"I may not be like other humans, but I have gained humanity."
—Walter to Mark.

Walter Patrick O'Brien (born 1983) is the son of Sean and Louise O'Brien, the nephew of Tobin, the younger brother Megan O'Brien-Dodd, and the founding father and leader of Team Scorpion. He and Paige Dineen recently broke up. He was portrayed by Elyes Gabel.


Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Walter[edit | edit source]

Pilot[edit | edit source]

Walter is in a diner, breaking up with his girlfriend, who says "even though you try, you're still a million miles from normal ." She leaves, and the owner of the diner tells him he didn't pay him to talk, but to fix the WiFi. Walter fixes it, and notices a boy being yelled at for messing with the shakers. He recognizes the boy is playing chess, and plays a quick game with him. He leaves, telling the owner not to yell at the boy. He then enters the garage, where Happy and Sylvester trying to siphon off electricity from the power grid, as Sylvester forgot to pay the bills and it was in cash, which has "mysteriously disappeared", as Hat Man took it to gamble it. Toby then runs into the shop, and they go quiet as the thugs bang on the door. However, Cabe scares off the thugs and then slides his badge under the door, and after confirming it's real, Walter allows him in. When Walter sees his face, he immediately tells him to get out. After explaining to the team that the outcome of the last time he worked with Cabe was "unfavorable", he is convinced to hear out Cabe. Cabe tells him that 56 planes are flying overhead and cannot land, and he needs Walter to fix it. While Walter initially refuses, saying he doesn't trust him, Happy convinces Walter to do it.

After the team leaves, Walter hangs behind with Cabe to threaten Cabe that if he betrays him again, he will erase him from the internet within an hour. On the drive to LAX airport, they are radioed that they cannot reach the airport by driving for hours. Bickering breaks out, so Walter tells everyone he can find a solution if they would just be quiet. He tells them they don't need to go to the airport, they just need reliable wifi that will not go down. Fortunately, he just fixed a certain diner's wifi and the diner is only a mile away, so they head there. Cabe clears everyone out of the diner except for the owner, a waitress, and her son, the boy Walter met earlier. Walter speaks with the head of the airport, and talks him through the rebooting process, but the damaged code reboots as well, so Walter sends Happy and Toby to go get the uncorrupted code from the server storage. Walter has a conversation with the waitress, named Paige, and correctly guesses she works two jobs and gives all her money to her son. He also reveals her son is a genius. Happy and Toby come back with the disc, but the magnet in the car door wiped it. So now they have to get the code from one of the airplanes.

Paige drives him to the airport, and the plane swoops down to the tower, but due to the time difference between a stationary tower and a moving airplane, they couldn't download it. So Walter has Happy tell him how to hotwire a Ferrari and boost it to 200 mph. He drives the car under the plane, and Paige stands up, connects the laptop to the plane with the help of the copilot, and the code is downloaded and sent to the airport. The mission is a success, and Cabe gives them their pay. Cabe also offers them jobs at Homeland, solving problems. Walter accepts, tells his team who also accepts, then says Paige needs some of the money. He also offers her a place on the team, with her translating the world for them in exchange for them translating Ralph for her. He also reveals his part in the Baghdad Bombing to her.

Single Point of Failure[edit | edit source]

Paige apologizes for being late as Ralph is sick as Walter walks down the stairs. Walter checks the thermometer and confirms Ralph has hacked it, saying none of them liked school especially the math geniuses. He gives Ralph some tips, like using the clock hands to create trigonometric functions, something his sister suggested to him. He receives a call from Cabe and walks away, then returns and says they're going to meet the Governor, and Cabe said to hurry. Upon seeing a CDC van, Sylvester goes back to the car, Happy and Toby get sent back for bickering, so Walter, Paige, and Cabe meet the Governor and get the rundown: his daughter is sick with the common cold, but is dying. Her computer also has a virus that writes "It's your fault she's sick" over and over. Walter deduces that since only Helena, the Governor's daughter's, computer has the virus, and only Helena is sick despite others being in close proximity, Helena has been bio-hacked. Walter returns to the garage, where they look at lists of previous threats as Walter explains bio-hacking. He breaks a cup in frustration when they hit a dead end in hacking, then goes upstairs to treat his cut. Paige follows him, and he claims he's frustrated over being unable to solve the problem, but Paige gets him to reveal that his sister was sick as a child, but he couldn't help her. He lies, saying she's better now, but once he is called back downstairs Paige sees a letter saying Megan has MS and it's getting worse. That's the reason he's been off and why he's so emotional about this case. They can't trace the computer, but they find a marker that is used by only one hacking company. Toby profiles the workers and narrows it down to one, who then tries to flee but is knocked to the ground by Walter, scaring the others.

Upon interrogation, they learn the hacker was hired on Craigslist, and he was paid by PO. He sent four emails, one to Helena Lang, and three other children. All their parents were workers at Vlaxco on a drug, trexacaine to heal Spinal Muscle Atrophy, but the company instead made it focused only on healing asthma. They determine it must be someone who suffered from the drug being pulled off clinical trials. After finding out Vlaxco won't give them a list of those who were in the clinical trials, Walter plans a break in to the company: Walter sent a Trojan horse disguised as a coupon to get inside their firewall, then printed out a worker's information and put Sylvester's picture on the fake ID. Toby and Happy then ram the man's car, so Sylvester can sneak in and memorize the files, which are on paper. The distraction does not last as the man goes back in, so Walter guides Sylvester out of the building.

After looking through the files, it comes down to two candidates: Toby says Benjamin Carlisle, a man who lost his fiancee and blogs angrily about his condition. Cabe says Robert Richter, a man whose daughter died because the drug was taken off. Sylvester discovers Richter is a microbiologist, and they find the blueprints for the viruses on his computer, in addition to his method: he sprays it in the air near his target. Walter sends the blueprints to the CDC to reverse engineer it and synthesize a cure in two hours, the children will be fine. However, they Walter discovers that he plans to kill Governor Lang: he will spray the air with something that targets the potassium channel, and it will cause the Governor's heart to stop. Cabe calls the Governor's security and the Governor has ditched his security. By tracking his cellphone, they find them at a mall. Richard manages to spray the air, but Walter turns on the sprinkler and the virus is washed out of the air. Back at the garage, the team overhears Cabe talking with Richard, during which Cabe tells Richard he knows what it's like to have a daughter die of a terminal illness, and that no one deserves to feel that pain. Walter then reveals his hope to Paige that he can cure his sister, and tells Sylvester he shouldn't have yelled at him earlier, and that Sylvester is the bravest person he knows. Walter goes to visit his sister at her care facility, and says he's going to use his first paycheck to help her. He refuses to let her down, and says he will fix her. He then shows up at the roof grill with Cabe, Happy, Paige, and Ralph.

A Cyclone[edit | edit source]

Cabe brings the team to an exercise ordered by Merrick in order to assess how well they perform. Walter and Sylvester are in a Humvee with a Marine unit, and though Sylvester is nervous, Walter tells him he has his back. They have 60 seconds to download information. Walter helps Sylvester reach the building where the computer is, then decrypts and downloads the information from his computer, then does Sylvester's as well, barely finishing in time. Right as they exit, the exercise is revealed to be a failure, as Toby, Happy, and Cabe who were in the tent were captured. Merrick chews them out, as Toby failed by disrespecting authority, Happy failed by elbowing a Marine who grabbed her, Sylvester failed by freezing up. Walter comes to his team's defense by saying the Marines insulting him and Sylvester caused Sylvester to be distracted, then questioning the entry point cost them time -26 seconds exactly, Sylvester cuts in saying the Marines slowed them down. Merrick says the purpose of the exercise was to see if Scorpion could contribute to a military operation, but he is not convinced. They are off-duty until further notice. Walter and the team return to the office, glum about the training exercise report. Walter tells Paige to fix them from self-destructing again. The team reacts with hostility to Paige's attempts to help them, but Walter comforts her by saying she will fit in. Cabe is called away to investigate an explosion at a law firm, and Walter and the team follow him.

There they meet Federal Surveillance Group Agent Thomas Keeler, who believes them to be independent contractors. Walter tells Cabe this is terrorism that took down the web for miles. Walter offers to help catch the bomber. Cabe tells Walter he knows he is trying to make up for earlier, and he cannot fail again. Walter has a plan to fix the web damage done by the bombing, and they look up surveillance footage. The see the bomber on the footage, but he's covered by sunglasses and a hat. Walter then disobeys Cabe and the team goes to look for the bomber on their own. After getting a close up image from a store and refracting it, they see his keychain has the logo of a bar, and track down his apartment. The bomber runs, Happy and Toby chase him on foot, while Walter and Paige are in a car. The bomber stops in the road to shoot at Paige and Walter, but is hit by a bus and put in a coma. The team are chewed out by Keeler, and return to the garage. Paige tells him they need to listen more, and then Cabe brings them some evidence from the house. Happy looks at what they assume is IEDS, as Walter hacks his computer. Happy says the bomber was US Special Forces, and the IEDS were coordinated using low-frequency transmitters, but the one at the firm must have malfunctioned and gone off early, so there are more bombs. Right then, the bombs go off. A mall, a radio tower, and armor car are hit.

