"The Old College Try" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Scorpion, and the thirty third of the series overall. It aired December 7, 2015.


Team Scorpion goes undercover at a university in order to find a hacker who infiltrates the Federal Reserve and threatens to collapse the global economy.


As the team deals with Megan's death six weeks later, they must stop a cyber terrorist from using code written by college students who threaten to shut down the Federal Reserve if they don't receive a quarter of a billion bitcoin in the next 72 hours. Before their mission, they have to go undercover at a local university; Happy goes as a sorority pledge, Walter as a visiting drama instructor, Sylvester as a wrestling transfer student, Cabe as a campus security guard, and Toby a professor applying for a position in the Psychology Department headed by a former rival who stole his fiance. But in order to track this unknown hacker down, they must get into the school's server which is a highly sophisticated quantum computer to kill the ransomware. Meanwhile, Walter conducts an experiment to prove that Ray's firefighting partner's death wasn't Ray's fault by using Tuggle's tank Cabe's buddy acquired from police evidence storage. Later, Ray discovers the submerged tank in liquid glycerin, which once it hardens any air leakage from the tank would create a bubble pattern. The test proves the tank was defective, giving Ray the peace of mind to go back into the world again and he leaves Scorpion headquarters.





  • An 'old college try' can mean to either try something with a small chance of success, or to give something that you aren't sure how to do your best shot.
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