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"Walter, I was the bully. Okay, I was a punk kid, okay? And the only thing that finally got me to stop was getting my ass kicked. So go in there and kick his ass."
—Tim, to Walter O'Brien

Timothy Armstrong is a U.S. Navy SEAL and former member of Team Scorpion.


Tim is a leader. When he was young, Tim was a bully. However, he later realized he was wrong and decided he wanted to help people and joined the navy. He is displayed in Scorpion as a friendly person who tries to get along with other members though struggles with doing so. He does however eventually win them over and most of the team end up liking him. He has a leading personality but always tries to help wherever he can.



When he was younger, Tim was hard on his stepdad to be sure he would be a good man for his mother, but later softened to him. Before Team Scorpion even met him, they hacked his records and discovered he was Prom King as well as a football star in his High School. Walter pulled his college records and discovered he'd also been Chess team captain, Division 3 Collegiate Geography Bee, which means he knows geographical information very well.

At the beginning of Djibouti Call he is shown receiving emergency medical care. He later explains that he was a Navy SEAL, and that he and his compatriot solder/friend Jennings were caught in a blast trying to shut down a man named Copley from the illegal art trade. Jennings died, and despite the fact that his own body was riddled with shrapnel, Tim carried Jennings body back himself, trading fire with the enemies the entire way. Because of some shrapnel that is lodged near his lower back the Navy medically discharged him.

Joining Scorpion

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Tim had a relationship with Paige


  • Tim goes to physical therapy for his spinal shrapnel.
  • Tim is a jazz fan.
  • Tim used to be a bully.
  • Tim still is a bully sometimes.


"I never liked you, because you never made me feel welcome." (To Walter)
"Walter you didn't drive me away, I made this choice on my own." (To Walter before leaving for Jordan)
"I can never be a team of scorpion, scorpion is a stick family and I'm just a former bully best for me to leave"



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