They try to figure it out, but Paige puts in that he put the bomb in the garbage to bomb the building, not the armored car. So they look up the business in the building, and it's GrayTech, which specially in slow hold servers, which hold old data. They deduce the other attacks with red herrings, and Walter deduces that the bomber wants to erase a secret from the internet, so Walter looks on the bomber's computer. The bomber attempted to hack an account of Frank Turner, who was killed by a hit and run, so it must have been something incriminating. They go to the router hub in Sunny, Tarsana. One of the workers asks what they're doing and leaves, but Walter keeps hacking and finds Frank Turner emailed about Keeler being corrupt. Walter makes a hard drive and gives it to Cabe, and Happy hears something. There's a bomb in the air vent. When Cabe told Merrick they were going there, he warned Merrick. Cabe and Sylvester go to tell Merrick, Paige and Toby to evacuate the building, and Walter and Happy try to defuse the bomb.

Walter and Happy hit a standstill, they can't defuse it, but they can't leave it. So they decide to make concrete and cover it in that to absorb most of the blast, and only the garage will be blown up. But it has to be rock hard, or it won't work. Walter stays behind to stir and sends Happy to find Paige and Toby to get out of the building at a minute left. The building explodes with Walter seemingly inside, but luckily he was right about to exit when the bomb went off, so he makes it out okay. At the garage, while talking to Cabe, Cabe reveals he was about to retire when he came up with the idea of having Scorpion solve problems, and he wants some blood off his ledger. They all decide to go get food, and Walter tells Ralph that a group of Scorpions is called a cyclone. As everyone gets into the car to go get food, Walter tells Paige everyone fits in, calming her about both her place on the team and Ralph at school.

Shorthanded[edit | edit source]

After another successful case, Walter decides they should do private jobs. Cabe disagrees, arguing that they aren't ready, but Walter doesn't care, they agreed to work not for, the government. He tells Toby to run employee background checks on the casino workers from the garage, as he does not trust him in a casino due to his gambling problem. Paige talks Walter into letting Toby come. As they walk in to a casino, Walter tells Toby if Toby does not bet, he can have Walter's pay check, but if Toby makes a bet, then Walter gets his. The owner of the casino's daughter, Renee, shows them to their penthouse suite. Sylvester enjoys the sterile bed, Happy and Paige get a picture for Ralph, as Walter tries to get them on track. They put tiles under the carpet to see if anyone's ripping them off, but looking over the cameras, Walter notices one of the dealer's hands is the reason the casino is losing money, because the dealer's small hands, so the deals are slow, which means less deals and less money. The man gets fired, and Scorpion gets paid. But as they exit after upgrading the security system, Walter notices two men are about to rob the place, and tells his team to stay calm. Walter is arrested due to his words before the robbery and his upgrade of the system, as well as some of the money in his casino room. He is sentenced to jail, with two hours to post bail or he'll be held all weekend. Scorpion is kicked out of the casino and forced into a motel, and try to figure out how to help him. They argue whether to break him out first or find who framed him, showing how unstable they are without him. Walter, while being booked, tells a cop that a man accused of stealing jewels is guilty because of the cuts on his hands. Walter is then put in the drunk tank, where the casino worker who he got fired is.

When the casino worker, Ronnie, wakes up, he grabs and is about to punch Walter when a cop tells him his lawyer -Toby in disguise- is there. Toby says he lost the money on a wheel, and Walter chews him out, saying the one time he needed him to come through he didn't. Toby argues that Walter is trying to prove himself to Cabe, but Walter responds with all the times Toby has screwed up. Toby retorts by saying Walter always has to be right, but Walter coldly says that he was wrong, he thought Toby would come through for him but he was wrong and leaves. Ronnie confronts Walter with how he ruined his life and is about to choke him, but Walter begins snapping his fingers so that Ronnie loses focus and gets queasy. He then tells Ronnie he will evaluate his skills and put him on a better job path. Walter gives him a chart to help Ronnie sell scones and grow a business, and tells Ronnie about his framing, so Ronnie tells him about the secret passage, which Walter believes the robbers escaped through. He uses a chlorine toilet tablet, a metal button from Ronnie's shirt, and a piece of Ronnie's shirt, and rubs it against the door to create friction and chlorine fumes, which screw with the tumblers and open the door. Walter escapes, going to find his team and tell them about the passage.

Walter runs into Sylvester, who is attempting to drive, and takes over. Happy and Paige, who were breaking into the casino to get information off the casino owner's laptop, and tells them about the passage. But the passage has to be opened by an employee swipe: Renee was the last one to swipe her card, meaning she is in the inside man on the robbery, and the one who framed Walter. Renee also caught Toby, and tells him to text his team to meet him. He complies, and the rest of the team arrives out in the desert to meet. Renee and her men are about to kill the team when Cabe arrives with agents: Toby hid a clue in his text and Walter called Cabe. It gets sorted out, and Paige even gets the detective to apologize to Walter. Walter also asks Cabe to get Ronnie out of jail, and give him part of his share to help his new business. Walter and Toby begin arguing, and Cabe leaves them to walk back to Vegas in the dark together. As they begin walking, Toby reveals that he wanted to prove himself to Walter as a friend, that he could be counted on like Walter, and Walter says he is a great friend, and that Cabe is his father figure, and so when Cabe said he couldn't do a private job, it just made Walter want to do it more. Walter then says he has seven dollars, and lets Toby gamble for money.

Plutonium Is Forever[edit | edit source]

Walter is helping Ralph with lenses, and tells him about the first test to be run on lenses. Ralph has to leave, and Walter promises they will do it together after school. Cabe bursts in, tells Walter to come with him alone, then asks him quietly if he knows a 'Mark Collins', and Walter asks him to stay quiet and go with him. As they walk through the base, Walter says Mark is an old friend who he hasn't seen in a while, and asks what he's said, but all Mark has said is "Walter O'Brien". After touching base with the commander of the base, Walter talks with Mark. In code, Mark tells Walter to look at tapes in his house, because Mark Collins is a paranoid radio expert, and has been listening to the base and particularly the status of the nuclear reactor on the base. Walter tells Cabe to take the team to Mark's house, but not to tell them where they're going. However, when the team enters the backyard and sees the giant antenna, they quickly realize they are in Mark's house, and ask him why they're there and where Collins is. Walter tells them they just need to find the tapes, and Collins is arrested. Happy finds the tape, and Walter compliments Mark's work. Happy plays the tape, and it's revealed that the reactor is overheating and if a SCATA update isn't applied, the reactor will meltdown. However, the scientist who discovered it said nothing and so Team Scorpion takes the job of updating the plant. They arrive at the reactor, with the General coming shortly after. Walter gives him the rundown, and fixes the heat gauge with information he found at Mark's place. It's far above green, and Walter plays the tape: a SCATA update is the last hope of the reactor, but it's also extraordinarily risky. Walter tells the General he can fix it, but they need Mark, as just from listening the chatter, he drew a perfect model of the gauge. They need Mark. Finally, Mark is allowed in, albeit in cuffs.

Mark tells them they need to download the reactor calibrations, which tells the reactor what's hot and too hot, and then prep the system for the SCATA update. Mark assigns Toby and Happy to prep it, to Happy's displeasure, but Walter tells them it's efficient. In a private conversation, Mark tells Walter thanks for letting him help, but Walter coldly replies "it's efficient". Mark rebuttals with "nothing changes, except you're getting paid, and you have a girl". Walter says he's been listening too much, but Mark taunts him with their old projects, suggesting that after they're done at the reactor, Walter could show him the new data. Walter says he was displeased with how things ended between them, but Cabe butts in before he can say anymore and tells them to reminisce later. Mark helps Walter get a laptop ready to download the reactor calibrations, and gives Happy the go. Happy, however, wants to run a diagnostic check so that if there're any weak points, she can fortify them so the system won't crash. Mark argues that doing both a diagnostic check and SCATA update could fry the system and cause a meltdown. After a minute of thinking, Walter sides with Mark over Happy and begins to download the calibrations. Happy calls Walter outside for a private meeting, and tells him if he ever takes someone's side over hers in public again, she will disappear on him faster than Collins. He defends himself by saying he was trying to stop a meltdown, and she reminds him she's already stopped one: his. After a ten day bender with Collins, he was nearly starved and muttering to himself. She says Collins leaving was the best thing for them, and him coming back is the worst. If Collins stays, she leaves, and if Walter goes down the rabbit hole again, she will not pull him out. Happy storms back in and runs the check, and as Walter comes back in, Collins whispers to him "The others were always very sharp, Walter, but they were never us." The backup generator and chamber are on fire, and Happy confesses it must be her fault because it happened after she ran the check. Cabe tells everyone to get out, but Walter hangs back to download the reactor configuration. Cabe stays with him, and once they finish, it's a race out before the containment doors close. Everyone but Cabe and Walter get out, but there's one door across the walkway that is slowly closing: Walter makes it through, but Cabe tripped and is trapped. Walter desperately searches for a manual override, but the only one is in need of repair.

