"My father comes from a world where a man is measured by how many tackles he made in high school or how many beer cans he can crush against his skull."

"Young Hearts Spark Fire" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Scorpion. It aired March 23, 2015.


Scorpion's helicopter crashes while on a mission to save lost hikers.


When a group of hikers become lost in the national forest, The Scorpion team are called, they go up in a helicopter to try to pinpoint their location for the rescuers. With limited space, they are forced to leave Cabe behind. Due to strong winds, the helicopter crash lands, injuring the pilot. During which Toby unbuckles his belt and throws himself on Happy in a futile attempt to protect her on impact.

Precariously balanced on trees, 40 feet above the ground, the team are forced to exit the helicopter using their seat belts to reach safety. Sylvester calculates which order the team should leave in for the least disruption to the helicopter's equilibrium. Paige sitting in the back and the middle was supposed to leave last, but Walter insists she leave before him.

The helicopter crashes to the ground just as Walter exits it. They find the satellite phone Cabe gave to Toby to contact headquarters destroyed in the crash. Since the pilot should not be moved, They leave Sylvester behind to take care of him and repair the radio to get help, the rest of the team track the lost hikers. Walter trying to prove to Toby that he doesn't favour Paige, strictly rations the water they have when she is thirsty. He then offers his ration to her when they are alone.

They find the lost hikers and one of the girls hugs Walter in relief. Toby notes Walter is always the one who gets hugged, even when he is standing right there. They learn that the group went off trail, because one of the leaders was trying to find a waterfall. He tells them in confidence he wanted to propose to his girlfriend there, but felt terrible that he'd endangered the group. They lead the group towards the only other place a rescue helicopter could land, Knowing Cabe would figure out they would head to where he could evacuate them from.

Meanwhile, Sylvester is at odds with the tough talking pilot, who reminds him of his father and looks down at his lack of survival skills and intellect. Unfortunately the crash started a forest fire and Sylvester has to transport the pilot, who can't move to safety. While the pilot berates him, he calculates that he can't outrun the fire and instead moves him into a storm drain and uses the helicopter door to shield them both from the heat.

Cabe has called in a helicopter for the evacuation, but due to the raging fires can't see any survivors. The pilot points out soot could bring down the helicopter and they need to go. The team hear the helicopter, but have no way of signalling it. Thinking they are about to die, Walter holds Paige's hand. Then Walter realises he can use the fire. Using the hiker's engagement ring and a boron rock one of the young hikers collected, he throws it into the fire creating a plume of green smoke.

Sylvester is struggling to drag the pilot to the evacuation point, he calculated the time he had before Cabe would arrive and it is a hopeless task. The pilot tells him to leave him and go, but he refused as it is not his way. Cabe spots the smoke and makes the pilot go back. Despite the danger Walter won't leave without Sylvester insisting out that Sylvester knows how they think and would be on his way. They spot Sylvester carrying the pilot as he could no longer drag him on the buckled helicopter door. After they are evacuated the pilot thanks Sylvester and tells he would be proud to call him his kid. Paige gives her costume jewelry ring to the hiker so he can propose to his girlfriend.