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I have posted in the main discussion that I'm going to be requesting to become an admin. No one ever responded, so I will be applying for the position very soon. There are several things I plan to fix if I do get approved, the very first being the link colors of the site! The dark purple is so hard to see! When I was going through old discussions I saw that several people were requesting that change while the site admins were still active, but no one ever got around to fixing it. I wholly understand since people lose interest in things over time (especially after a show gets cancelled) and/or their personal lives take more precedence for them.

After fixing the link colors, I'd very much like to update the menus, delete all of the pictures that are not linked to any pages, update the promo videos to ones that are still available, and just clean up and maintain the fandom pages to a better, more reader friendly, tribute to a great show (even if it has been cancelled!). The rest of the things I plan on doing is mostly routine maintenance that has been lacking for so very If anyone has any suggestions for the setup of the fandom page if/when I become an admin I'm more than willing to listen and discuss what you think needs to be addressed. I plan on taking all advice from anyone who is willing to help me be a better admin. My talk page is going to be open and I'll be more than happy to discuss things or get whatever help anyone wants to offer!

I also want to restrict the fandom to only allow edits from registered users. Every edit by unregistered people has been a defacement that I've had to revert.

For the current updates I plan on making while I'm not an admin, I'm going to be watching the episodes soon and making sure that all of them have a full summary. It will probably take me a little bit of time since I have to type out the summaries while I watch them. Also I can't (and really don't want to) forget about or ignore the rest of my life and the things in it that are more important that updating a fandom page, so I am not going to devote myself 24/7. However, I will be devoting whatever free time I have to making this fandom to the </Scorpion> show the best it can be!

With the episodes that already have summaries, I will either be expanding on, shortening, correcting, or editing to make them more readable. I'm going to try to make certain it doesn't give away every single detail, but the summaries I write tend to be longer and slightly more detailed then just summarizing an entire scene in one sentence. The longest summary I think I've written for this fandom was around 16k letters. I'm going to try to keep them around (or less than) that same amount.

Also, I plan on putting the songs they use on each episode in the description. There is a separate page that was created for this, but I found it was only filled out with four songs from the pilot then abandoned. I hope to make it easier for anyone who wants to be able to find out what song is playing in an episode, they could just see it right away on that episode page without having to search the internet for it.

After posting a discussion, as well as a poll, in the community page about removing the episode summaries in the profile/character pages, the post never got a response and the poll didn't get another vote until nearly three weeks later. After two weeks of no responses or votes, I started removing the episode summaries from those pages. By the time the poll did get another vote that was against the idea (though there was no discussion as to why the other fandom user didn't want them removed), I had already removed those summaries from six character pages. Some of the main reasons I had originally instigated the discussion to remove them in the first place, was because I found that the majority of these episode descriptions weren't filled out, so it seemed to be more time consuming and almost pointless to fill out for each character individually, than to just post a link to the episodes instead. Then there was the fact that each character page had completely different formatting for the episode summaries and that caused them to look and read rather discombobulated. I have a file that I am saving the summaries into and I plan on using those to help expand the episode summaries themselves.

Right now, I'm trying to learn how to make a template for the character pages that show a menu or box appearances and link to the page, but I'm still a little new at Hopefully I'll be able to get it down sooner rather than later.

I've gone to the majority of the orphaned pages and marked them for deletion. I found that many of those pages either didn't have anything written on them, or they had a short blurb to explain something that was already included on a page that was existed. There was also the fact that absolutely nothing linked to those pages.

Last, but not least, I'm not sure how often or if anyone actually really contributes to this Fandom page anymore, but hopefully it'll be just like all the other Fandom pages and everyone will continue to contribute. I'm not applying to become an admin to take over the fandom page and become a dictator. That is the complete opposite of what wiki's and fandom pages are. They are for everyone to be able to contribute to and for it to be a collaboration of everyone and not just one or a few people who have to have it set up their way or no way at all. The main reason I want to apply is to improve upon what is already a great fandom section, but has fallen to the wayside. I don't plan on making any harsh rules or demanding people do things my way. I seriously just want to update the site to reflect everything, like fix the menus and change the theme link color in order to make this fandom section reflect the show's awesomeness despite the fact that there will no longer be any new episodes.

Sabriel 09:08, 3 July 2021 (UTC)