The team cannot get the schematics of the plant, because the monitor froze and the printer won't print. It gets worse: a pipe burst and radioactive steam comes out, but if Cabe gets out in ten minutes he will be safe. Walter says the greater good would be to forget about Cabe, but he doesn't want to. Mark says that caring about a man's life isn't like the Walter O'Brien he knew. Walter then says Mark can help Cabe, because they don't all need to work on updating the reactor, they can save both the reactor and Cabe. Mark remembers a pipe that sends water out into the ocean, but not which one. The information is back at his house. Walter sends Happy, Mark, and Paige to go get it, and then turns to talk to Cabe, and informs him he has a 1 in 3 chance of survival. Cabe, who guessed earlier Walter was hiding something, asks Walter that if his life is in Mark's hands, he wants to know what Walter is hiding. Walter tells Cabe he had Mark committed into an asylum three years ago: it's why Mark disappeared randomly. Mark finds the information and Paige texts it to Walter: Pipe 6 chamber 19A. Walter relays it to Cabe. Cabe responds he'll be pissed off if he dies, and Walter retorts he'll be pissed if Cabe doesn't start running. Cabe reaches the pipe, and says if he doesn't make it out, he's glad he got to know Walter. Walter responds "Okay", to chiding from Sylvester and Toby. Cabe gets into the pipe and escapes. Walter programs for the SCATA update, and all they have to do is upload it. Cabe talks to Walter, and Walter confesses that when he had Collins committed it was for the good of the team, but a part of him wanted to see if Collins could be pulled out of the rabbit hole, to see if Walter himself could be pulled from there if he ever went there. Cabe calls BS, and says Collins is making him doubt himself and believe he did the wrong thing, Walter just replies "Yes, he does have a history of that". Then sees Collins manually override the system to to destroy the piece that converts digital to analog. Happy's test triggered Mark's Trojan horse. The closest analog antenna is Mark's house.

132 seconds to meltdown. All they need is the passcode to Mark's antenna, but Mark won't give it. Collins says Walter is giving him the same look he did the day he was committed to an asylum for two years. He then gives him a date, a date Walter says that they disproved a theory. It doesn't work. Collins says he knows Walter knows it's a setup, he bugged the reactor. Cabe pulls a gun and tells him to give them the code, but Mark doesn't care. He says if he gets shot, their failure is certain, then challenges Walter by asking "how do you stand for such intellectual inferiors?" Walter just asks for the code, and Mark says 1199. 1,199 days ago they discussed quantum mechanics of time travel all night in a diner. Mark says they could've accomplished anything together. Walter says he knows Mark hates him, and that he always debates his action, but that this is not the right solution. Collins asks if he even knows how much it hurt him, and says he is not afraid to die: he died the day Walter sent him away, and destroyed their partnership, their friendship. All Mark wanted was to show Walter he could save everyone, he just wanted to be back on the team. Paige tells Walter the code is the date Walter sent him away, and Collins rushes at Walter only to be shot in the leg by Cabe. Toby types in the code and the update is sent. Back at the base, Walter tells Cabe he should've kept a closer eye on Mark, but Cabe brushes it off. Walter visits Mark, who says that it's ironic that the first day he sees Walter in years, he's back in cuffs. He then criticizes Walter by saying he showed him the outer limits of his intelligence but Walter couldn't handle it. That Walter sent him away because nothing could jeopardize his precious team, his psyche. Mark asks why them, none of the geniuses could hold a candle to him, so why couldn't there be room for one more? Walter replies that the room was for Paige, she binds them. Mark says he's going away, but he'll get out and maybe he'll see Walter down the rabbit hole. Walter says he hopes not and leaves. He goes back to the garage and thanks Happy for pulling out of the rabbit hole, but Happy says she did it as a friend, not a thank you. Paige arrives and says they're all going to make dinner together, but then pulls Walter aside and says if there's a chance she could fail, to just tell her now. Walter says she is part of the team, and they go make chicken pescatta.

True Colors[edit | edit source]

pHub Standing with his team near a flaming car, Merrick chews them out, and orders them for psychological evaluations and if they fail, they will be fired. Cut to the present day, Walter's in session with a psychiatrist, getting evaluated. She tells him she will talk with each member of the team and they will tell her about the events of the past 24 hours, and explain themselves. Walter says he's happy to help, but the psychiatrist says he's lying, which is one sign of antisocial behavior, and he must be honest. He says, honestly, he's looking at her diploma thinking he could've gotten into her alma mater when he was seven. Unfazed, he asks him to start at the beginning. In Paige's flashback, Walter walks into the garage and asks for the summary report of their last mission. She sarcastically replies "Good morning to you, too," and he changes his greeting to "Good morning, how are you? Do you have the summary document of our last mission?" She tells him Ralph has a Halloween party at school he doesn't want to go to, and Walter agrees with Ralph, criticizing Halloween. Cabe walks in with a mission, saying they have to guard an 100 million dollar painting by Franz Bierman. Cabe also says Merrick approved Walter's request, a company van on loan from Homeland. On the way there, Walter criticizes art as worthless, while Paige defends it. He then criticizes the painting, but Paige says he cannot mock things 99% of humanity enjoys, then challenges him to act human and to "think of it as an experiment". He accepts. Walter attempts to act human, but it's very unnatural and awkward and Paige quickly takes over. Walter looks at the painting, and Fuck youcan't tell if he's contemptuous on purpose, or just unstable. Walter remarks if she dismissed every unstable government worker, Washington would cease to exist. She then tells him that if he keeps answering like this, how can he expect her to pass them? He doesn't, but if she fails him, she is ignoring that no matter how many people upset, all of his actions had a purpose and were efficient.

In flashback, the curator, Dr. Paulson asks "Efficient? Have you any idea what that painting was worth?" Walter says nothing, it was a fake. In fact all of the team but Paige and Gallo knew, but an agent confirms their story. He also says it was made by a computer, and they are kicked out because there is no painting to protect. At the garage, Cabe tells them they are still on the case. They only have 24 hours to find the real painting, so Cabe calls in Hetty Lange. The original owner died in the camps, so the next three generations of his family have been trying to get it back, this visibly shakes Walter. They determine the forger must work at Galactic Toys, the people who make Super Fun Guy, as the digital image was downloaded by someone there and they have all the tech necessary to make such a forgery. They narrow it down to ten, but Toby profiles them down to one. Cabe goes in alone to apprehend the man. Walter dissects a joke and doesn't find it funny. He sees the suspect escape via window and chases him, telling the others in the car to cut him off. He gets slammed into a dumpster, but keeps chasing and Cabe cuts off the man. Sylvester shows up in a SFG t-shirt and the team arrives with the car in chicken feathers. At the garage, apparently the team spooked the guy so he's clammed up. Toby goes in for 30 seconds, and eventually gets a name: Jaque LaBeaux. Toby believes his wine cellar is actually a stolen art room, but they cannot go in. They discover there's going to be a party as his house, so Walter and Paige will go undercover at the party to clone his phone. Toby and Happy are to go as waiters, and extract the painting if possible. They go to Hetty for the equipment and wardrobe.

Walter and Paige go in, and Walter soothes Paige by assuring she'll fit right in. He copies other guests by opening the car door for her and resting her hand on his arm. Walter says the have to keep the cloning device near LaBeaux for 3 minutes, but LaBeaux is dancing, so the only way to do so is dance next to him. Walter is at first nervous, and Paige tells him where to put his hands. He quickly picks up dancing due to the math involved, and actually begins to enjoy himself. He makes a joke, and Paige says his human behavior experiment is working. He secretly resets the device when they have 15 seconds to go, so they have to dance for another 3 minutes. At 90 seconds to go, LaBeaux requests to dance with Paige and they can't say no, so Walter stands nearby and is clearly jealous and repeatedly asks Sylvester for the time left to clone LaBeaux's phone. However, the whole mission was worthless as Toby and Happy are caught in the wine cellar and so run. Using the cloned phone info, they learn LaBeaux's partner in crime was Paulson. Paulson has the painting. Walter says they're going after LaBeaux, and gives Paige an envelope to give to Hetty, and needs the van for the wifi. In the van, Walter tells everything to Cabe as they tail Paulson, who's heading for the docks to send the painting to Hong Kong. They cut Paulson's engine, and Walter tells Cabe all he has to do is search the car and he'll find the painting. Happy raises the engine temperature as Cabe arrives, and Paulson is arrested. As Cabe tells them LaBeaux has also been arrested, the car explodes. Walter says "it might be our fault", and Merrick chews them out. In the present day, the therapist reveals she knows Walter reset the device. She tells him jeopardized the mission to dance with Paige, but he says all he's ever tried to do is protect the team, and all they try to do is help and it is up to her to decide whether Scorpion continues. He leaves. Back at the garage, Sylvester reveals they have almost no chance of passing, but Cabe comes and tells them they passed. Everyone but Walter and Cabe go to celebrate, and Cabe tells Walter why they were really passed: "Mr. O'Brien seems to believe that lying to a Federal psychologist is justified so long as the job is done. However, his deeper motivation stems not, as he states, from the desire to complete his mission, but an empathy for his teammates. He has created for himself a purpose, and for each of them, family. A safe haven. A place to reach their potential." Cabe says it doesn't sound like him, and Walter jokes that hurt. Walter lies to Cabe by saying the car fire was an accident, when in fact he had the team swap paintings before Paulson left and Walter actually gave it to the Muller family. Hetty tells him no one will know, then questions why he did so much to protect a painting he doesn't care about. He still doesn't care about it, but Hetty says something made him understand how much it meant to the Muller family, and implies it was Paige. In the present day, the team is dressed up to go with Ralph to his party: Toby is Sigmund Freud, Sylvester is Super Fun Guy, Walter is Cabe, Paige has fairy wings, and Happy painted whiskers on her face. They made Ralph a brain costume.

