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"I've loved you since I can't remember when, and I'm going to love you until I can't forget how."
—Toby to Happy

Dr. Tobias "Toby" Merriweather Quinn-Curtis (b.1982) is the husband of Happy Quinn-Curtis, and a Scorpion Team Member. He is a behavorist and medical prodigy. He has a IQ of 170, and the lowest on the team. Toby was portrayed by Eddie Kaye Thomas.


Toby is a narcissist with a slight dusting of addiction tendencies. Toby is usually humorous but can become very serious in appropriate situations (for example when Happy Quinn is in danger). He usually jokes in the inappropriate situations as well. He makes these jokes to cover his real feelings he still harbors inside of all of his conflict of both his ex wife and his parent's mental issues that he failed to fix.



Toby was raised in Brooklyn and attended PS 90 in Coney Island. His mother was clinically bipolar, and his dad often forgot he was there because Toby's mom's disorder distracted him. Toby decided to become a psychiatrist to help his parents. He received his doctorate when he was seventeen. Toby's father would also take him to tracks on Christmas Day, and later to pay for school Toby began to gamble, which led to an addiction and trouble with loan sharks.

Amy Berkstead, Toby's ex-fiancée, left him because of his gambling addiction. He also borrowed money from her to pay off some of his debts debts. Amy ended up marrying his nemesis Quincy Bearkstead, which caused some insecurity on his part.

Joining Scorpion


He met Walter at the Cornet Room, a sleazy casino he hustled at. Walter intervened and bailed him out, just as he was about to receive a beating from the pit boss.

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  • Because of the loss of his hat in Toby stores backup hats around the garage.
    • One of them was in an old oven.
  • Toby knows Morse Code.
  • Toby likes hazelnut creamer.
  • Toby doesn't like cinnamon in his coffee.
  • Grew up (and presumably born) in Coney Island.
  • Attended PS 90 Edna Cohen School, in Brooklyn (we find this out in in the Season Four episode, Lighthouse of the Rising Sun).
  • He is exactly 13 months older than Walter.
  • In the Season Four episode, Nerd, Wind & Fire, we learn that Toby has Sertoli cell-only syndrome (also know as, Del Castillo syndrome and germ cell aplasia), which is the cause of he and Happy's difficulty of conceiving.
  • He has an extensive skill base in psychology, neuroscience, and all form of brain science. along with surgery.
  • He also has a strong knowledge of gambling statistics.
  • Despite being highly skilled at gambling, he often gets cocky when he "wins big" and self-sabotages himself by putting all his winnings on one bet, which he would then lose.
  • He has officially swore off gambling so he can stay with Happy.
  • His weakness is gambling as this is his fatal flaw and he can possibly fall down his version of the rabbit hole.
  • He had developed boxing combat skills from Cabe.
  • He is highly competitive with Walter and gets annoyed by his mannerisms.
  • He is the only member of Team Scorpion with facial hair.
  • His name in Walter's phone is "Know-It-All".
  • He has numerous degrees, including ones from attending Harvard medical school and graduating at 17


"It astounds me that I have to remind you all that I had a medical degree from Harvard before most people have their driver's licenses."
—Toby to Scorpion team



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