralph. On his way out of the diner, to Paige's and Nimos' surprise, he told Nimos "Don't yell at that boy." The rest of the team met Paige and Ralph when they came to the diner to help LAX fix the corrupted software. Paige ended up helping them with their shortcomings so that they were actually able to fix the problem with the least amount of complications.

After their success at fixing the issues with the LAX, Walter handed Cabe a list of items he wanted for the team when they came to work for the government. He knew that Cabe's next move would be to hire the team on as problem solvers. Team Scorpion continues to help with government assigned missions, privately sourced jobs, as well as crises they personally come across during times of emergency situations.


In the final episode A Lie in the Sand, Paige learns that Walter and Florence went to the lecture that Walter lied to Paige. Sylvester was highly upset when he found out, because he liked Florence. Between Walter's lie about the lecture and his argument with Sylvester, Paige and Sylvester left. Toby and Happy, who had warned Walter about the lies and emotions involved, walked out with them. Paige, Happy, Toby, and Sylvester form their own team; Team Centipede. While Cabe, Florence, and Walter remain as the "new and improved team Scorpion."



  • Walter O'Brien (founder, leader, field member, computer and tech expert, capable combatant)
  • Cabe Gallo (field member, protection and combat expert, government handler)
  • Florence Tipton (field member and chemistry expert)






  • The main team adult members included four men and two women.