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Talismans[edit | edit source]

Walter picks up his sister, Megan, from jail, as she got out of the hospital and went drinking. She convinces him to take her with him for one day, and he takes her to the garage, where the team introduces themselves somewhat awkwardly, in particular Sylvester. He gets a call from Cabe, and they're on the move. Walter asks his sister if she'll be okay, as he can't take her back to the hospital. At a military base, they're told of their job: they have to go with a squad into Bosnia and recover technology from a plane that went down. Except, they also have to extract the pilot's, Barrios, coiuyuvyliuyvlirpse, and in Bosnia they'll have to deal with rebels and governmental forces fighting. Sylvester asks to stay behind, so Walter allows him to, and asks him to keep an eye on Megan. Barrios's wife asks him if they're the people that're going to find her husband's corpse, and Paige steps up. The wife asks her to take off l i;oulbu his necklace because he wanted to give it to his son, and to put a photo of them in his pocket. The team and the three Marines who are accompanying them are driving through Bosnia in a truck at night, with no lights allowed, but a tire blows out and Happy turns on a flashlight to fix it and they come under fire. They hide behind some nearby rocks, and Walter holds Paige down as she starts panicking. One of the Marines fires a bazooka, and they run, but Happy and Toby fall down into a ravine unbeknownst to Walter. Once they get far enough away and duck behind more rocks, Walter uses his satellite phone to call them. He then calls Sylvester and has him figure out a route that will allow Happy and Toby to meet up with them.One of the soldiers is wounded, however, so the leader, Lt. Jim Corbin, snaps at Walter and takes the phone. He and Walter start fighting, but Paige reminds them of their job.

It's daytime now, and they find the plane, but there's no sign of a corpse and the technology they find is three years old. The rebels found the plane, and now have the pilot and the tech. Walter discovers the plane was hacked, and it thought it was over another country. But to hack the plane, the rebels would have to be high up, and Walter points them to a mountain. Lt. Corbin compliments Walter on figuring it out. They make it to a field with a few patches of flowers, and as they're crossing it, one of the soldiers throws an MRE over his shoulder and it triggers a mine, causing them to realize they are in a minefield left over from the Soviets. Paige exasperatedly says she'd rather die in the flowers, and Walter realizes that the mines are leaking chemicals that kill plant life, so the flowers are the only safe places. Corbin tells them to be in single file, fast, and only step where the person in front of them steps. They make it to a hill, but Corbin accidentally triggers a mine, and Walter tells everyone to run while he tries to defuse it. He finds in addition to a pressure sensor, there's also a timer. Cabe knocks Walter away and covers him, but the mine doesn't go off. The wires corroded and made the mine a dud. Walter calls Toby and Happy, and brings them up to speed and tells them they're going to get the pilot from the rebel base, and orders them on radio silence. He tells them if his group doesn't make it to the base at night, then Happy and Toby are to head home. The Lt. thanks him for trying to save him from the mine, and Walter thanks him for protecting him during the firefight.

The rebel base is hidden under a barn, so Lt. Corbin tells Paige to stay with the injured soldier, Simon, and lead him to the road where they will pick them up. He orders Cabe to get a truck, and he and Walter will infiltrate the base. They hear the pilot being tortured and follow the noise, hearing that the rebels want the encryption code. Walter points out there is a fuel tank nearby so Corbin cannot shoot. The rebels leave to another room, and Corbin cuts the pilot's hands free while Walter does his feet. Corbin helps the pilot up by having him lean on him, and tells Walter to get the tech, but Walter stops because a gun is pointed at him. The rebels returned. Walter and the pilot are forced to their knees, hands behind their heads, while Corbin gets beat. Walter intervenes, by saying that he can give them the encryption codes if he lets them go. Walter "decodes" it and asks if they can leave, but the rebel checks and it turns out Walter actually erased it. Walter was standing near a pipe he freed, however, and tossed it to Corbin. Corbin takes out two of the rebels except the leader, but Walter spills the fuel and lights it on fire, lighting the leader's foot on fire. Corbin beats the leader into unconsciousness, and they meet up with Cabe and the other soldier. They also pick up Simon and Paige, who gives the photo to Barrios. Driving down the road further they encounter Happy and Toby. Back at the base, Corbin gives Walter their unit's challenge coin for exemplary service on a mission, and Walter gives him a code for free war movies for life when it's coded into a DVR. Back at the garage, Sylvester promises to be with him on the next mission, and Walter puts the challenge coin in a wooden box where he has a bracelet Megan had when she was 12, a chip from the casino he first met Toby, and the motel card from when he met Sylvester. He asks his sister if she knows how the box got there, as it was in his desk but now it's on top. Walter walks his sister out to the car, and she pulls out the bracelet, to which he revealed it was from when she had a fever when she was 12 and he was afraid she was going to die, he wanted something to remember her by. Megan tosses it to the ground, and tells him that he has to accept she will die, and then says they will go make new memories, not ones of when she was sick. They watch the sun rise together.

Revenge[edit | edit source]

Walter walks down the stairs to see Happy and Toby playing games, and sees Ralph and Drew come in. Walter takes a call from Cabe, and hears from his team that Paige was asked out, to which he replies "Oh". They go to meet Agent Simone Taylor, who fills them on the Ghosts, a brutally effective team of thieves headed by Javier Acosta, and they investigate the crime scene: a safe factory. Walter deduces that the one safe they destroyed, the Ghosts will be going to other locations with this kind of safe. Sylvester says they shouldn't do this job, not only because he's afraid but because of their skill set. Walter just replies "duly noted" and walks off to Sylvester's dismay. At the hospital, Walter and the team get the rundown from the doctor, and Walter has his sister watch over him, as she is doing PT there. He tells her to tell him everything, and any decisions that need to be made, she will make, but to think like him. Cabe tells him not to want vengeance, and to keep focus. Walter says that they need to figure out who uses the brand of safe. However, his whole team is distracted, and Simone tries to keep them concentrated. Walter narrows down locations on his own, and finds out shrapnel has been recovered from Sylvester's chest. The team goes to the hospital to look at it, and Happy says only three people make these kind of IEDs, one of which is Dirty John Tucker, who is unlikely to talk. Walter ominously replies that they will make him talk. He also watches the interrogation of Dirty John Tucker with Paige and Simone. From Dirty John, they learn Javier only has five left, so they find out that the Ghosts' target must be small. Walter goes upstairs as Paige and Simone argue, but Simone then follows Walter upstairs and tells him about her partner, who was shot and crippled by the Ghosts. She tells him he has to keep going and catch them. Walter then thinks that it has to be an armored car, that the Ghosts attacked the safe factory so anyone with that kind of safe would move their stuff and they could use their IEDs on an armored car, it's small enough. The car has left, and so the team heads out after them.

Both guards are dead by the team they arrive. Walter has Simone use the car to knock one of the guys off his bike, then goes up to him and wedges his phone in his backup while being punched. They follow the men only to find that they went into a sewer tunnel, but they go to the exit and follow them from there. He and Agent Simone are behind Acosta, the leader. Acosta gets off his bike into a building, and Walter chases him up the building until he corners him on the roof. Acosta is attempting to climb down a ladder, but it breaks and he only has one hand on the roof. He calls out to Walter to help him, and Walter hesitates, but right as Javier slips Walter grabs him, though Javier still falls to his death as Walter looks on and Simone arrives. Walter, back on the ground, paces around but still in shock. Cabe tries to talk to him, but Walter says he doesn't feel bad, he doesn't have feelings, and goes to see Sylvester. Walter visits him with the team, but stays behind after and asks him a "brain teaser", which is in fact the scenario of the rooftop and whether Walter could've pulled him up. Sylvester says Megan told him about the roof, however, and says Walter could not have pulled him up, and Javier would have pulled Walter down. Walter says he didn't know that when he hesitated, but then quickly leaves. He goes to meet Simone, who offers him a drink, and tries to bring him back to her hotel room, but he leaves.

Dominoes[edit | edit source]

Walter is enjoying himself with his sister on Zuma beach, and sees a boy and his babysitter attempting to fly a kite. He helps them, and goes back to his sister, trying to convince her to try a new drug, saying miracles don't exist but science does. Right then, a rockslide occurs and traps the boy, Owen Cooper, in a cave. Walter deduces a sinkhole caused the rockslide, and Owen is trapped in the sinkhole. He tells a nearby cop to call the LAFD, the Army Corp of Engineers, then calls his team. They can't get into the sinkhole just yet, but water can, and so Owen only has 82 minutes. Due to the instability of the sand, they're drilling from a shallow angle further away. They need to get in contact with Owen, so Walter orders them to build an eight inch tunnel at a 75 degree angle. They get a PVC pipe and Walter lowers down his cellphone. He Skype calls it, and Owen picks up. Toby tells them if he goes into shock he'll drown, so they have to keep him calm. They get Owen's parents on the phone, but their phone dies after 2 minutes. Paige calms his down by talking about Christmas, but because of Owen's weird breathing and his hurting chest, Toby recognizes his lung is collapsed and so they can't give him scuba gear. Sylvester didn't account for the tide change, so now they have 56 minutes. Owen also tells them one of his legs is pinned. Cabe wants to use a carjack, but Happy says they need a delicate machine to exert the exact amount of force. Sylvester gives them how much they need to lift up the rock, and she and Toby go back to the garage to make the device. However, Owen will be under water. Walter says for Owen to stay alive, he needs to stop breathing. He gets an ECMO machine, which will take out Owen's blood, oxygenate it, and put it back in. Owen will not need to breathe for oxygen. But someone has to go down there and stick the tubes in Owen's arms. The tunnel is not stable, and after seeing Owen crying on the screen, Walter decides he's going down the tunnel. He reaches Owen, and tells him he has impressed him, a very hard thing to do, and that he will be with his parents for Christmas. He just says that Owen won't be out before the water fills the sinkhole. Walter tells him about the ECMO, and gets the needles and tubes in. He comforts him, telling him he's doing great, but that he cannot breathe. He tells Owen he will hold his hand, and stay there for as long as he can, but once he leaves, Owen has to wait 15 seconds then knock on the pipe, and reminds him he cannot breathe. He promises he will come back for Owen once he can free his leg.

Just as Happy and Toby are on their way, another rockslide in the cave occurs. Walter holds up a rock to keep it from crushing the ECMO, but Sylvester switches place and Walter, Cabe, and Paige try to move it, but the tubes that get the blood to Owen are crushed. When Toby arrives, Owen's been under for 5 minutes, and Walter is determined to go back under even though Owen is likely dead, and the tunnel is completely unstable. Walter tells Cabe he promised to go back for Owen, and goes to through the tunnel. He frees Owen using the jack, then grabs Owen and as they're almost up, the tunnel begins to collapse, so Walter covers Owen with himself, but Cabe reaches through the sand and pulls Walter up. Owen is taken to an ambulance, where he coughs up water. The ECMO oxygenated his blood so he could survive longer. At the hospital, Owen's parents want to meet and thank Walter, but before he goes in, Megan tells him she'll do the drug trial because he trusts it and she's going to keep fighting. The team heads back to the garage and has a Christmas party, and Happy even brings her father.

Kill Screen[edit | edit source]


Charades[edit | edit source]

Walter walks in as Paige says she had a weird dream, and tells her if you don't remember a dream, your mind is trying to protect yourself, but if you remember it vividly, you enjoyed it. Cabe comes in with a job from the CIA: there's a mole in the LA office giving intel to Yemen, and they need Scorpion because the leak could be anyway. After Sylvester hacks the encryption, which protects a love letter: the team believes it to be a code, but Paige believes it is just a love letter. Walter says they will go to the office and Toby will profile to figure out who might betray their country, and go from there. Scorpion drops by into the tech office, where they are shown a lockpick pin, Gecko gloves (sticky gloves), a shirt that deflects bullets, but Cabe calls them back to business. Walter says it will be one of paperwork grunts. Going off Paige in love theory, Toby profiles it down to one: Leonard. They interrogate Leonard back at the garage, and at first he tells them nothing. Leonard eventually tells them he snuck out some chemicals to an aid worker for pesticides to help poor people in Yemen, so they can grow food. He had to give them to her because they're controlled, and he's willing to do anything for her because he loves her. Walter says love is imaginary and asks what chemicals he gave away, and Leonard answers, but Walter said if mixed a different way, they can also be made into nerve gas. Leonard says Sima is a good person, but they pull the rug out from under him and say she manipulated him. Walter is confused that Leonard still refuses to give up Sima despite all the evidence against her. He says they need to get Sima now or she'll get suspicious if she goes too long without hearing from Leonard and leave.

He and Cabe get Leonard to read out something saying his rights weren't violated, they're going to use it with some software Walter made in high school: it'll take the phonetics and allow them to call and sound exactly like Leonard. He then calls Sima, attempting to be romantic, but luckily Paige takes over and Sima believes them. Paige, as Leonard, lies that the last chemical has been moved to higher clearance, and only 'Marvin' has the card. Sima tells 'Leonard' to ask Marvin to meet him at her hotel for drinks, but then ditch. Paige agrees. Sylvester is too nervous to be Marvin, she might know Cabe from HS database, Toby has to profile the crowd, so it's down to Walter to be 'Marvin' while Toby and Happy search her room. Paige agrees to coach Walter in flirting. She says Sima will use her sexual allure, and so Walter will need to act interested. Walter fails horribly, so Paige moves on to saying Sima will probably touch him to try to get the card. He can handle being touched, but they're out of time and so Walter has to go. Toby declares the crowd is safe, and Sima appears almost instantly. Paige luckily feeds Walter romantic lines, so Sima doesn't get on guard. Interpol comes through, and Sima is revealed to be wanted for two murders under the name of Fatima. Sima and Walter flirt for a while, but then Sima invites him up to her hotel room. They head in the elevator, and Paige tells him that Happy is in there and he has to stall. Happy and Toby accidentally trigger an alarm, realizes he is not 'Marvin' and knocks him out with a nearby bottle.

They next appear on a plane, where she has handcuffed Walter to a seat. She has already talked to his team through his earphone, she has made a deal: Her three chemicals for Walter. Cabe goes on the plane to give her the chemicals, and slips Walter the lockpen. Sima asks where Leonard is, as he was supposed to be the one to bring the chemicals. Walter realizes she wanted Leonard there because she loved him, and Cabe says he will work out a deal Leonard for Walter. However, she shoots Cabe and kicks him out of the plane, thankfully he had the shirt that deflects bullets.

Walter picks the handcuffs and lights a seat of the plane on fire, which not only creates a hole in the side of the plane, but also knocks out the pilot causing the plane to speed up. He tries to get into the cockpit but fails, then grabs the chemicals and is going to get on the wing when Toby, Sylvester, and Happy drive next to it and he tosses them the chemicals. Sima then attacks Walter with a knife, but he deflects the knife into a socket and she is electrocuted. He gets on the wing, and jumps off onto their car, where Sylvester and Toby pull him up. Back at the garage, Toby treats Walter's burned arm. After Toby leaves, Walter reads Ralph a story. Walter begins to leave at around midnight, and tells Paige to leave soon as well. Walter denies love, but is clearly lying to a degree.

Forget Me Nots[edit | edit source]

Walter helped Ralph with his science fair project, and then after he left, asked Paige about the brochure for a school for the gifted. Cabe walks in, telling them Director Merrick has summoned them to Homeland. Merrick needs them to backtrack someone who hacked something, but won't tell them what. Walter gets on, and discovers it's a nuclear silo. Merrick spills: apparently, a "football" (suitcase) with all the locations of hidden nuclear silos was stolen during an attempt on Clinton, but because they immediately changed the codes, everyone assumed it would be safe. But now, because of better tech, someone can now hack into the system and activate the missiles. So Scorpion decides to recover the football, and their first step is talk with the Secret Service agent who protected the President during the football stealing. Toby, however, can make no progress with the agent (who has memory problems), and so gives up. Walter decides to supply certain electric currents to his brain, which will temporarily make his personality better and improve his memory. They first do it on Cabe, to prove it is safe, and afterwards see it has works as his reflexes have improved. The agent says he saw a man with a blue finger take the football. A bruised or broken finger could appear discolored, and so the team goes to look at the medical records of that day.

However, they also discover one of the agents, Khara, who was there the day the football was taken has muscles spasms that cause discoloration in one finger, and they arrest him. He won't talk, however, and so Cabe asks Walter to figure out a way to break him. Walter calls Happy and asks them to bring Bruce, the agent who was supposed to be at the garage, to the hospital. But Bruce has escaped, and so Happy and Paige take a little longer to go to the hospital. Bruce recognizes Khara, and remembers after stealing the football, Khara called someone and said "It's done". They manage to figure out the number Khara called by pressing the numbers, which make different noises, and then look to see who had that number 16 years ago. Cabe comes in and tells them that the Icelandic missile has been hacked and aimed at St. Petersburg. The number belongs to a charity for poor Palestinian children, and they go to the head of it. Cabe, Walter, Toby, and Bruce go in to get the guy. But he opens fire and Cabe and Walter begin to chase him. Walter and Cabe spread out, and Walter uses a side mirror of a car to try to see where the terrorist is, but the terrorist takes aim at Walter from behind. Thankfully, Cabe shoots at him before the terrorist can shoot. He runs off again, and Cabe, Walter, and the others in the car corner him. But he throws the football over an electrified fence onto a train track, where a train is coming. Happy uses a nearby magnet to stop the train, and they deactivate the missile.

Since their orders are to destroy the football, Walter and the rest of the team watch as Sylvester smashes it. He then compliments Cabe on his job, and Cabe tells him to enjoy his youth. Walter and the rest of the team drop off Bruce at his care facility, where he tells them to make as many good memories as they can, because they don't get to decide which ones they keep. Bruce also sees Lorraine, the girl he loved and lost contact with after the shooting, Team Scorpion tracked her down for him. Back at the garage, Walter gives Paige information on Maine universities and educational opportunities for Ralph, and wants her to know all the facts for her decision. He tells her he cares about her and Ralph. He says the two of them have made him a better person and he doesn't want them to leave. Paige tells him she would miss him too, and Ralph and Drew walk in saying Ralph won the Science Fair. He then takes Ralph to go kick off the rocket thrusters.

Love Boat[edit | edit source]

Walter is hacking into a restaurant to get reservations to have a business dinner on Valentine's Day with Paige, but Toby remarks on the timing and believes it's a date. Cabe walks in quickly, saying a shipment of high tech rockets has been stolen and they need to track them down, they've been taken by a dealer named Kristoff. The rockets will be on a luxury cruise, and they just need to make the rockets unusuable. However, uploading the virus takes 14 minutes, with twenty rockets. Thankfully, only one rocket has to be infected for all the others to be infected as well. They'll be going as Chaz Bonesteel, a private man who made money off finding oil on his land, his wife Alicia, and their trainer and valet. Sylvester as Chaz, Paige as Alicia, Gallo as the trainer, and Walter as the valet. Right after boarding, Walter and Cabe make their way down the bottom of the ship, but they get locked in by a cruise worker and Walter has to unlock it, but it'll take too long and the boat leaves port. Walter and Cabe head back to the suite, where Sylvester is seasick, and gives everyone comms. After Paige and Sylvester are invited to dine with the captain, Walter and Cabe go down to the hull, and find the rockets hidden in a crawlspace. However, one of Kristoff's men finds them and holds Cabe at gunpoint, but Walter knocks him out. As Walter is dismantling the rockets, all the guests are summoned to the casino, where Kristoff's men reveal themselves and take over the ship. Walter and Cabe hide and move the rockets, and the Navy is sending in a team and link up comms. The men start checking ID to figure out who the agents are, and the laminate Happy used if shone under a light will be revealed as fake. Walter and gets on the comms and arranges a trade, the rockets for Paige, who has been discovered.

Walter and Cabe meet them on the lido deck, with the rockets hanging on the rail. Walter agrees to trade the rockets over if they will allow the hostages to go free. The man threatens with a gun, and Walter gives in. The leader asks who they work for, and when he doesn't receive an answer, he hits Walter in the stomach and sees the earpiece. He takes it and out and hears Navy Team Six asking for clearance. He then puts a gun to Cabe's head, then Walter's, and Cabe gives the all clear. Walter and Cabe are moved to a rail next to a glass roof of a lower deck, and the man shoots off a rocket at the rescue helicopter. Walter and Cabe fall through the glass ceiling and run, telling Happy of the danger the helicopter is in. Happy and Toby hack into a nearby Japanese ship so a missile can intercept the rocket. Cabe orders the helicopter not to do evasive maneuvers, and Ralph hacks the ship and sends the missile. It intercepts the rocket and the helicopter is safe, but again Walter and Cabe are caught. They are taken outside, where the captain and more of Kristoff's men are. Walter and Cabe take down the men, but the captain holds them at gunpoint and Walter puts together the captain is Kristoff. Kristoff has a lifeboat readied and the rockets put on board and plans to take Paige to ensure they aren't shot out of the water, but Walter convinces him to take him instead: Walter is a government asset and thus more valuable. The lifeboat is being lowered when Sylvester arrives and swings into it, knocking it to its side. Sylvester winds up in the water, where people are being sucked by the propeller, and Walter's foot is trapped in one of the ropes, so Cabe goes after Sylvester. But Paige turned off the propeller, so all three are safe. Walter sees his ex-girlfriend, one of the passengers, on the dock and asks her how he could make his next relationship work. She tells him that Walter lost interest in her, and Walter apologizes, but she says there's no malice in him, just facts. He has to be sure to be able to make a connection with them, or the relationship will not work. At the garage, Paige asks him if they're still doing the business dinner, but he gives her the weekend off and says no. Sylvester, about to go the hospital to visit Megan, stops by Walter who says he's just gonna work all night. Walter then gives him the reservation tickets.

Going South[edit | edit source]


Once Bitten, Twice Die[edit | edit source]


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Crossroads[edit | edit source]


Cliffhanger[edit | edit source]

Richard Elia gives Walter a Lamborghini on loan, and though Happy and Toby are hostile, he assures them he already offered Walter a job and Walter denied, he's happy at Scorpion. Ralph comes in, and then when Walter is showing Ralph the engine, it's obvious Ralph is dressed exactly like Walter. Walter reassures Ralph that he is an important part of Scorpion. Scorpion arrives on the scene of a neurotoxicity lab that has been taken over, and they have to take control of the building. The hacker has control of all the cameras and doors, so they can't blow the doors or the hacker will see and kill one of the scientists, who he has trapped in a room filled with sarin gas with limited oxygen in his suit. Walter pulls Cabe aside and tells them the 90 minute deadline is almost up and they cannot save the people, and since the hacker wants the information of the Baghdad Bombing released, Walter is afraid that his ties to the case with cut down on his efficiency. Cabe again reassures Walter that the bombing was not his fault, but Walter still feels guilty. The hacker tells them their time is up, and the scientist trapped in the suit has his oxygen cut off. The team, save Sylvester, watches the scientist die on camera after he takes off his suit helmet and the sarin gas kills him.

The hacker then says everyone dies in 60 minutes, but Scorpion still doesn't have a way in. Walter then says they need one of the scientists to look at the server in the building, as the hacker must have physically fried parts of the server. Cabe pulls Walter outside, and confesses to him that he knew three days before the bombing that Walter's software wasn't going to be used for humanitarian purposes, but rather to bomb an Iraqi leader. He didn't tell Walter because he knew Walter would sabotage the software, which would put Walter in prison and Cabe on trial for treason. Walter leaves, saying he has work to do. When he goes back in, the rest of the team has to call his name several times to get his attention, but he gets back on his game and says they need to call Sarah, who is in Zone 1 and can access the server. Her fiance was the scientist who died, and he died right in front of her, so Paige says Sarah will need to talk to someone human and takes the phone from him. The camera on Sarah's phone shows them that the some of the server wires have been cut, but also that since the diagnostic check occurs after everyone is in the building, the hacker is inside playing a hostage. Sarah begins to break down, and Cabe tells her that she has to trust him, and that trust is the only way to get the job done. Walter finally snaps, saying Cabe has no right to ask someone to trust them, and says that they will finish the job, but demands Cabe be taken off Scorpion. The rest of the team is confused and asks what happened, but Walter just keeps going, and Sylvester guides the scientist back to her Zone so the hacker doesn't see her and get suspicious.

Since the hacker is sending messages by phone, they look through the footage for someone who has been on their phone right before the emails sent. One scientist goes into a blindspot with his phone a minute before each of the emails is sent. It's a Doctor Simon Boyd, a doctor whose fiancee was paralyzed in the Baghdad Bombing and she died a few months ago, right after he went to work at the lab no doubt planning his revenge. Walter is horrified by this news. But shoves it down and says they need to find a way in. Happy says they can go through the incinerator shaft, but they can shut it down temporarily, enough for someone to go down it. Walter gears up in a fire resistance chute, but Sylvester says there's a backup that reignites after 3 minutes or 90 seconds, depending on the model. Paige convinces Walter to take Cabe with him, and they climb down using magnets. However, the incinerator is the 90s version, and Cabe begins to slip. Walter has Cabe grab his foot and cuts a hole into the side of the chute, leading into a crawlspace. Using blindspots, they make their way to the server. Walter repairs it and tells Cabe he'll distract Boyd while Cabe evacuates hostages. Walter goes to Boyd, whose playing hostage, and says he is a SWAT Recon Scout to keep Boyd from looking at the screen and seeing the evacuation. Boyd looks over his shoulder and sees the evacuation and goes to the manual override. Walter has Sylvester open the door and confesses his role in the Baghdad Bombing, and Boyd points a gun at him. Walter tries to talk him out of killing everyone, but Boyd discovers the earpiece and Boyd says the world is gonna now how his fiancee suffered and releases the gas. He then says he's going to take Walter outside and shoot him.

Walter tells Boyd he has spent his life trying to atone, and he will not rest until he has saved at least as many. He then asks Boyd not to kill more people. Walter begs Boyd again not to kill everyone, with 10 seconds until the gas reaches Zone 1, where Walter and Boyd are. Boyd accuses Walter of not caring, but Walter says he wasn't talking about his life but Boyd's. He disarms Boyd, snaps the same server cables he just repaired, and escapes right before the door shuts. Boyd starts shooting at the door, which is bulletproof, and Walter pleads with him that if puts the gun down, he will find a way to save him and that he doesn't want Boyd to die. But Boyd dies right in front of him, and later after talking with Merrick, he talks to Ralph, who sealed the hole in the vent before any gas could get out. Cabe goes to Walter and compliments his work that day, but Walter says two more are dead out of it. Cabe says he regrets nothing more than the Baghdad bombing, but Walter says he isn't his kid anymore and Cabe resigns. Back at the garage, Walter reassures his team that they will thrive, and again enforces that Cabe will not be coming back. Paige tells Walter she's leaving beause Ralph risked his life today, and she's afraid he will turn out like Walter. Heartbroken, Walter asks "Is it so awful, being me? Being around me?" She leaves, with him remarking he doesn't need her or Cabe, and Walter leaves shortly after as well, driving at a fast speed at night in the Lamborghini, when a coyote appears and he swerves to avoid it...and drives off a cliff.

Postcards from the Edge[edit | edit source]

Walter, reeling with the events of the previous day, is driving fast at night. A coyote is in the road in front of him, and as he swerves to avoid it, he drives off a cliff and onto a rock halfway down it, where the car will stay for the next eight hours. The team eventually tracks him down, and repeatedly shout his name in unison, waking him up and revealing his precarious position to him. In a phone call with Toby, he says he is pinned to the seat, and so Happy sends down Pedrony to get visuals, which reveals Walter is pinned to the seat by a piece of the guard rail that is stabbed into his spleen, and if he moves the wound will bleed out, so he cannot move. Walter calculates he has a ninety-seven percent of death, then asks where Paige is. Happy lies at first, then quickly informs him Paige took Ralph to see Drew in Maine.

Walter helps them plan through the phone, and once the plan is set, he asks to talk to Paige, and then speaks to Cabe, saying when he was sixteen, he was irrational, and that he should've realized Cabe would never have hurt him on purpose, forgiving him for the Baghdad incident. He then cites that Cabe once told him that he visited his daughter's grave every Sunday without fail, then reveals that he hacked the sprinkler system to ensure it was watered twice a day. Cabe asks that if Walter was angry with him, then why would he do that, but Walter answers that he didn't want any secrets between them. The car engine starts smoking, however, and Walter tells them they need to drain the fuel tank.

Walter begins coughing from the smoke inhalation as the temperature increases, and the team drains the tank by firing a needle into it, which spills out the oil. But the loss of the weight of the oil sends the car tipping, and to counterbalance it Walter has to lean his seat back. But the car tips, and Walter is freed from the guard rail, but is now bleeding out. He has to cauterize the wound, and Toby talks him through it by having Walter heat a silver pen on the still-hot dashboard, then press it into his wound to cauterize it. During which, he reminisces about the time Toby took him to the World Poker series, and they stayed at a crappy hotel, and after running into gangsters, had to hitchhike back to Vegas. He says it was one of the best weekends of his life. The cauterization is a success, and Walter is out of danger of blood loss, but still trapped in the car.

He again asks for Paige, but when Happy tells him they cannot reach her, he remembers the time Happy fixed a payphone because they couldn't afford a real phone. Happy tells him she isn't going to let him eulogize himself, and she refuses to let him die. He then asks Sylvester about a crow's size, and says one landed on the hood. The team tells him if the bird flies off, Walter will die. And the car begins to tilt, slightly. Happy tells Walter of her plan to hang Cabe off a cliff from a crane, and he will attach Walter with a safety line and they will pull him up. All Walter has to do is open the passenger side door, but he cannot move much or the car will fall. As he is opening the door, his collarbone snaps. Paige finally arrives, thankfully, as he refused to leave without talking to her, as he may die and he wants to talk to Paige and Ralph and tell them how much he loves them. Before Walter knows of Paige's arrival, he tells Cabe that if he dies, Cabe must tell Paige how he felt.

Cabe is being lowered down to Walter right as Paige arrives on the edge of the cliff, and Walter attempts to tell her something, but the car is shifting, but he finishes opening the door and Cabe manages to grab him in time. Walter says "I won't let go if you won't", to which Cabe replies "Deal". Walter is pulled up where he is put in an ambulance and driven away to a hospital. The doctor says Walter is weak and tired, but stable, and Toby commented earlier that Walter had cracked ribs and a punctured spleen. The team is allowed to visit him for a bit, and Walter is pleased to see them all. They are ushered out, but Paige hangs back. He is drugged on morphine and falls asleep, and Paige kisses him while he sleeps.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Satellite of Love[edit | edit source]


Cuba Libre[edit | edit source]


Fish Filet[edit | edit source]


Robots[edit | edit source]


Super Fun Guys[edit | edit source]


Tech, Drugs and Rock and Roll[edit | edit source]


Crazy Train[edit | edit source]


Area 51[edit | edit source]


US vs UN vs UK[edit | edit source]


Arrivals and Departures[edit | edit source]


The Old College Try[edit | edit source]


Dam Breakthrough[edit | edit source]


White Out[edit | edit source]


Sun of a Gun[edit | edit source]

Walter gets a microphone clipped on his tie by Toby so Toby can help him speed date, and it goes terribly. The next day, he says he will not be trying it again as none of the speed daters could handle the truth. He then receives a call from Cabe, who tells him to tell Sylvester to keep an open mind. Cabe soon walks in with Sylvester's father, Kenneth Dodd, who briefs them on their mission: The Axis Powers had a prototype for a 'Sun Gun', which can concentrate solar energy enough to destroy a city, and they believed that the dictator of Bahari, Desta Rahal, secretly tested this weapon. Walter and Happy plan to build a machine that will detect the hydrogen residue. They will get in to Bahari as Rahal's regime must submit to inspections, and the high energy readings are cause for one, to ensure the readings aren't chemical or atomic, but they'll actually be there to find the Sun Gun. Sylvester tells Walter he doesn't want to go, but Walter makes him go as Sylvester has to run the software that'll search for the Sun Gun. As they drive in to Rahal's compound, their car is mobbed by starving people, which disturbs Walter. As they walk up, Walter scathingly remarks that Rahal lives like a king while his people starve, and Cabe tells him that he doesn't like it either, but they can't let Rahal know that. Rahal greets them and is very nice and welcoming, but Walter just wants to go to their rooms and start investigating. Once in their room and Happy scans and it's not bugged, Walter hands out assignments: he, Cabe, and Happy will go investigate the burned building they saw on their way in, while Sylvester, Paige, and Kenneth will investigate the hangar. Toby, sick at the garage, will be watching the cameras. Just as they're about to leave, one of Rahal's workers comes in and says Rahal wants to speak to Walter, who has no choice but to talk with Rahal. Toby, via earpiece, tells Walter he has to be nice.

Walter goes to Rahal's room, where he is feeding his fish. Rahal says they are similar men, and claims to have a 203 IQ, while Walter keeps his composure, with Toby telling him to lie and be flattering. Walter compliments his high IQ, and Rahal offers him a job on his engineering team. As a sign of friendship, Rahal has Irish whiskey and boiled potatoes brought in for Walter. Rahal tells Walter he needs him to build a rocket, something Walter has done before, then leaves to go get cigars. Toby tells Walter that they need the guards away from the blimp so they can send the Sun Gun panels away, so Walter lies and tells Rahal someone just jumped the south security wall to draw away the guards. He then tells Walter it is hard to know who to trust, but that he trusts Walter. He then shows Walter the rocket plans. Walter returns to their room, where his team is packing up, and tells them Rahal likely has a way to mass produce the panels. The blueprints he showed Walter was no doubt meant to lift a Sun Gun, and he wouldn't have built it unless he could build more panels quickly. The team figures out it must be underground, and so Walter must figure out how to get which exact underground building the Sun Gun is in from Rahal without Rahal noticing. Rahal takes him to a sauna, where he pretends to be interested in Rahal's rocket. Toby tells Walter he must butter up Rahal, so he tells Rahal he is honored by the proposition and accepts. The team figures out that the panels are being made in the pool's pump room, and plan to fill it with mortar, and Walter tells them they will find the lime in Rahal's office. Walter goes with Happy into Rahal's office to get the lime, but they hear Rahal coming in. Walter and Happy hide in the cabinet where he holds his lime for his fish tank and they overhear him yelling over a wine mishap. Happy goes to give the lime to Sylvester, while Walter and Paige go to Rahal's party so he won't suspect.

Walter, Paige, and Happy act natural while planning to take Rahal's watch to open the compound gate, and Rahal comes over to toast Walter's accepting them. But Rahal leaves to go with his paramaour, Samina. Paige improves and she and Walter sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", and at the end steal Rahal's watch and go to meet up with Cabe, who hotwired a vehicle. They get into the car and Walter uses the watch to open the gate. Back at the garage, Walter asks Paige whether it's better to tell the truth, which he likes, or to lie like he did with Rahal. He then compliments her singing, and she forces him to go to dinner with her and Ralph so she can find out whether he was lying or not. He promises to tell her if she tells him who Elton John is.

Da Bomb[edit | edit source]


Fractured[edit | edit source]

After getting into another argument with Walter, Walter and Toby are ordered by Paige to attend "couples therapy". The therapist. Cecil Rizzuto, is eccentric and both Toby and Walter are uncomfortable and make little progress, when an earthquake hits. Toby and Walter rush outside, and witness two water hydrants be shot into the air by water, due to the pressure. Walter figures out that the water pipes must be pinched, and that since the water lines are pinched, and the gas ones run parallel, the gas ones must be pinched at well. Which means the gas pressure is building up under Koreatown. Sylvester and Ralph are assigned to go shut off the pipes, while Walter and Toby go to vent the pipes. Because everyone and everything is in panic and chaos, Walter decides they will go underground.

However, a group of ants have made a raft over the hatch they need to go down, and Toby uses a pack of honey in his pocket to move the ants. A little later, they come upon a cave in where rocks are blocking the corridor. Walter tells Toby which rocks to move, while he apologizes for arguing with him. They slid through the hole they made in the rockwall, but shortly after, an aftershock hits and Toby rolled his right ankle, while Walter has twisted his left knee. Due to their injuries they're moving slower, and won't make it in time, so Toby ties their legs together to alleviate pressure. However, to have a cadence, they must sing a song aloud. They arrive under Koreatown, but the pipe has cracked, so the gas is venting. Toby wants to leave before they asphyxiate, but Walter tells him the gas is heading for downtown, where they overheard on a cop's radio earlier that several buildings were on fire. Over the comms, as Walter and Toby head out, Walter tells the rest of the team to meet at Wilson and Morrel. Once Toby and Walter arrive there, Toby goes into a construction crane while Walter opens up a manhole. Toby uses the crane to position a shipping container on its side over the manhole, so it acts as a funnel. Happy, Cabe, and Paige arrive, and Cabe lights and throws an atlatal made by Happy into the container, so the gas is set on fire so it will not reach downtown. Later, Walter goes to Toby's apartment to apologize and suggests they continue the therapy. Toby confesses he has never been happier, and so he is sabotaging himself, after all what is more sabotaging than arguing with your boss? Walter invites him to go get food, but Toby lies and says he is tired, then shuts the door.

Adaptation[edit | edit source]


The Fast and the Nerdiest[edit | edit source]


Ticker[edit | edit source]


Djibouti Call[edit | edit source]


Twist and Shout[edit | edit source]


Hard Knox[edit | edit source]


Chernobyl Intentions[edit | edit source]


Toby or Not Toby[edit | edit source]


Season Three[edit | edit source]

Civil War[edit | edit source]


More Civil War[edit | edit source]


It Isn't the Fall That Kills You[edit | edit source]


Little Boy Lost[edit | edit source]


Plight at the Museum[edit | edit source]


Bat Poop Crazy[edit | edit source]


A Bigger Vote[edit | edit source]


Sly and the Family Stone[edit | edit source]


Mother Load[edit | edit source]


This is the Pits[edit | edit source]


Wreck the Halls[edit | edit source]


Ice Ca-Cabes[edit | edit source]


Faux Money Maux Problems[edit | edit source]


The Hole Truth[edit | edit source]


Sharknerdo[edit | edit source]


Dirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap[edit | edit source]


Don't Burst My Bubble[edit | edit source]


Monkey See, Monkey Poo[edit | edit source]


Broken Wind[edit | edit source]


Rock Block[edit | edit source]


Strife on Mars[edit | edit source]

Walter has flash backs from being in the space shuttle. He asks Paige what happened and she said it was her job to say she loved him. As a result, he fires Paige

Something Burrowed, Something Blew[edit | edit source]

At Toby and Happy's wedding, Walter finally admits to Paige that he's been in love with her since shortly after they met. After a stunned pause, Paige admits she loves him too and their friends catch them shortly afterwards in a closet about to have sex. While on a plane to Toby and Happy's honeymoon, the two discuss their relationship and decide to wait on telling Ralph until they're ready.

Maroon 8[edit | edit source]

While on a plane to Tahiti , their plane crashes on an uninhabited island and Team Scorpion has to get out of there before they die of hunger and thirst

TBA ===Scorp Family Robinson TBA

Season 4[edit | edit source]

A Lie in the Sand[edit | edit source]

Sylvester, along with Toby, Happy and Paige, all quit Team Scorpion at once after Florence tells everyone back at the garage that she has feelings for Walter. Walter and Paige also break up as well. Those that quit the team then form a new one called "Team Centipede" in which they presumably work to solve similar cases, although it was never revealed if they have special government clearance or not. Team Scorpion is then reduced to Walter, Florence, and Cabe. Both teams unexpectedly end up meeting each other in the same facility and Team Centipede is asked to meet behind closed doors. The episode ends with Walter calling out to Paige before the doors close and the episode fades to black. This episode serves as the series finale.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Walter is incredibly intelligent, and it is that high intelligence that gives him a very low EQ. He is blunt and doesn't really care how his words affect others, causing him to come off as arrogant and rude. Due both to his high IQ and low EQ, he has problems connecting with people, even geniuses he's known for years. He fears being alone, even though he once claimed to not have feelings, a notion he has since rejected. He's confident, and when he sees a problem he wants to solve it, whether it's seemingly impossible -like with Megan's MS- or risks his life. He's extraordinarily observant and thinks fast, which coupled with his bravery makes him invaluable in tough situations. Underneath his calm and at at times cold exterior, is a heart that cares deeply but is unsure how to express it.

He cares for his friends, so much so that he's willing to risk his life for them without a second thought, and when he believed he was going to die, he told them stories of his fond memories of them, his way of telling them he loved them. He has occasionally said warm words to them, but rarely. Not only does he not often express emotions, but when faced with grief or anger or extreme emotion, he compartmentalizes his emotions until something triggers it and then it all comes gushing out. His inability to express emotions normally stems mainly from the fact that for most of his life, he only ever connected with two people: his sister, Megan, and Cabe Gallo. While his relationship with Megan was very loving and the only friction in it was caused by their different views on her MS, his relationship with Cabe was a different story. He met Cabe when he was 11, and Cabe immediately became like a father to him. So when Cabe asked him to make some tracking software for humanitarian purposes, Walter did it and because he trusted Cabe, he didn't double check what it was being used for. After he saw the results of the Baghdad Bombing, which his software was used for, he cut ties with Cabe and struggled with his guilt over it for years continuing to the present.

His role in the Baghdad Bombing created a potent guilt that drove him to atone for it, to save at least as many lives as were lost in the bombing. This also may be the cause of whenever he makes a mistake that puts another in danger, Walter is nearly suicidal in his efforts to fix it, taking risks that he normally wouldn't. The Baghdad Bombing also seems to have turned him into a nigh-pacifist: even though he's good in a fight and knows how to use a gun, he has never carried a gun and fighting is always a last resort. Even when Boyd planned and attempted to kill him, Walter still tried to save his life if he would only stop shooting. Also seen with Javier Acosta's death, in which Javier was hanging from a building by one hand and called out to Walter to help him, but Walter hesitated and made it just in time for Javier to slip through his fingers. Even after Sylvester told Walter there was no way for Walter to have pulled up Javier, in fact Javier would have pulled him over, Walter still felt guilty as he hadn't known that when he hesitated.

Deaths over those lost in the bombing, and the deaths of Javier and Boyd, are not the only things that haunt Walter. He had his friend Mark Collins committed to an asylum, and for the next three years wrestled with whether he had done it only for the safety of himself and his team, or whether a tiny part of it had been selfish to see if he too could be pulled from his own mind if it came to that. He can also get jealous, like when another man danced with Paige or when Drew came back into her and Ralph's lives and almost took them away from the team.

Walter can be selfish and arrogant at times, but at heart is a kind individual who is always willing to help others, lay down his life for them if need be, especially those he cares about. He offered his ration of water to Paige, and even traded himself for her to an arms dealer group. He also is great at finding lost souls and guiding them, like he did with his own team. Toby was a gambling addict who was in and out of jail and in debt, Happy was paying others to act as her in competition as she was afraid to be judged, Sylvester was alone and scared in a motel room, and Paige was a waitress and single mother struggling to understand her son she didn't even know was a genius. In spite of all that, Walter worked and made them all a team, even when they didn't see the value in either themselves or each other.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Toby mentions that Walter is 13 months younger than him.
  • Walter's blood type is O-, making him a universal donor.
  • He has an IQ of 197 and has a photographic memory.
  • He weighs 160 pounds.
  • He held Irish citizenship, but was granted American citizenship by a Presidential order after helping on a case involving the election. He may be a dual citizen.
  • Walter is fluent in Spanish, even being able to tell regional dialects apart. He also learned Morse Code very quickly while trapped on a sub.
  • Walter has nightmares and insomnia because of the Baghdad Bombing and his role in it.
  • Walter solved Fermat's last theorem when he was nine, which is regarded as one of the most difficult conjectures in mathematics.
  • While not as skilled as Cabe or Tim, Walter is decent in a fight, able to dodge quickly, throw good punches, and even knock guns out of another's hands while it is pointed at him.
  • Walter hacked the sprinkler system of the cemetery where Amanda Gallo's grave was and made sure her grave was watered twice a day, which made hers the only grave without dead grass.
  • Walter has almost-died the majority of times out of all of the team.
  • Walter shares his middle name with the first name of his ex-father-in-law but was likely named for his grandfather, also a Patrick.
  • Walter was born near Enniscorthy in Wexford, before moving to Callan, Kilkenny after growing up.However, everytime an Irish person from Callan is portrayed, for example, the family reunion, they all have northern accents, and not accents typical of the region. This is more than likely a lack of research on behalf of the creators or lack of actors capable of doing the Wexford/Kilkenny accent.
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